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Best Hangover Tips For A Bristol Stag Do

8th March 2019 12:00pm

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Silvio Fox

Welcome to your Bristol Stag Do hangover

It’s almost inevitable and possibly essential to a successful weekend away in Bristol with the lads but about the only thing you cannot book in advance: The Stag Do hangover. 

We have all been there; you wake up and your brain feels like it’s going to burst through your forehead and temples, your mouth feels like you ate cotton wool and you have no idea where you are or why there are 3 other guys dressed as French maids covered in makeup asleep in the same room.  Among the confusion of your surroundings and the fragmented memories of last night, the homing instinct in you realises you need to travel back home today.

In this article we will be exploring some top tips for a Stag Do Hangover, as well as looking at some great ideas of what you can do in Bristol to make your transition to normality a little easier, following your epic Bristol stag do night out.


Waking Up With A Stag Do Hangover In Bristol


Waking up in Bristol with a Stag Do Hangover, help is at hand –


But help is at hand and with a bit of advance thinking you can at least be a step ahead of the rest of stumbling zombie stags wondering around the streets of Bristol, waiting for the world to come back into focus.  In fact Bristol is home to its very own hangover professor who has spent his life studying hangovers and possible cures, not that he would have any sympathy for your sorry state, nor be on hand to offer any help or study you in that moment.  But once the course of hangover evolution has begun and you are once again in control of at least some of your mental faculties, it’s time to complete the transition to fully functional human being, ready for the 2+ hour drive ahead of you.

I love the quote by Frank Sinatra which should provide some solace to all those Stags waking up on a Sunday morning trying to piece the previous evening back together:

"I feel bad for people who don't drink. When they wake up in the morning, that's as good as they're going to feel all day."

– Frank Sinatra –

Think ahead, pack right

Hindsight is a wonderful thing but not as good as decent preparation.  If you don't know already it would be a god idea to know how many units are in a drink, surprisingly a lot - this quick guide should help! Before you leave home for the Stag Do there are a few things that you probably have in your cupboards that you could easily drop into your case:

Sun glasses – Perfect for those bight sunny Sunday mornings (or even the dull-ish grey ones) that will burn a hole straight through your retinas and into the front of your brain.  Not only will sunglasses help your hangover headache but you will be able to hide the embarrassment of the dark holes that were once your eye sockets.

Medications – There is lots of advice available for which medications to use for a hangover headache; some of it conflicting.  Some say paracetamol rather than ibuprofen but most of the advice that we found was the other way around as paracetamol gives your already busy liver more to do and ibuprofen will reduce any inflammation.  Other advice on hangover medication includes milk thistle, energy or re-hydration drinks, milk (before and after alcohol) and the one I like best, cold Chinese food!


The Bristol Hangover - An Evolution Of Stag-Kind

Evolution - from waking up somewhere in Bristol to the upright staggering of Stag-Kind


Watch what you drink & when

OK so it’s not that realistic to suggest keeping a lid on how much you drink.  After all this is a Stag Do, right, and at some point you are going to have that one too many.

"It takes only one drink to get me drunk. The trouble is, I can't remember if it's the thirteenth or the fourteenth."

– George Burns –

But there are some things you can do to lessen the effects.  Taking it easy early on in the evening, drink water between rounds, making sure you eat something are all ways that you won’t end up in the embarrassing position of being carried back to the hotel with no memories of how you got there.

Another top Stag Do secret tip is that the darker the alcoholic drink the more likely it is to give you a hangover; brandy seems to be worst followed by rum, red wine and whiskey and the 'better' ones are the colourless drinks like white wine, vodka and gin.

Mixing your drinks is another age old legend guaranteed to make it more likely that you will get a hangover - well sorry to disappoint you but recent studies by among others The American Journal Of Clinical Nutrition have discovered that this is in fact a myth, so all those years you spend not drinking what you fancied to avoid mixing was in fact, well, as waste of time!

Right after the apocalyptic night out is a great time to start re-hydrating and before going to sleep drinking a large glass of water will give you a head start.



