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Ideas For A Budget Stag Do In Newcastle

19th October 2022 9:00am

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Charlie Street

It’s an honour to be charged with organising a stag do, but the pressure is on; all the more if you’re trying to plan a budget stag do in Newcastle. You want the stag to have one of the best nights of his life, however you won’t always have the funds to make that happen. Worse still, even if you do, that doesn’t mean all the guests are going to be the same way. It’s not like you can go excluding treasured friends because their wallets are a little light in a cost of living crisis.

Don’t fret, Essential Adventure has got you covered. In this article, we dive into how you can have a blowout stag do in Newcastle on a budget. A night that’s maximum on fun and minimum on prices. Without further ado, here’s our ideas for a budget stag do in Newcastle.

Newcastle Budget Stag Do Activity Ideas

If there’s one thing to put centre stage in your budget Newcastle stag do planning, it’s going to be entertainment. The biggest sin, above all others, would be the stag announcing he had a boring night. Fortunately, at Essential Adventure we have scores of great activity ideas to make your Newcastle stag do an unforgettable weekend for everyone involved. If you’re organising your Newcastle stag on a budget, these are some of our favourite choices:

Newcastle Stag Do

Dodgeball, Football Darts & Binocular Sports In Newcastle

What’s a group of lads to do with themselves without a little healthy competition? And what better competition is there other than hurling objects at one another?

During our dodgeball & sports stag do activity in Newcastle, you'll spend three hours playing these great games that are guaranteed to devolve into hilarity. Ever wondered how well you'd do at sports if you were half blind? Well, here you can find out. 

Shock Football 5 Aside Experience

If the idea of silly laughs caught your attention, then our stag do Shock Football in Newcastle will be right up your street. There aren’t many stag groups that won’t have fun kicking the football around, but this budget stag do activity takes that to electric new heights.

Each player in this 5 aside game is fitted with a shock collar. Yep, you heard us right. The shocks for each player are set at the discretion of other party members, making for all the perfect elements for raucous fun. Your mate thinks he’s about to take a shot on goal? He gets shocked to the floor instead. At the end, you’ll receive a team photo to commemorate this thrilling budget Newcastle stag do activity.

Life Drawing Classes With Female Model

Now, if you’re interested in something a little bit different, then our stag do Life Drawing Classes in Newcastle might be just the thing. With this activity, you’ll have a few drinks and spend 90 minutes drawing a nude female model with the help of a tutor. A perfect balance between fun and art,making for an excellent budget stag do activity in Newcastle.

Newcastle Stag Do Packages

If you’re looking to maximise your fun for the minimum cost on your budget Newcastle stag do, then look no further than our activity packages. Each of these great value packages will allow you to entertain your guests for the full weekend, all you need to do is pick one that aligns with the interests of your group:

Cheap Accommodation For A Budget Newcastle Stag Do

It’s something of an open secret that accommodation can be extortionate these days, more often than not it costs as much as everything else put together. As such, the cornerstone of organising your Newcastle stag do on a budget will be to find somewhere to stagger back to blind drunk at prices that won’t hurt worse than the hangover. These are our top picks for budget Newcastle stag do accommodation:

cheap accommodation for budget stag do Newcastle

Travelodge Newcastle Central

Sure it might feel uninspired, but if you’re looking to do your Newcastle stag on a budget, you’re more interested in results than anything else. That’s what the Newcastle Central Travelodge has to offer. Situated a short 15 minute walk from the train station and with prices as low as £29 a night, you’d be hard pressed to find a comfy bed at a lower price in the city.


If a central location is more important to you, then the Albatross hostel right on Granger street is the perfect place. For the low price of £34 you’ll get a bed in a 6-bed dorm that’s within spitting distance of all the best nightlife in Newcastle, meaning it’s more than likely you’ll save the extra few pounds compared to Travelodge on not paying for a late night taxi back after deciding the walk down to the quayside isn’t worth the effort. If you book early enough, there’s even a reasonable chance that your group could book out the dorm room, provided you’ve got the right number of people, which could only add to the stag do fun.

Sleeperz Hotel

If easy travelling is what you’re focused on, then the Sleeperz Hotel could be the ideal option. This hotel is directly next to the central train station, meaning all you’ll need to do on your hangover is roll out of bed and into a carriage. It’s a bit pricier at £44 a night, but that’s the price you pay for convenience.

All prices were accurate at time of writing, but it’s worth playing with different days of the week around your chosen dates to see how costs vary. 

Budget Bars For A Newcastle Stag Do

No doubt this is what you’ve all been waiting for. If you’ve picked Newcastle for your stag do, the UK’s mecca of raucous nightlife, it’s more than likely that you’ll be spending a good part of the weekend imbibing. However, as anyone who’s been out in a city before can tell you, it’s all too easy to get rinsed on price by showing up tipsy to the wrong establishment. A round of cocktails always seems like a great idea, until the next morning. To help you avoid this unfortunate reality, here are our top picks for bars to visit on your budget stag do in Newcastle:

budget stag do bars in Newcastle

Bierkeller Newcastle

Who doesn’t love a pint or six? At the Bierkeller in Newcastle you’ll find beer and cider galore at prices that are more reasonable than you’d expect for such a busy venue. With full steins for as little as £6.50, a huge range of different music nights and cheap shots, it’s no surprise that the Bierkeller is a favourite of students and working adults alike on nearly every day of the week. 


If beer isn't what you want to stick with for the whole night, then you may want to try the Jalou in Newcastle. With great value options like a bottle of wine for £10, glass of prosecco for £4 and 50% off all cocktails on Thursday, you’d struggle to find more variety at low prices than at Jalou. 


If you’re talking about Newcastle nightlife on a budget, the real sin would be not mentioning Sinners. When it comes to getting bang for your buck in your alcohol, you can’t do much better than the #1 trebles bar in the city. With the near legendary Newcastle ‘trebs’ on offer for £3 on the weekend, and even less on special weeknights, you’ll more than manage to drink your fill for the price of a pizza at Wetherspoons. 

Cheap Places To Eat On A Newcastle Stag Do

Whether it’s something looked forward to or an event to get out of the way, the simple truth is that at some point your Newcastle stag party is going to need to eat. Fortunately, many of our weekend activity packages come with a meal included, but if you’ve not picked one of these then you’ll need to sort something else out. To help you along the way, we’ve picked out our favourite places for budget stag do nosh:

cheap food on a budget newcastle stag do


If you’re looking for the perfect trifecta of quick, cheap and tasty then Snackwallah in the city centre is your best bet for stag do food on a budget. They offer a range of tasty Indian foods at great prices and a curry of the day for the low price of £6, and that includes daal, rice & naan bread on the side. Even more surprising for food on the cheap is that it’s vegan & healthy too. 


There’s few better cuisines to pair with copious volumes of beer than Mexican. At Chucho’s in Newcastle, you can get a surprising amount of it at a low price. Able to order at table or for takeaway, you’ll net three tacos for £9, or £3.50-£4.50 each. With clever cooperation with your other guests, you should be able to fill even the largest tummies for an impressively low price. 

Zucchini Pasta Bar

For something a little more restaurant-like, then Zucchini Pasta Bar could be the top choice for your budget stag do food. It’s a little more expensive than the above options, but you’ll still be receiving a full sit-down restaurant experience for around £10 a main, which is hard to sniff at.

Budget Stag Do’s In Newcastle With Essential Adventure

Whether you’re looking to splash the cash or save every penny, Essential Adventure can make sure you have the perfect stag do in Newcastle. If you’d like to learn more, please contact us on 01752 418038 or by email at [email protected]. Your dream stag do awaits!

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