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13th September 2022 10:00am

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Charlie Street

If you’re heading out on a stag do, expect it to be a heavy night. Here in the UK, that can pretty much go without saying, but there are few places it’d be more accurate than when attending a stag do in Newcastle. Home of Newcastle Brown Ale, the Angel of the North, and many of my past shames when attending university, this city is renowned for its legendary nightlife scene. 

Given the popularity of night’s out in Newcastle, it’s easy to think that you’ll be fine just setting out for Grey’s Monument and seeing where the rising beer-tide takes you. To an extent that might be true. If this were just an ordinary night out that is. However, if you’re organising a stag do in Newcastle, the bar needs to be set a bit higher. After all, this is symbolically the last ‘free’ night of the stag’s life, so you want to only take him to the very best stag do pubs & bars Newcastle has to offer. Fortunately, in this article we break down everything we’ve learned about the Newcastle nightlife scene so you can find the very best places for your stag do.

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Our Top 3 Drinking Activities For A Stag Do In Newcastle

Before we get to the top bars & pubs in Newcastle, it’s important to mention that the best way to maximise your drinking fun on a Newcastle stag do is with the right activity. At Essential Adventure we have fun ideas & packages for every interest, and of course, drinking is no exception. Here are some of our favourite drinking activities for your stag do in Newcastle:

Bavarian Beer House

Founded in 2004, Bierkeller is one of the few German restaurant & bar chains that offers an authentic German experience, and that includes a hefty selection of delicious craft beers. With our Bavarian Beerhouse activity, you’ll have priority entry to Newcastle’s Bierkeller and guaranteed seating for your visit. Enjoy specialty stein cocktails, beers from across the world, and uber frankfurters while you take in the live Oompah bands and enjoy one another’s company. 

Gin & Whisky Tasting

Why not add a touch of class to your Newcastle stag do festivities? Together you’ll enjoy tasting a variety of different spirits and have the chance to make several of your own cocktails. In addition, you’ll get a two course meal and learn all about the history of distilling.

Party Bus

There’s no better way to keep the party going all night than with a specially refurbished double decker party bus to chauffeur you around the city centre. The atmospheric lighting and state of the art sound system will get you in the mood to boogie down for when you arrive at a series of great bars and nightclubs; which you’ll enter speedily with Q-jump and with no entry price. 

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Top 3 Stag Do Pubs In Newcastle

There’s nothing quite like starting the stag do evening off in a pub. A chance for all the guests to talk, catch up, and get to know one another is always key to a successful night out. Everyone relaxes & gets in the party mood much more easily when they’re around people they're familiar with. So, to help you get your Newcastle stag do started right, we’ve chosen our top three pubs for you to kick the evening off with:

Newcastle Brewdog

If you’re looking for good beer in a pleasant atmosphere, Newcastle Brewdog rarely disappoints. With a huge selection of beers on the menu, as well as some tasty pub food, this is a great choice if you’ve brought some fussy drinkers on your Newcastle stag. 

In addition to a fantastic beer selection, Brewdog also has special events that could be perfect for a stag do. Fizz Fridays, as but one example, are on every week and allow you to get a bottle of prosecco for only £15! What better way to celebrate?

Waiting Rooms

Slap bang in the centre of Newcastle is the Waiting Rooms, one of the city’s most beloved pubs. You can choose from a selection of delicious ales and craft beers on draught, as well as a variety of wines and spirits if needed. Not only that, they’re also teamed with Pieminster to offer award-winning pies for stag do guests who can’t wait for the main meal.

For an initial salvo to kick the night off gently, the Waiting Rooms is a good bet. You’ll have plenty of opportunities here to enjoy each other’s company and watch the footy as you steel yourselves for the night ahead. 

The Forth

If live music is more your scene, then you’ll love The Forth. Just a short walk from the station (ideal if you happen to be staying at the Newcastle central Travelodge), you’ll be able to enjoy a laid-back and lively atmosphere that describes itself as “the very definition of urban cool”. 

It’s got a cosy courtyard roof terrace for sunny days and an open fire for colder ones. Moreover, with great menu options for both vegans and non, The Forth has got you covered for nearly any scenario. 

