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The Best Driving Stag Do Ideas

29th November 2019 8:00am

Posted by
James Trenchard

Driving Stag Do Ideas

Stag dos are a way to escape from reality for a weekend, head somewhere, have a load of fun and driving stag do activities are amongst some of the most popular choices for those looking to enjoy a great weekend. Whether it's on or off-road, muddy or clean, racing stag do activities provide enough adrenaline to keep you buzzing for days/weeks, possibly months/years after the weekend.

Give us a call at any point if you'd like to discuss the perfect driving stag do destination. We'll be more than happy to speak to you and run through your driving stag do ideas.

Driving activities are always a great addition to a stag do and with such a vast range of driving stag do activities to consider we'll give you an idea of what's out there. Have a look below and see if any of our suggestions fire up your engine before you decide for sure!



Most of the best Formula 1 drivers start off in the quick-moving world of karting, so you could claim that you're simply practising for the ascent to the very top of the world of Motorsport. Whatever you tell people, karting is extremely good fun and one of, if not THE most popular stag do driving activity. Most tracks have karts that are capable of around 35-45mph, which is nothing to turn your nose up at and will provide any speed-freak with their fix. Have a look below to see the different offerings from the karting world:

Indoor Karting - There are hundreds of indoor karting tracks across the country to choose from, ranging from huge arenas with split levels to the smaller venues, but just as much fun.

Outdoor Karting - Not so many outdoor tracks exist, but they are usually much bigger than indoor tracks, you just can't be too much of a fair-weather racer being in the UK.


Driving formats

There are a couple of different formats to choose from, which cater for everyone from beginners to seasoned kart drivers. The most common and popular sessions which stag dos choose are:

Grand Prix - This is the one if you're looking to have a real race. With practice, qualifying and race sessions to assert your racing prowess, you'll be able to show all off your mad driving skills and demonstrate why you so blatantly believe that if you'd been introduced to karting earlier, you would be a multiple racing world champion by now. These events are generally also exclusive for your group.

Arrive and Drive - These are the simplest events. They are public events and normally come in 15 minute sessions. You'll be given all the gear and sent out in a kart to drive as fast as you can for 15 minutes, to see if you can drive faster than all of the people in the stag party.

Le Mans Endurance - Take part in teams, usually of 2-6 people. You'll have a go in the kart, pull in to the pit-lane and swap drivers, until the time runs out and/or you complete a set number of laps. This can be private for your group or take place with other groups, depending on how big your group is.


Off Road Buggies

Instead of driving on boring tarmac, you could choose to jump in to an off-road buggy to try and perfect your dirty cornering skills on an off-road track. All off road buggies pack a mega punch, generally holding engines of between 700-900cc, capable of hitting around 40mph and are available in the majority of the most popular stag do destinations in the UK. The formats range from time-trial sessions to 1-V-1 races. This is a great stag do driving activity and sits happily towards the top of the most popular stag do activities, driving or otherwise.

If you're interested, just give us a quick call to run through what's available or click on the stag do destinations below to see for yourself.

Birmingham, Bournemouth, Bristol, Exeter, Leeds/York, Liverpool, Nottingham and Oxford


Off road mud and dirt buggies are a great driving stag do idea


- The aim is to try and spray any spectators with mud -


Extreme Dodgems

We've all been to a fairground and had a go at driving around in dodgems, thinking about driving into everyone at great speed (some of us carry out these thoughts with huge force). Well consider this; drive around in real, ACTUAL 1200cc saloon cars around a track. The cars are all fitted with roll cages, steel frame bumpers/skirts. Drive 1200cc saloon stock cars. You'll get a 3 lap practice session, two high-octane heat races and one awesome Championship Final, so it's a proper stag do driving experience.

This is a once-in-a-lifetime kind of activity and only exists in one stag do destination in the UK. There may be other centres that offer car racing, but nothing compares to this one and if the idea of thrashing second-hand, genuine road cars (once-upon a time) around a track with reckless abandon sounds like your kind of thing, sign up, buckle-up and speed up!


