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The Best Bristol Thrill Seeker Activities

21st February 2020 3:30pm

Posted by
James Trenchard

Exciting Activities in Bristol

We've done our fair share of articles aimed at specific groups like hen parties and stag dos and wanted to give something to everyone to enjoy. In this article we're going to show you a whole bundle of exciting activities, available in Bristol and suitable for anyone to try out. Depending on the the level of excitement you're after, we've got something on the list for the 'wannabe thrill seeker' right up to 'you're a little bit nuts'.

This is not the be-all and end-all of activities, by any means and if you're just after some general inspiration for the event you're organising, you should consider having a look at all of our blog posts to see if there's anything that grabs you attention. If you're feeling a bit overwhelmed then you can always just give our really (possibly overly) friendly team a call and we'd be thrilled to help you to work out the best activities for whatever group you're enquiring for.


What exciting activities can I do in Bristol?

The bit you're here for is coming up, so keep reading for our pick of the best and most exciting activities that exist in and around Bristol:


Assault Course

If you want a physical challenge to get everyone's heart pumping, then an assault course is a superb choice for any group heading to Bristol. It doesn't matter what type of group you're booking for, this is an exciting activity which will be tailored to suit all needs. Whether you're an 'all-out-full-on-action-star', looking for something different to challenge yourself or need some training for an obstacle race, there are plenty of obstacles to take on. Water also plays quite a large role in this assault course, so it doesn't matter what time of year you're looking to do this.


Quad biking

We've chosen a quad biking session next, providing you with the first motorised suggestion. As a thrill seeker, you may well consider this as an option due to the 300cc Kawasaki Brute bikes being a heap of fun. You'll be let loose on a 450 metre track to test out it's capabilities and show off how much of a boss you are. This is best done on a Saturday, but weekday sessions (for corporate groups for example) can be run for over 14 people so are still possible. The quad bikes will supply the power for you to have an awesome time for around an hour, with a variety of challenges to take on. It's also at a multi-activity centre, so you don't have to stop after the quad biking.


Sports Day

Ideal for school staff do 'team building' days as you won't have to run a sports day but get to have a go. For any other group these also rock as they're an opportunity to take yourself back to a simpler time, when Brexit wasn't a word (we miss those days too) and you could just focus on winning the egg and spoon race. Have a couple of hours forgetting that you're a grown up and be a thrill seeker again. These events incorporate everything you remember doing as a child; space hopper races, sack races, tug-of-war, egg and spoon races, netball, hockey and more. It's sure to bring out the competitive nature in a few people, but will certainly give you some great photos. It can also be run at private accommodation (as long as there's enough space), on hotel grounds or a leisure centre.


Off road buggies

At the same place where the quad bikes can be whizzed around on, there is another breed of vehicle. With 623cc engines and a top speed capability of around 50mph, these are entirely different animals. Have a practice before competing against everyone in your group, with the aim being to set the fastest lap. Shave seconds off with the perfect line, break and throttle application or... just put your foot down and keep a smile on your face. The buggies are single seaters, so you're pretty much left to push the buggies as much as you feel comfortable. If you've never done any off-road driving before then this is an amazingly exciting activity and suitable for any group.


Off Road Rebel Buggies in Bristol


~ Tackle some dirt and corners in a truly powerful off-road buggy ~



If you'd rather all stick to the confinement of a track then maybe karting is something to consider. There are some great race formats, including everything from Grand Prix style sessions, with practice, qualifying and race elements to timed sessions where you simply complete as many laps as possible in a set time. All sessions include electronic timing to see how you compare and the karts pack a very nippy 200cc, reaching up to 40mph. On an mammoth, indoor, 800 metre track, you'll be sure to have a wicked time. You'll also have some bragging rights if you come away as the champion and could well get a drink or two out of it (plus a bottle of bubbly for actually winning).


