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Nottingham Stag Do Activities

13th September 2019 12:00am

Posted by
James Trenchard

Nottingham Stag Do Activities

Nottingham Stag Do Ideas

Nottingham hosts a huge range of options for your stag do. This article will demonstrate why so many people choose Nottingham for their stag do and run through a monstrous list of Nottingham stag activities. It doesn't matter if you're full of beans or looking for a more laid-back Nottingham stag do trip, we have the solution. If the thought of actually reading sends you into a deep sleep, or you get half way through and already have the Nottingham stag do ideas for the group, then simply give us a call and we'll be happy to run through your plans to come up with an amazing Nottingham Stag Do!


'Fire and Fumes' Nottingham Stag Do Activities


In the home town of Robin Hood, you can get a taste of the magnificent power of loosing an arrow in to a target. Hopefully you're not going to steal from anyone, but you'll definitely have a laugh competing against the group to show who can wield these 'old timey' weapons with the most lethal ability.

Go Karting

Nottingham offers two great karting venues, one inside and one outside, so if you're not one for 'all weather' activities then you don't have to have a drop of water to worry about. Karting is a really popular activity and as Nottingham stag do ideas go, it's up there amongst the best. The karts at both venues pack a 40-50mph punch, so try not to switch off or you could find yourself getting intimate with some old tyres.

Clay pigeon shooting

A dedicated clay pigeon shooting venue means that you're certainly going to be in the hands of some experienced instructors. Just be mindful that if you don't destroy at least one of the little clay bas***ds then you are 100% in for an absolute ribbing from the rest of the group. Spending a couple of hours in the countryside, shooting stuff with live rounds and over-under shotguns sounds like a great Nottingham stag do idea to us.

Off Road Buggies

Does go karting sound a bit tame? Well then, have we got the activity for you! Thrash around in 400cc off-road buggies at one of two different venues. You'll get the chance to test their off-road nature on specifically designed tracks and trails. 


Head off road on your Nottingham Stag Do activities


~ Take on all-terrain in a buggy or quad bike for a hit of adrenaline on your Nottingham stag do ~



A staple stag do activity wherever you go, Nottingham offers up paintball as well as any other major stag do town or city. In fact, there are a couple of different sites which offer the ability to legitimately shoot the stag and his family and friends with high-velocity paint. If you are looking to ensure that maximum pain is inflicted then you can spend a full day on site and most sites can order in lunch, but you can spend half a day shooting each other and have loads of fun too.

Quad biking

You probably know what quad bikes are and if you're looking for a driving activity and want to find a balance between go karting and off-road buggies then quad biking could be the perfect Nottingham stag activity. There are different sites that offer quad biking, so you will have a choice of sites to explore the capabilities of your quad, with challenging terrain


'High spirits' Nottingham Stag Ideas


Party Boat trip

Take a trip on the Trent and have a party. With three hour party trips, including fully licensed bar, music and food in the options, these are a great way to explore the city whilst having it large at the same time. A great Nottingham stag do idea and you can even have free entry into on of Nottingham's best club included. The river Trent is central to Nottingham's story, so you should certainly consider this a central part of your Nottingham stag do.

Beer Tasting

Now, beer is another stag do staple. A trip to somewhere with it's own on-site micro-brewery could be seen as 'elegant', but the main point is that you'll get to experience some tasters from the micro-brewery, with guidance from a beer expert (what a job). There are even options to grab some food as part of a package to make this a fantastic Nottingham stag do idea. It's also right by the River Trent in the centre, so if you want to stay on after the tasting... why not?


You could walk away from the weekend with more money in your wallet than you started with, it just depends on your luck. With great and well-known Casinos in the centre of Nottingham, there are plenty of options to choose from, from entry only up to entry, private tables (with your own Croupier) and food packages. Whatever experience you want from a Casino, Nottingham can offer it.

Comedy club

Comedy clubs are great for stag dos. If you're looking for a laugh and not at the expense of one of the group then heading for a comedy evening in the Nottingham town centre could be a winner! Nottingham offers some of the UKs best comedians and offer a great range of different comic styles to keep you and the group thoroughly entertained.

Party Bus

Take a night out in style on a great party bus. It includes a rep service, entrance in to three bars/clubs (VIP fast-track no less) and obviously gets you around the city to see the nightlife. Once the bus stops for the night you will be outside one of the most popular clubs in Nottingham so you won't have to go anywhere else. You can also choose to have a meal as part of the trip, so you won't have to think about anything for the evening.


Take a party bus trip around for your Nottingham stag do


~ You don't have to go quite as 'intense' as these guys, but you'll still have a great time in Nottingham ~


Guest list night life passes / VIP booth

A good night out in Nottingham is easy to achieve, from entry only to VIP booths, there's somewhere to suit all stag do groups during an evening. Planning a night out in Nottingham for a great stag do could take a bit of time to search for the best bars, but we could possible save you some time by referring you to a article we have put together about the best stag do drinking spots in Nottingham.

Horse Races

Race events normally run between March/April to October/November, so there's plenty of time during the year to go and spend a day at the races throughout the year. If you want to go all out, then there are private boxes for the ultimate experience, or you can include entry only and take the day in whichever direction you like. There is also a fantastic restaurant with tables overlooking the course, so whatever you want to get out of your day at Nottingham racecourse on your stag do, it won't be any hassle.

