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Nottingham Hen Do Activities

10th September 2019 9:00am

Posted by
James Trenchard

Nottingham Hen Do Activities

Nottingham Hen Party Ideas

Getting all of your Nottingham hen do ideas sorted might seem like a "where do I start?" kind-of-deal, but we've got your back! If you're stuck for what to do and the hen is happy to do anything then this article is something to have a read through. From relaxing to quick-fire adrenaline activities, there will be something to suit all groups in this list of Nottingham hen do activity ideas, so take a look and then give us a call to start getting it sorted.


Relaxing Nottingham Hen Do Ideas

Sometimes, you just want to kick-back, get your feet up and relax. Why should a hen party be any different? Have a look at these chilled out Nottingham Hen Do activities to see if there's anything that makes you feel as light as a feather.


Spa day/treatments

Go on an treat yourselves! What better way to spend an hour or half a day than having some time to be treated like an absolute queen. Whether you choose to have a single 30 minute treatment or spend half a day and have a light lunch along with a couple of treatments, spending any time getting the attention you deserve is great for Nottingham hen party.


Life Drawing

If it's your artistic side that you're looking to explore (or let's be honest, you fancy staring at a naked model for 60 minutes), then definitely consider a life drawing class. These include everything you need to become the next Wendy Artin, with venue, materials, tutor and model all provided. It can be run in city centre venues such as hotels or even at private accommodation so that you don't have to travel anywhere.


Life Drawing as a Nottingham Hen Do Idea


~ Looking at a naked model for an hour might not be a bad idea... ~


Boat trip

Take a trip along one of Nottingham's canals and chill out. Whether you're looking to just meander along and have a couple of laid back drinks or have an afternoon tea on board, cruising along will be a great addition to your Nottingham hen do. It's something a little bit different and will certainly give you the opportunity for some great photos to remember the weekend by.


Adrenaline-pumping Nottingham Hen Do Activities

Why should it just be the boys that get to have all the fun? After all, girls just wanna' have fun! Have a look through the following Nottingham hen party ideas for a load of things to really get that heart pumping.


Clay Pigeon Shooting

If you fancy taking a shot at something a bit different (sorry, not sorry) then clay pigeon shooting is a fantastic Nottingham hen party activity to consider. With different amounts of clays to shoot at and (hopefully) obliterate, there are different options depending on how long you want to do the activity for, but no matter what, you will receive expert tuition and all the kit you need for an awesome hen party activity in Nottingham.



Nottingham has lots of driving activities to offer and the first of our suggestions is for off road buggies. These off road buggies are a great way to thrash out some pent up aggression or simply just proving that you can handle any piece of machinery by throwing yourself over lumps, sliding around corners and causing muddy tsunamis. With a couple of centres offering 400cc Gemini/Thunderhawk mud-buggies, there is plenty of power to experience a whole load of fun, come rain or shine.



The next Nottingham hen do driving activity that we think worthy of a place on our list is go-karting. With indoor and outdoor options, there is a great choice to be made. The outdoor track is a 720 metre beast, with 200cc Biz Karts capable of 45mph and the indoor track is a massive championship circuit featuring 150ft flyover and underpass on 270cc Biz Evolution Karts, with a slightly higher top speed of 50mph. Whichever you choose, you'll definitely have an awesome time racing around like you're Jamie Chadwick.

Go karting as a Nottingham hen party idea


~ Training for the W Series or not, Karting is a great Nottingham hen party activity ~


White Water Rafting

If it's something that's not land-based that you're after then Nottingham hosts a fantastic White Water rafting course. You'll be looked after by experts whilst taking on a 700m course, with the group trying to manoeuvre over rapids, through gates and stay upright (that's the goal anyway).  This is something a little different from the normal hen do activities and a hen party doesn't happen every day so should, without a doubt, be a serious contender for part of the hen do.


Quad Biking

The final driving activity suggestion is another off-road bonanza! Get out and explore woodland, fields and general all-terrain conditions on 150cc or 180cc quad bikes. You don't need any experience as all quad bikes are automatic, so whether you're a farmer or a financial adviser this is a great Nottingham hen party activity idea. It's also a great 'in-between' if you're not sure about go-karting or the off road buggies.



Our final heart-pumping activity suggestion is another shooting event but this time you'll be shooting one another instead of an inanimate object. Granted, you'll be shooting one another with paint, but if you've ever done if before then you'll know the impact that paint has. There are lots of different game types to play and you can either choose basic packages with half a day on site and around 100 balls, right up to a whole day with hundreds of balls and food. Whatever you choose, you'll be sure to have a great time.



