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  • What Is A Stag Do

    "A stag night is a party for a man who is getting married very soon, to which only men are invited" - Colins COBUILD Advanced Dictionary.

    Not ideal if you would like a stripper, but perhaps we're being too literal. In truth, a stag do or stag party can't really be put into a single definition, but here's an idea of what one usually includes.

    So let's start at the start. Stag dos are believed to originate from Sparta (before even the baby Jesus was born [thinking about Top Gear 'baby Jesus' video but just a thought] ) and thought to have been done the night before the wedding. More recently, from around the 1800s, traditional stag parties involved a black tie banquet hosted by the father of the groom that included a toast in honour of the groom and bride. In modern times, stag dos have moved towards spending a weekend away somewhere to celebrate the groom-to-be.

    What is the purpose of a stag do?

    To celebrate the person who is getting married and give him a good 'send-off' into married life. It gives everyone in the group a chance to impart 'wisdom' on the groom-to-be for his future life and gives the stag a 'rest' before the big day.

    What do you do on a stag do?

    - Activities -

    A stag do usually involves some form of activity to keep everyone entertained and give them something to remember. From Off Road Buggies and Zorb Football to Brewery Tours, Nights out and everything in between.

    "There's so much room for activities" (Step Brothers) on a stag do!


    - Jokes -

    These usually make up a large part of the memories from a stag do. From private jokes stemming from 'that time the stag humiliated himself', to extreme practical jokes, no great stag do is complete without a load of laughs.


    - Dressing-up -

    Some choose to dress the stag as a woman, others don morph suits and other such 'high-end' attire. It's often included at some stage of a stag do and adds a bit more fun.


    - Drink -

    Another aspect that is often associated with a stag do is having a drink or two (or maybe more). The stag is usually one of the hardest hit, with people buying him drinks all weekend, but it's not uncommon for most of the group to have a sore head at some point on a stag do.


    - Accommodation -

    A lot of stag groups choose to travel for the stag do and this means a requirement for accommodation. Some groups prefer basic accommodation such as a youth hostel or Travelodge, whilst others choose to go for a few more 'home comforts' and stay in a private property.


    What not to do on a stag do

    When does a stag do happen?

    Ideally, unlike the Spartans, not in the days leading up to the wedding. Usually a month or two before the wedding. This allows everyone (especially those who are part of the wedding party) some recovery time. From excessive alcohol consumption, to general injuries, getting tied up and/or just fatigue from travelling, there is usually something to recover from after a stag do.

    Where are stag dos held?

    Essentially the choice is yours. Whether in a town, city or the countryside, stag dos can take place pretty much anywhere. The location chosen usually depends on a couple of factors like: if the stag has any particular location that holds significance (went to uni or grew up there), it's central for most of the group or the group are looking to get away from their normal dwellings/jobs etc.

    How much does a stag do cost?

    Obviously this will depend on how many activities and the accommodation you choose (etc.), but it can be roughly estimated at around £150 per person for a stag do weekend.

    Who goes on a stag do?

    It's pretty standard for friends and family of the stag to attend. Dads, school and/or uni friends, colleagues etc all mix and hopefully get to know people that the stag knows from all stages of his life.

    Give us a call to discuss ideas for a stag do

    Now you know what a stag do is, here's what to do next:

    • Get an idea of activities you'll want to do
    • Have a maximum distance in mind, to travel for the stag do
    • Get in touch with us to start putting your plans together


    "Always in contact and adapted the schedule according to our group’s demands. The easy, individual payment method is a real plus point when trying to organise people!" - Calum M

More About Your Stag Do

So you have been asked to organise a Stag Weekend - a huge privilege until you realise what's involved - it can be a daunting prospect!  But don't worry we are here to help; with many years of experience of organising hundreds of Stag Dos for thousands of guys we are the ones to help make your event the success is has to be. We know the dos and don'ts, the likely pitfalls and the great sense of achievement you will fell once your group is out there having a great time.

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