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Top Stag Do Bars In Nottingham

26th August 2022 12:00pm

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Charlie Street

The Best Stag Do Bars In Nottingham

When you’re tasked with organising a stag do in Nottingham, it would be surprising if you didn’t feel pressured. There’s so much to consider. What does the stag like to eat? What would be fun for the party? Where should you stay? While there are myriad questions that you’ll need to find answers for, there’s one thing that is near certain. Drinking is going to be involved. 

If you took a survey, chances are most people would say it’s the most important part of your Nottingham stag. To help ensure you don’t drop the ball on this all important element, we’ve prepared a list of the top bars in Nottingham, so you can prepare a great night out for your stag and guests. 

Top 3 Nottingham Stag Do Drinking Activities

Before we launch into the list, it would be amiss if we failed to mention the great nightlife activities Essential Adventure has on offer to elevate your night into something unforgettable. So, here are our top three favourite activities for the nightlife portion of your Nottingham stag do.

Beer Tasting

It’s always a fun idea to mask your drinking behind an air of civility, and what better way to do just that than with our beer tasting events in Nottingham? Hosted at the Brewdog bar in the centre of Nottingham, you’ll experience a 90 minute tasting session where you’ll try five craft beers, as well as having a cheese and cracker board on the side. Capped off with a guided tour of the Brewdog story, this is a fantastic way to see the big night in with a bit of fun. 


Few things in this world are guaranteed, but if nothing else, having two French maids serving your party drinks is surely going to be a hit. Our stag do Butlerettes in Nottingham come as a pair for two hours, giving you and your stag party plenty of time to enjoy having drinks served by two beauties. This is one activity that’s unlikely to be forgotten no matter how late the night goes on. 

Bar, Club & Lap Dancing Entry

This is the perfect activity for those who like to be prepared. With our stag do Bar, Club & Lap Dancing entry in Nottingham, you’ll receive guest list passes for some of the top bar & club venues in Nottingham city centre, including: Squares Bar, Pitt & Pendulum, Bierkeller, PRYZM and Club Ink. If that isn’t enough to entice you, you’ll also have entry to Flirtz Lapdancing before midnight, so you can easily check off this historic essential for any stag do. 

Top 3 Stag Do Pubs In Nottingham

A quintessential part of British culture, the pub may well be the first place people think of when it comes to getting a few rounds in. When it comes to a Nottingham stag do, we often recommend you start the night in an establishment like this. The chance for your stag and his guests to all interact with one another, whether it’s for the first time or catching up after a long time apart, is invaluable. 

Giving the stag party the opportunity to get comfortable with one another will help make sure no one feels self-conscious as the night devolves. People tend to loosen up around each other once they’ve had a chance to properly meet, so if you’re hoping to have a big night, make sure this happens!. So, here’s our favourite three stag do pubs in Nottingham to kickstart your stag do off properly: 

Ye Olde Salutation Inn

The pub is ideal for groups who like to soak up a bit of culture as their stomachs soak up the ale. Ye Olde Salutation Inn is an ancient establishment made up of three buildings, with the oldest proudly displaying its birthday of 1240 on the exterior. With tasty food, cavernous rooms, and a variety of genuine ales on tap, this is an impressive place to kick the evening off.

Address: Hounds Gate, Nottingham NG1 7AA

Hand & Heart

The Hand & Heart is another delightful stag do pub.. Renowned for its character, this pub was originally built into sandstone caves that date all the way back to Saxon times (can you tell that this city is proud of its history?). With a recent revamp, and plenty of intimate snugs & corners to settle down in, this might be our top pick if you’re focused on making sure everyone has a chance to talk to one another before the night grows long. They also have an impressive range of ales and whiskies on offer, so you’ll have plenty of choice when it comes to lubricating the conversation.

Address: 65-67 Derby Road, Nottingham NG1 5BA

Bunkers Hill

If you aren’t interested in the dignified yet gloomy atmosphere of a historic taphouse, then Bunkers Hill could be the way to go. Opened in a former Barclays Bank, the Bunkers Hill is known by its patrons for its friendly atmosphere and excellent live music, as well as being a great place to catch the football. They have an extensive drink selection ranging from craft beers and ales to traditional cider. There is plenty of choice to suit even the fussiest of drinkers!. If you’re unfamiliar with Nottingham, this could be a great place to feel welcomed to the city. 

Address: 36-38 Hockley, Nottingham NG1 1FP

If you’re struggling to choose just one pub in Nottingham for your stag do, you could always choose them all. Nottingham CAMRA have a put together a fantastic Nottingham pub crawl for an easy night out. 

