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Stag Do Ideas

25th October 2019 9:00am

Posted by
James Trenchard

Stag do weekends

We'll provide you with everything you'll need to consider with all of the best stag do ideas to organise a great stag do weekend. If you've been tasked with organising a stag do, there is so much to think about. You will hopefully have a good idea of what the man of the hour likes to do, but you might not have a clue where to start with getting it sorted. Take a look through our wealth of knowledgeable information, get in touch to have a quick chat or do both if you have time.


Stag Do Activity Ideas

Stag do ideas often start with what activities you'll want to do on the stag weekend. You and the group will likely have a great awareness of what the stag likes to do and deciding what activities you choose will help to make it a stag do weekend to remember. Take a look at the most popular stag do activity ideas below and see if there are any you like the look of.

Paintball - An absolutely classic stag do idea. Head to one of the thousands of paintball sites around the UK and you'll have an awesome time. With various games, maps and packages, you'll never have the same experience from one site to another and it will always be loads of fun. From half day to full day sessions, you can also make it take up as much of the weekend as you like. One for those looking to showcase their COD/Battlefield/[insert other shoot'em-up titles here] skills in real life.

Off Road Buggies - Looking for a bit more power included in your weekend. Head to a centre offering some off-road buggy driving and put your money where your feet are. With centres providing various options, from time-trials to racing and woodland track 'safaris', there will be an option to suit everyone looking for some off road fun in powerful mud buggies.

Extreme Dodgems - Continuing on the driving theme, Extreme Dodgems are a great way to test your 'on-track' driving skills. Have a go at driving 1300cc saloon stock cars on a real racetrack! Lasting 4 hours as well, you'll get plenty of opportunity to show off your 'mad skillz' (that's right, we know how the kids speak these days). Definitely a great stag do idea for true petrol heads.

Clay Pigeon Shooting - A nice easy shooting activity to choose as a stag do activity. With so many venues across the UK, it's a great activity to choose for any group. Generally between 1-2 hours of shooting for the group and will certainly generate some talking points for the rest of the stag do weekend (and beyond).


Clay Pigeon Shooting is one of the best stag do ideas


~ Ready, aim, FIRE. Bring your best flat-cap game to complete clay pigeon shooting ~


Canoeing and Bushcraft - A really popular stag do idea for those groups looking to do something a little bit different and get away from the 'normal' shooting/driving/night out activities. It's available in less places than a lot of the most frequently chosen activities, but is always an awesome stag do idea. You'll head out on Canadian-style canoes to your base for the night, learn some basic bushcraft and survival skills, spend the evening around a roaring camp fire, sleep in the shelters you've put together and head back the next day. 2 day options are also available, but 24 hour trips are the most popular. Take a look at our write-up about why you should choose one of these.

Karting - For those looking to experience some battling, on-track, head-to-head, single-seater action, head to one of the hundreds of indoor or outdoor karting tracks across the UK. Most karts reach great top speeds for those willing to test their nerve and obliterate the competition. Outdoor tracks tend to offer longer laps, but indoor tracks are more common and shelter from the rain.

Quad Biking - A great stag do idea for any group who like to have loads of fun and don't mind possibly getting a bit muddy in the process. We think the best options are those where you can truly get off-road, into woodlands and explore the countryside, but there are also centres which offer track-based quad biking, so there are plenty of places/options to choose from.

Guest List Passes / VIP Booth - A night out is a very common as part of a stag do. There's no real limit to what to do and where to go, but a guest list pass for entry to set bars/clubs can be a real game-changer. Big groups scare bouncers, but a pass will get you in with no problems, so a great stag do idea. VIP booths with drinks packages are great as well, especially if you're happy to end up in a great club.


Stag Do Destinations

There are obviously hundreds, if not thousands of places that you could choose to go for a stag do. Some places are fully set up as stag do destinations however, as they have everything you could possibly want to organise an incredible stag do weekend. Here are a few stag do destinations chosen in a reasonable spread across the UK.

Bristol - Possibly the best stag do destination in the UK. Certainly an amazing stag do idea to consider, with it's myriad of accommodation, activities, nightlife (see our article about the best Bristol stag do bars) and everything else. Bristol offers everything you could ask for for a stag do weekend.