Night At The Dogs

Nottingham is home to a brilliant dog racing stadium, for something a little bit different. You have the opportunity to make some money back and so it could be a great Nottingham stag do activity. With food options available, as well as three bars, you could find yourselves staying until you are asked politely to leave.



'Sporting legends' Nottingham Stag Do Ideas



Footgolf is a great space-filler and as Nottingham stag do ideas go, it's certainly one that should be considered. Try to kick a football along each hole and sink it in as few shots as possible. It sounds easy, but there will be some that find it easier than others. Just outside of Nottingham, take on 18 holes of this great combined sport and you'll have a proper laugh. There is also a club house with a restaurant due to it belonging to a full golf club which means that once you've exhausted yourselves trying to all be the best, you can chill out and grab a bite to eat and some food.

Sports Day

Head back-to-school to show your dominance on a space hopper. The games included are designed to be a laugh and take you back to a simpler time when you didn't have to worry about tomorrow's hangover. With the option to run at private accommodation or at a venue close to your hotel, the flexibility and value-for-money makes a school sports day a great Nottingham stag do activity idea.

Totally Wiped Out

Jump over the infamous big red balls, take on a battering wall and generally try to survive some absolute carnage. You'll be taking part with other like-minded stag and hen groups, looking for a bit of absolute nonsense fun with added foam. The photos from this one will definitely be laugh-fodder for years to come.

White Water Rafting

Head to an amazing centre to try your hand at White Water Rafting. One of only a few centres throughout the UK, the 700m course will throw plenty of challenges your way. With expert tuition all the way down the course, you'll have to work together to stay the right way up and you'll definitely have an awesome time. As it's not offered all around the UK, you might be missing out if you don't choose this as one of your Nottingham stag do activities.

Assault Course

To add in more of a physical challenge, add an assault course to your list of possible Nottingham stag do activities. With scramble nets, tunnels, balance beams and loads more to tackle, this is by no means a puny little diddler which a toddler could take on. It's shockingly good and you may just leave with an electrified spirit.


An Assault Course is a great Nottingham stag do idea


~ Get down and muddy on your Nottingham stag do (unless we're experiencing hot weather, then get down and dusty) ~


Zorb Football

In contrast to White Water Rafting, Zorb Football can be done pretty much everywhere. This doesn't mean that it's any less credible as a Nottingham stag do idea, as who doesn't want the chance to run full speed into other people (mainly at the stag we assume)? Up to 10 of you will be on pitch at any one time and there will be a variety of great games to play. Venues will be in central Nottingham and/or close to your accommodation so it's a great option to think about.

It's A Knockout

Dress up like a giant penguin, slide around in great foamy pools and generally get to act like an arse. No we're not talking about the time you tipped a tray of Lattes down yourself at work, but It's A Knockout in Nottingham. With huge inflatables and loads of people all making themselves look just as stupid across a load of different games, it will be worth considering this as an option for your stag do.




'Easy like Sunday morning' Nottingham Stag Activities


Boat trip

Take it easy, kick-back and relax with a cruise on a Nottingham canal. For 3 hours you can play the music you like on the on board sound-system as well as taking your own drinks. There's no pressure to do anything else whilst you cruise along on the canal, so if it's an easy-going time you're after, consider this Nottingham stag do idea.

Escape Room

Head to one of a few rooms in the middle of Nottingham and spend an hour trying to solve clues and escape from a room. A great time-filler and whilst you shouldn't exert much physical energy, you may come out of the room feeling like you've undergone a pretty intense brain workout.

Murder Mystery

Murder Mysteries are something a bit different, but provide great entertainment. Get into character as you spend around 3 hours working out clues to find out who the killer is in your group (we hope only fictionally). With the possibility to be run at a hotel or private accommodation and including  a meal to go along with it, they offer great flexibility and a load of fun.


Nottingham Stag Do Ideas

You've got the perfect selection of Nottingham stag activities in your head after looking through our amazing list of what is possible, but don't know quite where to start with actually getting it sorted. Don't worry, we're here for you! We are more than happy to run through your plans to make sure that everything is considered, so get in touch and we'll be happy to help. Once you're happy, we will book everything and also offer an individual payment system for each group member so that you don't have to spend the next few months of your life chasing John who you don't know at all and is as contactable as a native Amazonian tribes-person. Go on, give us a call and let's get an amazing Nottingham stag do sorted!

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Nottingham Stag Do Activities Summary

With such an amazing range of activities to choose from for a Nottingham Stag Do, we've simplified the very best into a list, so take a look and see what takes your fancy:

  1. Archery
  2. Assault Course
  3. Beer Tasting
  4. Canal boat trip
  5. Casino
  6. Clay pigeon shooting
  7. Comedy club
  8. Escape Room
  9. Footgolf
  10. Go Karting
  11. Guest list night life passes / VIP booth
  12. Horse Races
  13. It's A Knockout
  14. Murder Mystery
  15. Night At The Dogs
  16. Off Road Buggies
  17. Paintball
  18. Party Boat trip
  19. Party Bus
  20. Quad biking
  21. Sports Day
  22. Totally Wiped Out
  23. White Water Rafting
  24. Zorb Football

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