Top 3 Nottingham Stag Do Bars

Pubs are grand, but when you’ve come to Nottingham for a stag do, the chances are that you’ll want to ratchet up the intensity before too long. These bars are the perfect place to move on from quiet beers to raucous shots and cocktails. Having a smooth transition between the two is the key to a successful night, so make sure you choose a bar from this list to head to after your first destination in advance. This will keep everyone happy, satisfied, and most importantly, non-sober. 

The Blind Rabbit

A New York-style bar in the heart of Nottingham, The Blind Rabbit is a great place to stop by to take in a few drinks. Not only is the decor impressive, the drinks flow wonderfully. Cocktails are two for £9.95 everyday between 12-7pm, and again from 9pm until close, so with a little careful timing on your part, you could have everyone good and sauced for much less than they might expect. With great music turned up loud on the weekend, this is an ideal venue for shaking the rust off your dancing skills before hitting the club. 

Address: 9 Weekday Cross, Nottingham NG1 2GB

Penny Lane

If you’re the type of group who needs an activity to go with your drinks, Penny Lane could be the answer to your prayers. Inspired by the iconic arcades that once populated the British seaside, there are plenty of games to enjoy while you have a few drinks and chew the fat. A little friendly competition like this is a great way to encourage people to let their hair down, and the second stop of the evening is the perfect time for such a move. A few pints in should be enough for everyone to get stuck-in and childishly competitive, but no one should be so far gone that they’re hardly able to play. 

Address: 9 Fletcher Gate, Nottingham NG1 1QQ


This is a place for groups that like to party. Designed in the aesthetic of an American dive bar, MOJO is a place where everyone should be able to have fun. They blast all the top music from the last 50 years and dancing is so encouraged that even the tables aren’t off limits. With a wealth of delicious cocktails on the menu, plenty of great bar snacks, and the dancefloor being popular with hen dos, this place is sure to be a hit with your stag party. 

Address: 10 Thurland St, NG1 3DR

Top 3 Stag Do Clubs In Nottingham

Drinks have been drunk, fun has been had. Now, as the night grows long in the tooth, your party is looking to cut theirs on the dance floor. Regardless if this was the original plan, chances are more than a few of your Nottingham stag party will be in the mood to hit up a club by this point in the night. So you aren’t caught unaware, take a look at our favourite clubs in Nottingham. Though, if you’re planning on drinking too, you may want to write them down somewhere…

The Hockley Arts Club

If you aren’t sure exactly what your group will be in the mood for, The Hockley Arts Club is a great place to meet all expectations without needing a whole bunch of contingency plans. Situated in a stunning grade 2 listed building, they have a range of great wines and cocktails on offer, but the real beauty of the place is in its variety. 

Spaced over three rooms, each area has a different theme at Hockley. On the main floor, the Blue Rooms are a traditional victorian-style saloon bar; a brilliant place to have a quiet few drinks and nibbles in a refined atmosphere. The top floor houses the Electric Garden, a lovely rooftop terrace that is perfect for cold drinks on warm nights. Finally, the bottom floor called Stockholm, opens as a club on weekends with DJs spinning tracks from 9pm-2am. There’s every possibility you could spend an entire evening here without getting bored. 

Address: 20a Carlton St, Nottingham NG1 1NN


It would be hard to do a list of top clubs for your Nottingham stag do and not mention PRYZM. It’s a colossus, and dominates the nightlife scene in the city. This super club is capable of hosting more than 2000 guests and is decked out in modern, stylish decor. Not only that, there are five full rooms to choose from, giving you plenty of options if you feel like changing up the music. In addition, they’re open until as late as 3am, so if your stag party feels like lingering at one of the bars for a little longer, PRYZM will always be ready with its doors open. 

Address: Pryzm, Lower Parliament St, NG1 3BB

Rescue Rooms

Among Nottingham’s top live music venues, Rescue Rooms is a perfect place for those who want to dance to something other than the usual club bangers. They’ve had some incredible acts take the stage in the past, including The Killers, Stormzy, and Jake Bugg, so it’s well worth checking in on their socials to see who’s going to be playing the weekend of your Nottingham stag do. They’ve also got a great bar & patio if you need a breather throughout the night. 

Address: Rescue Rooms, Masonic Pl, Goldsmith St, Nottingham NG1 5LB

Get In Touch With Essential Adventure For Your Nottingham Stag Do

While this list of top stag do pubs, bars and clubs in Nottingham should help you along when planning the nightlife portion for your party, there’s still plenty of other things to figure out. Why not make things easy, and have Essential Adventure handle it? We have a range of 54 fantastic stag do activities in Nottingham to choose from, and with package deals to take advantage of, there’s no missing when you book with Essential Adventure. 

To learn more about how we can help you plan your Nottingham stag do, get in touch with us on 01752 418038 or by email at [email protected].

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