Liverpool - If you're looking to stay in the North-west of England, we would suggest Liverpool as a stag do destination. It has fantastic night-life, great activity options and plenty of awesome stag do activity ideas to choose from.

Nottingham - Maybe controversial to include, instead of Birmingham, but Nottingham is an amazing stag do destination. Check out why we rate Nottingham so highly in another of our completely amazing stag do articles.

Exeter - Another South West stag do destination may seem a little bit biased as we're based here, but we want everyone to have fun on all stag dos, so we've chosen Exeter as it has so many great stag do ideas to choose from.

Newcastle - Head to the North East of England and you'll definitely have a great stag do. With an amazing night-life scene, loads of awesome stag do activities to choose from and the happy Geordie spirit, a Newcastle stag do will be awesome.


Stag Do Accommodation Ideas

Where you stay on the stag do might not be the biggest thing to consider, but there are lots of different possibilities to think about. It's worth considering how people are getting to the stag do destination of choice as well as where the activities are likely to be.

House - Great if you're looking to have a bit less structure. No set meal times, better parking and generally more comfort are the main benefits of staying in a private house. If you're looking for a nice chilled stag do weekend, a house could be a winner.

Hotel - If you're looking to have less to think about during a stag do weekend, a hotel could be the choice for you and the group. With breakfast (and possibly lunch/dinner) available in a lot of hotels, you might not even have to leave the hotel apart from when heading to the stag do activities.

Yurt - If you're looking for something a little more 'Mongol' or just something a bit different and to help you to escape from the normal stag do accommodation, consider a stay in a yurt. They usually have wood burners inside to keep you nice and warm and are very comfortable. They do tend to be in the sticks a bit more and there are less available than the other options, so you'll need to be fairly decisive if you're considering this stag do idea.

Canal boat - Take a look at our suggestions of why you should consider a canal boat stag do weekend. In short, we think they're pretty undiscovered as a stag do idea, but have a look here at our full thoughts on the topic.


A canal boat trip is one of the best accommodation stag do ideas


~ Hire a canal boat for an awesome stag do weekend ~


Funny Stag Do Ideas

There are plenty of ways to add humour to a stag do. The options are pretty much limitless and a lot of the funniest moments aren't planned (like someone misjudging the gap between a canoe and the river bank for example), but we'll give you some stag do ideas to help things along a little:

Fancy dress - Get everyone (or just the stag) in some comical threads. Gimps / women's clothes are pretty popular... just consider if you'll be in public or not.

T-shirts - Get hilarious t-shirts printed, stating utterly embarrassing things about the stag or with a priceless photo of him.

UV Writing - Write on the stag whilst he's asleep. He'll wake up none the wiser and as long as he doesn't shower too often, if you head out for a night out... lo and behold, he'll be a notice board of absolute profanities.

Handcuffs - Many ideas to think about. Cuff something to him, handcuff him to something, handcuff someone to him... choose wisely!

Just remember that it's supposed to be a funny stag do idea and try not to cause too much offence to the general public (there could be kids about) and be careful to not maim or kill the stag. For this reason our funny stag do ideas are more towards the sensible side, but just Google stag do pranks if you want to see what other great stag do ideas there are out there!


Making Your Stag Do Ideas A Reality

If you're looking at getting the stag do sorted pronto, or just want to take your time to make sure everything is meticulously planned out, the easiest thing you can do is to get in touch with us. We can help you to run through all the stag do ideas that you have and get some quotes sent over so that you can see which options work best for the group. Once you're satisfied that you have plans which will create an awesome stag do weekend, we'll take a deposit from you and get everything booked for you. Everyone in the group will then be set up with their own payment accounts. This is a great stag do idea as it means that you don't end up messaging everyone all the time, asking for them to pay as we do that for you.


Stag Do Basics

Getting the basic stag do ideas sorted is essential. If you haven't already thought of the basics, we're here to help you with some advice on what to think about.

  • Get a list of guests (the stag is probably the best person to get this sorted)
  • Make a social media group
  • Decide the activities
  • Decide how far everyone wants to travel to get to the stag do
  • Choose a budget
  • Get it booked

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