Take it easy if your stag nights start early and drink water between rounds


Take some exercise or a massage

Just the thought of this fills me with dread but honestly, going for a cold swim and taking exercise does wonders for a hangover.  Sure it will give you a shock but it will certainly wake you up, gets the blood moving and washes away some of those mothballs that are stuck in your head.  The Bristol Lido is a fantastic heated outdoor pool open to non-members with some great swim and eat packages available.

A massage is another great way to get the blood moving; if you are not feeling energetic enough to exercise yourself, you can get someone else to do the hard work for you with a massage.  Massages are available at the Lido but there are plenty of other massage options available in Bristol.


Grab a good breakfast or brunch

There is that moment somewhere during the day after the night before when the lights start to come on and everything comes back to life.  For me that’s usually not long after a good meal and my hangover favourite has to be the good old English fry up.  There are of course plenty of food choices in Bristol for whatever your tastes might be.


Full English Breakfast For A Bristol Stag Do Hangover


A great way to shake a hangover, wake up with a full English Bristol breakfast


Re-hydrate with a rejuvenating smoothie

Fruit and vegetables; apples, bananas, watermelon, pickles, spinach, blueberries, ginger, coconut and oranges for example are generally highly recommended to take the edge off of a hangover.  The reason for this is that these foods all contain antioxidants and minerals (such as magnesium) which increase detoxification in the body.  Smoothies and juice drinks are a great way to get all the benefits of the ones you like without the difficulties of actually having to think about it too much.  There are some great juice and smoothie bars and cafes in Bristol including the new Tru Foo which is getting some great reviews.


Some Great Healthy Foods And Exercise For Your Hangover



Shake the Stag Do hangover - Re-hydrate, refuel and exercise in Bristol


Don’t drive until you feel well enough

We are the good guys and definitely on your side, after all Stag Nights are about drinking!  But be sensible; depending on what time you stopped drinking, the actual alcohol level in your blood might be very low or even back to close to zero levels.  But even once you are sure the alcohol has gone, drive only when you feel well enough to drive.  There is lots of research that strongly indicates that for a period of 24 hours after you have sobered up, symptoms such as tiredness and headaches affect your memory, attention span, coordination and reaction times making it unsafe to drive.  So please err on the safe side, make sure you get home safely and ensure all your stag weekend memories (or the ones you still have!) are god ones.


Make Sure You Feel Well Enough Before You Drive


The effects of a heavy night drinking can stay with you for up to 24 hours –


Bristol Suspension Bridge Tour

This is a great opportunity to combine a bit of fresh and gentle exercise with a tour of one of Bristols’ iconic landmarks.  Chances are if you are reading this post that you won’t be leaving Bristol that early, so the 3pm free tour could be both perfect timing after a leisurely departure and a welcome break after getting out of the city centre.  The tour which lasts between 45 minute and 1 hour can be booked for groups with a private guide so if you are the stag do organiser you could get the whole group along as a weekend farewell.


Free Bristol Suspension Bridge Tours


Blow away the hangover cobwebs with a free Bristol suspension bridge tour –


Have a great Stag Night in Bristol

Despite the millions of hangovers that happen every year just in the UK alone, there is in fact little that is really known about their causes and unfortunately no 100% cure.  Hangovers are an individual thing and we are all going to have one once in a while and whilst you don’t necessarily plan to have one, it is about as likely on a stag do in Bristol as any other time.

Whilst we cannot stand over you and make sure you don’t drink too much, or stroke your sore head in the morning and hand you the pain killers, we can make sure your stag night is the best it can be.  With extensive knowledge of the best nightlife and the best evening activities Bristol has to offer for a stag do, all you have to do is ask and we will give you all the help we can.  From VIP Booth Hire and Club Entry to Bristol Comedy Clubs and Casinos there are tons of things to do for your perfect stag night.

Whatever you choose to do in Bristol for the evening, have a fantastic time and remember a hangover doesn't last forever and there will probably be another one soon!


Summary of top tips for a Stag Do night out in Bristol

  • Think ahead, pack right
  • Watch what you drink & when
  • Take some exercise or a massage
  • Grab a good breakfast or brunch
  • Re-hydrate with a rejuvenating smoothie
  • Don’t drive until you feel well enough
  • Bristol suspension bridge Tour
  • Have a great Stag Night in Bristol


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