If you're looking to have a whole lot of fun for a birthday weekend then look no further than a Murder Mystery event. The birthday person will be part of the plot to make it a very special occasion. The plot used is usually one based on the story of uncovering Tutankhamun's tomb and you will provided with a list of characters to choose from, as well as being sent individual invitations. A great laugh and lots of fun.

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  • Hen Party Murder Mystery  

    For those who enjoy dressing up, unsolved mysteries and lots of laughter, then our hen party murder mystery package is definitely the hen do for you! For many years, murder mysteries have been a hugely popular option amongst hen parties, as they provide a unique, interactive experience that will be spoken about by all of the attendees for years to come. 

    Essential Adventure will help you organise everything - from sending out invitations to all of your guests, to choosing the best location for your hen party to take place. We have put together an overview of what the murder mystery package includes, so if you’re interested in a highly entertaining,  hassle-free hen do, then find out more below.

  • What Is Included In The Hen Night Murder Mystery?

    Essential Adventure’s complete hen party murder mystery comes with several features that have been put in place to make your bride’s send off as smooth and enjoyable as possible. We know how stressful maid-of-honour duties can be, so we want to take the edge off when it comes to planning the hen party. Here are some example of what is included in the murder mystery package:

    • Bride and groom-to-be are interwoven within the plot
    • Two actors will accompany your private party to coordinate the event and to move along the plot
    • Every guest is given a character who they must portray, which includes dressing up!
    • Attendees must guess the murderer using a series of ambiguous clues, before they strike again. 
    • Flexibility in location: the event can take place anywhere, from your own home to private rented accommodation. 
    • Guaranteed fun for all ages from start to finish
    • The event can run alongside a meal with all of the guests 
    • 3 hours long, available everyday 
    • Can be organised at over 40 hen party destinations across the UK
    • Murder mystery weekend package available

    The Plot

    For  hen parties, we offer a murder mystery event, themed: ‘The Jealous Bride’. This entails the guests, who will be allocated famous characters,  being invited to an evening on a ‘cruise ship’ by one of their wealthy friends. At some point during the night, an unexpected murder will occur, which will leave the guests following a series of clues to identify the culprit. Whilst oscar-award winning acting isn’t necessary - it certainly helps! 

  • The Hen Night Murder Mystery Weekend Package

    For those planning a weekend away with their bridal party, perhaps in a new city, Essential Adventure offers a fantastic hen night murder mystery weekend package. The murder mystery experience can take place in any Village Hotel, with plenty of locations to choose from, including: . Find more information about some of the most popular locations offered below. 

    Alongside the aforementioned features of the original murder mystery experience, by choosing the weekend package in one of the hotels, you will receive:

    • A comfortable, relaxing hotel with a double room for one or two nights
    • A  three course dinner included in the price
    • Private event room
    • On-site health and fitness club 
    • Pub & Grill with a cocktail menu
    • On-site Starbucks

    Essential Adventure strives to make planning your murder mystery hen party as stress-free as possible, so by choosing our weekend package, all you will need to worry about is getting in character and heading to the 'cruise ship' for the evening!

    For more information on the Village Hotels, their locations and services on offer, visit

  • Best Murder Mystery Hen Party Locations

    Our murder mystery package weekends can operate in over 40 cities across the UK. Here are some examples of the most popular locations, based on previous customers’ experiences: 


    The UK’s capital has everything you need for a chic hen night. London’s never-ending list of restaurants, bars and nightclubs make it the perfect location for a party after your murder mystery evening. Not to mention, to make the most of the weekend, your bride squad can explore the city, go sight-seeing, shopping and take part in lots of other activities. 


    Another perfect hen party location is Cardiff - a small but very lively city with a vibrant nightlife scene. If you have not already visited, then Cardiff should definitely be on your bucket list for your murder mystery hen party. The city has a variety of unique bars and restaurants which can be found in the iconic Mermaid Quay and Bay, that will no doubt keep your hens entertained throughout the evening! 


    As one of the UK’s hottest party destinations, Bristol has always been a top contender for hen dos. It is a city renowned for its nightlife and music events, which makes it an excellent choice for any bridal parties that are ready to hit the town as soon as they arrive. With plenty of independent restaurants and bars, as well as the renowned shopping centre, Cabot Circus, Bristol should definitely be a city you take into consideration. 


    For those who want to take a trip further up-country, then Birmingham should be top of your list. The city is one of the Midland’s most buzzing hen do destinations, due to its diverse selection of bars, clubs and restaurants spanning across the city. Not only this, but Birmingham is conveniently located in the centre of the UK, making it a great meeting point for all of your hens. 

For the perfect birthday weekend, it's great to be able to choose an activity that everyone can take part in and will provide endless fun. Murder mysteries offer both of these factors. They can also be run anywhere in the UK, from hotels to private accommodation making them extremely flexible and the actors have years of experience, so this will be a great evening for everyone involved.

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