Sporty Nottingham Hen Party Activities

If you fancy something a bit more physically challenging for the group then the activities below are great ideas. From silly to competitive and a combination of both, the activities below will include something that the group will enjoy.


It's A Knockout

How often do you get the chance to run around in over-sized costumes and generally act like a bit of clown? This is your moment to do just that. With a whole host of silly games, large inflatables and foam, this is just about as much silly fun as anyone can handle. This is undeniably one of the wackiest Nottingham hen party activities that exists so if you're not looking for 'normal' then this is one to add to your list.


Totally Wiped Out

OK, so you know what we said above about It's A Knockout? Well this Nottingham hen do idea is just as silly. For this one, think BBCs Total Wipe Out. Obstacles, water and general frivolity. Not quite as elaborate, perhaps, as the BBC version, but certainly on par with the amount of fun you'll have.



– Consider your decisions very carefully, but be prepared for fun –


Dance Class

Get everyone performing a dance routine in perfect synchronicity. You can choose which theme you would like to do for the class, so from Disney to Street Dance a professional dance instructor will help to guide you through every step and leave you all with the ultimate wedding-day routine. These activities also have great flexibility, so if you're looking for an activity to fill a bit of a gap in your itinerary, this is a great choice to consider.


Assault Course

To challenge the physical abilities of the group a little bit more than other Nottingham hen party activities, then keep an assault course in mind. With plenty of different types of obstacle such as crawl nets, tunnels and rope swings, you're likely to feel like Lara Croft (minus all the people shooting at you/chasing after you).


Sports Day

Take yourselves back to school and have a blast in the process. With space hoppers, sack races, egg-and-spoon races and everything else that you used to do at school, these activities will leave you with a massive smile on your face. This can be run at private accommodation or usually at venues close to where you're staying making them a really flexible Nottingham hen do activity.


Some other popular Nottingham Hen Party Ideas

The following ideas don't necessarily fit into any of the categories above but are, nonetheless, just a much fun as any of them and provide something a little different again.


Murder Mystery

We've done a whole article on why Murder Mystery activities are so great, so head over and take a look. In short, they provide a great evening of entertainment, give you all the opportunity to dress up and look fantastic, have a delicious 2 or 3-course meal and a truck-load of fun in the process of solving a murder case (we don't think it's based on a real one). They can also be run at any hotel with a suitable room and kitchen or at private accommodation, so you won't have to travel anywhere for it.


Cocktail making masterclass

Drinking and mastering an art may sound too good to be true and we're not saying that it's easy to stay focused on the latter, but you will definitely have fun. With various options including 2 or 3 course meals along with the classes, you can make a great afternoon/evening out of a cocktail making masterclass. Make and drink various cocktails and hopefully you can remember them for the future to be the life and soul of any parties.


Escape Room

It may not be the first time someone's locked you in a room, especially if you have any siblings, but this time you have the opportunity to unlock inner abilities that you never knew you had. With various room themes, the normal format is to solve lots of clues to escape from the room within an hour. If you can all work together, then this will be very rewarding, but if team work lacks something then be prepared to be well and truly locked-in.


Escape Rroom as a Nottingham Hen Do Activity


~ Have you got what it takes to escape? Let's hope so, as we've not heard from the last team who didn't... ~


Guest list night life passes / VIP booth

One frequent choice of activity for any hen party is heading out for a night with the gang. You could go for some passes into some of Nottingham's best night-spots and/or choose to book a VIP booth and drinks package. Whatever you choose to do, there's plenty of fun to be had in Nottingham of an evening.


Organise your Nottingham hen party activities

Now that we've imparted our knowledge of the best Nottingham hen do ideas to you, why not give us a call and start to get everything sorted? We can arrange everything from the activities, to accommodation and even offer an online individual payment system for everyone in the group, so that you won't have to worry about a thing.


Nottingham Hen Do Activities Summary

With so many great Nottingham Hen Do ideas to choose from, see our summary of the best ones to choose from:

  • Spa day/treatments
  • Life Drawing
  • Canal boat trip
  • Clay Pigeon Shooting
  • Buggies
  • Karting
  • White Water Rafting
  • Quad Biking
  • Paintball
  • It's A Knockout
  • Totally Wiped Out
  • Dance Class
  • Assault Course
  • Sports Day
  • Murder Mystery
  • Cocktail making masterclass
  • Escape Room
  • Guest list night life passes / VIP booth

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