Quad Bikes

Returning to the dirt now, quad biking offers adrenaline and enjoyment in pretty hefty quantities. There is somewhere to get on a quad bike in most of the top stag do destinations across the UK. There are also a couple of different styles of session to choose from. One of the best quad biking activities is where you'll have your briefing and set off in your group, with the instructors and head out into woodlands and off-road tracks. Most centres which offer this option have acres and acres of land to explore and most of the time there will be a nice muddy puddle of two to dive into.

The other option and still a provider of considerable good times is a dirt-track quad biking activity, whereby you'll head around a track, tackling obstacles, bumps and taking on general tests of your skills on a quad bike. This option allows anyone to have a great time testing their quad biking skills and so if you're looking for something a little less extreme, try this one and who knows, maybe you'll turn out to be a pro!

Quad biking is a really popular driving stag do activity and easy to fit in to an awesome weekend wherever you choose to go.


Quad biking is a great driving stag do idea


- This aim is to spray all the other people on quads -


4x4 Driving

Continuing down a long and muddy track, 4x4 driving will provide you with plenty to get stuck into. Take on challenging courses with hill climbs, bumps, ruts, ditches, puddles and everything else that will keep you (the peddles) on your toes. These stag do driving activities usually take place at the wheel of a Land Rover or similar.

There are 2 great driving stag do options to consider:

4x4 stag do driving course - This involves taking on a course which is specifically designed to challenge any 4x4 with ungodly gradients, precarious pools and many more scary challenges that don't seem possible on foot, let alone in a vehicle weighing a couple of tons!

Blindfolded 4x4 stag do driving - Drive around a course, BLINDFOLDED with nothing more than your group to direct you (usually they're not allowed to say any directional words). You might all nail it, or you could end up in a ditch. Fun times ahead and something a bit different, which is great for a driving stag do.

The driving courses are fewer and further between than the blindfolded activity, so are more popular, but both are great activities and will provide you with many opportunities to give someone a good ribbing (essential on any stag do)!


Skid Steer Karts

If you've done karting and quad biking and everything else stag do driving-based to death, then this one may be one you've not tried before. Head onto a course in a Skid-steer buggy and see if you can manoeuvre successfully around it. This is made more difficult than it sounds by having two drivers and two separate sets of controls. Each driver controls the wheels on their side of the kart, so if you're not both making the right calls, it's cheerio track and hello cones/hedges. An awesome amount of fun and definitely worth trying.

It's also not something that loads of stag groups do, so if you want to do something a bit different from the norm, why not organise some skids for yourself?



So, technically, this is flying rather than driving but we won't get hung up on technicalities too much. There are a couple of places in the UK where you can go and have a go in your very own hovercraft. These are great at any time of year and you'll be taught how to handle a course, before being allowed out to try it for yourself. There is a lot of concentration required to get this absolutely spot on. As you can see below, slalom markers can often fall foul of the hovercrafts. 

This is another driving stag do activity that isn't at as many venues as activities like karting or quads, but well worth considering as it's a load of fun and something that you may only do once in your lifetime.


Hovercrafts are a great driving stag do idea


- This guy seems to be nailing it in a flying fish -


Book Your Driving Stag Do

Whatever kind of driving you're looking for, it will probably exist (even if it's not on our snapshot of the best driving stag do ideas). Driving activities are great additions to any stag do and even if you only have one as part of the whole weekend, they'll bring loads to the trip.

From karting to crafting, driving activities are always popular with stag dos and that's why there are so many throughout the UK. If you're interested and looking to get a driving stag do activity booked, here's how to put your foot down and go for it:

1) Contact us at Essential Adventure and tell us what you're interested in doing

2) We'll make a quote/quotes for you

3) Once you're happy, get a £50 deposit down and we'll confirm and book everything for you (we can also offer you a great package price, to include accommodation)

4) Everyone will be set up with their own payment account so that you don't have to chase everyone for payment

5) We give you a detailed itinerary of everything, so you don't have to worry about a thing


Driving Stag Do Summary

Rev your engines... lights out... GO! Get an awesome driving stag do activity booked today! It's so simple to get an awesome driving activity booked and here's the best of what you can book in the UK:

  • Karting
  • Off Road Buggies
  • Extreme Dodgems
  • Quad Bikes
  • 4x4 Driving
  • Skid Steer Karts
  • Hovercrafts

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