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3 Great Bars For Your Newcastle Stag

After a gentle drink at a cosy pub, it would be surprising if you didn’t want to turn the energy up a little. Moving on to one of Newcastle’s exciting city bars is the perfect way to do that. There are dozens of great spots up and down the quayside and the city centre, here are just a few of our Newcastle stag do bars:

Point Blank Shooting

“As standard you get a Glock and a M19.11 with your booking”

After seeing that on a bar’s website, how could you not choose it for your Newcastle stag do? As the name suggests, Point Blank Shooting is renowned for the shooting games it offers. Their shooting ranges offer an incredibly realistic experience, and with more than 200 shooting scenarios to choose from, it’s unlikely your party is going to get bored.

To slake your thirst after a shooting spree, they offer a great variety of tasty cocktails, all with appropriately gun-themed names. They’ve also got some amazing bar snacks, including hot wings, loaded fries, and pizza. 

97 & Social

97 & Social is a fantastic bar in Jesmond that aims to satisfy those with an appreciation for the cosy and the quirky. The interior is decorated with a nod to English heritage with floral wallpaper, intricate light fixtures, and baroque fireplaces. 

If you’re out and about in the afternoon, their tipsy tacos bottomless brunch is particularly highly regarded. Served from 12-4pm on Saturday’s, you can enjoy your choice of tacos served alongside unlimited Margaritas, Rose Sangria, Prosecco or Sol. 


The WonderBar is an amazingly convenient catch all venue. They’re open from 10am, so if you need to grab a solid breakfast (and perhaps an early pint) to fortify you for the day ahead then they can sort you out. If you arrive in the early evening, you’ll get to experience cheap cocktails and live music during happy hour; and if you stay until late, you’ll find some top clubbing. At all hours, you’ll have the chance to play interactive darts, which can be supplemented by a food and drinks package to fuel you for an evening of fun.

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3 Popular Clubs For Your Newcastle Stag Do

You know it, we know it. Eventually, there will come a time in the stag do evening when your party is in the mood to throw some shapes on the dance floor. Newcastle has more nightclubs than you could ever visit in one evening, and all of them have something special to offer. It was tough to whittle this list down, but here are our favourite nightclubs for your stag do in Newcastle:


This is a club famous for wild evenings amongst the student crowd. If you roll out of a bar and decide your stag do needs to be turned up to eleven, then sinners, home of great nights and bad mornings, is a great place to include on your itinerary. 

The real draw is the kind of drinks you’ll find only in Newcastle. Or rather, the quantity of drinks you’ll find only in Newcastle. On weekends, Sinners offer a treble for £3.00. That’s three shots and a mixer for three measly pounds. If that’s not enough to turn your stomach, hearing that they’re £2.50 on weekdays surely will. With retro music, a dark atmosphere and a funky dance floor, Sinners is the perfect place for a wild evening of stag party fun. 

World Headquarters

Commonly termed “World HQ”, World Headquarters is the place for stag do parties that aren’t enthused by the usual club bangers played on repeat at other venues. Here, you’ll find a party nearly every day of the week that is open and accepting of all. On its first floor, you’ll find the usual club scene, with the exception that the music is tuned to funk, disco and Northern soul rather than pop. On the second floor, they feature their “sound system of dreams” bump n’ hustle, surrounded by a 360 degree mural. Both of which make for a fantastic stag do night out.  


Any list of clubs for a Newcastle stag do would be incomplete without a mention of Digital. More commonly known as “digi”, this is one of the largest and most popular clubs in the city. Open until the wee hours of 3:30am, there’s never a bad time to rock up outside its doors. 

When you’re planning your stag do in Newcastle, it’s always a good idea to check what club events are on at Digital on your chosen weekend. With music nights ranging from indie to hits from the 2000’s, there’s sure to be something exciting happening on your stag do weekend. 

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Great Newcastle Stag Do Weekends With Essential Adventure

There are so many things to plan when you’re organising a stag do in Newcastle. Fortunately Essential Adventure can help. With a huge variety of exciting activities to choose from, ranging from VIP lap dancing entry to pizza making, we can help make your Newcastle stag the special evening it needs to be. 

If you have any questions at all about our stag do ideas & activities, or need bespoke arrangements for one of our packages, please contact us on 01752 418038 or by email at [email protected]. We’ll be happy to take your call and help take the stress out of your stag do planning. 

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