Clay Pigeon Shooting

Clay pigeon shooting is very popular in the countryside, but in Bristol you may be surprised to learn that it's possible. Fortunately for the city centre inhabitants, the centre is the same as several of the activities on this list and is juts outside of the centre. Luckily for any group, you will only be travelling a few miles out and if you choose to do a few activities, it will make the most of your time. See if you can hit all of the clay targets that are flung out before you. There are some truly awesome instructors who will do all they can to help, but however you do, it's really an activity for any thrill seeker.


Assault Rifle Shooting

Carrying on the shooting theme, you can also choose to fire an assault rifle. The MP5 and HK 416, 22 caliber Rim Fire assault rifles are both available for shooting sessions. You'll aim to take out some zombies, compete in a speed round and prove how accurate you are across several competitions. They're not the most powerful of assault rifles, so they won't leave you with an aching shoulder or bruises. They give you possibly one of the only chances in the UK to fire an assault rifle (legally). We can vouch for how cool this activity is and that you should definitely consider it.


Axe Throwing

Taking the trigger out of the equation may seem like we're taking out the fun, but axe throwing provides an alternative solution to relieving some stress. There's certainly a technique to master with this, but if can crack it then you'll see what an exciting activity it is. Perfect to include along with some other activities at the same site we've mentioned throughout this article and a perfect addition for any group. Something different to consider, but again, we've done it and it is a load of fun.


Axe throwing is an amazingly exciting activity for a thrill seeker in Bristol


~ Get some frustrations out by launching axes at wooden targets ~


Guest list passes

A night out for any group can be a chance to create plenty of thrills. Choosing to have a pre-paid set of bars and clubs to head to can be a god-send as it takes the pressure off of the group leader and means you can relax, not having to save your drinking money to cover entry fees either. These passes exist in most towns and cities and include the most popular venues wherever you are, giving you an awesome experience of where you are. If you want to add even more excitement and grandeur to an evening, you could choose to go down the route of booking a VIP booth with drinks.



We've shared a fair amount of shooting activities and that's because they get the adrenaline flowing. There aren't many simpler, more popular shooting activities for a thrill seeker than paintball. With a whole variety of 'maps' and scenarios to be tried out, you're almost guaranteed to have a fantastic time as part of any group if you choose paintball in Bristol. We don't know if it's the chance to shoot other people, trying not to get shot or both which make this such a mega experience, but all we know is that it is an exceptional activity that anyone can choose to do.


Zorb Football

If a thrill seeker isn't excited at the prospect of pelting into other people, also dressed lie a giant bubble, then we're not sure if they actually like thrills at all. It's not just football that you'll play (in fact, it's barely recognisable as football when you try to play in the massive zorb suits), so it doesn't exclude anyone who hasn't got a clue about the sport. Bulldog and last person standing are but just a couple of the other games, giving any group the chance to enjoy the thrills and spills that this outrageous 'sport' has to offer.


Westcountry Games

Whilst in Bristol, you could choose to get a real taste of makes the westcountry tick. The westcountry games involve several themed activities and games, including inflatable suits, wellies and much more, to encapsulate exactly what it is that makes the westcountry (and specifically Bristol) such a great place for a thrill seeker to choose as their activity destination. 


How do I book the best Bristol thrill seeker activities?

Call us and we'll help you, that's how! You might already know what you would like to do, or still need a bit more help but either way, we can definitely give you a hand. We can then get everything sorted for you, without you having to phone anyone else. After our chat, we'll send you as many quotes as you need to make sure that everyone in the group is happy. Following that, having chosen the perfect package of accommodation and truly exciting activities, we'll get the whole lot booked for you with a small deposit, set everyone up with their own online payment accounts and put together a detailed event itinerary. All of that is included in our services for no extra price!

You can always browse our amazing list of blog articles to see if there's something more specific for your group type, so don't worry if you're still not sure about what you want, you'll certainly find lots of inspiration.


A summary of the most exciting activities in Bristol

We know what makes for an exciting activity and want to share our knowledge with you. Take a look at what you can do if you're a thrill seeker looking for exciting activities in Bristol.

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