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Bournemouth Stag Do Ideas

3rd August 2019 8:00am

Posted by
James Trenchard

Bournemouth Stag Do Activities

Choosing the best stag do activities in Bournemouth

Picking the right activities for a stag do is usually a key factor of how well it goes and can play a massive part in whether it's a memorable one or not. Even if you're not planning on filling every available second with activities, the variety in Bournemouth will allow you to choose one (or more) that you won't forget and everyone will be talking about for years. All Bournemouth Stag Do activities will suit most groups and there will definitely be at least one which will catch your eye. Bournemouth has pretty much everything you can want for a stag do, so take a look and then get in touch with us to discuss what you're interested in.

If you're on a bit more of a budget, have a look at our article about budget Bournemouth Stag Do ideas and see what you can achieve whilst not breaking the bank (spoiler alert1, several activities below feature in the 'budget' article).


Climb or Abseil on a stag do in Bournemouth


~ Climb and abseil with this amazing back-drop ~


Stag Do Activities in Bournemouth

There is a strong choice of stag do ideas in Bournemouth, with a whole host of day time and evening activities to settle on. As with most great stag do locations, not all the activities are in one spot, but The Proclaimers wrote a famous song about travelling a great distance to take part in the best stag do activities (we've tried to contact them to change the words but haven't heard back???).

Whether it's land or sea-based stag do activities that you're looking for, Bournemouth has offerings which will appease sea-captains and in-land-lovers alike, so take a goosey at the great ideas below and get the grey matter going with amazing Bournemouth Stag Do Ideas:

Sea Captains

Canoeing and bushcraft trip - Starting in Poole Harbour, this is an awesome Bournemouth Stag Do activity idea and one that we highly recommend. The most common option is a 24 hour trip, including plenty of canoeing, bushcraft skills, wild camping and a few beers as well. The guys who run these trips have run hundreds of these overnight canoeing and bushcraft survival weekends and know exactly how stag dos tick. If you're looking for something a little bit special and like the great outdoors, this is an absolute belter!

1Coasteering - Where better to jump off of rocks into the sea than along the Jurassic Coast? We're not sure that there are many more epic than this. Spend about 2 hours traversing, climbing, jumping and swimming in and around the stunning shoreline. If you're looking for an awesome day time activity to blow out the cobwebs, add this one to you list of Bournemouth Stag Do activity ideas.

1Raft Building - As mentioned above, the scenery around Bournemouth is amazing. If you don't fancy jumping in to the sea or spending 24 hours on/around it, then raft building could work out quite nicely. You'll spend around an hour to ninety minutes working in groups to try and fabricate a craft which floats. We should emphasise the 'to try' part, as can end in disaster. Not actual disaster, but the kind where you and your group end up in the drink and everyone laughs at you. It will definitely be a laugh for any stag group.



Outdoor Go-Karting - For those groups looking to get their petrol-based fix, outdoor karting is one of the best Bournemouth stag do ideas. With public events to exclusive Grand-Prix style races for your group, there is something to suit everyone from rookies to seasoned pros. The most popular track in Bournemouth features a 450m+ track and karts that you can nail it in. Wet weather racing is also not an issue (for the track and karts), so you'll have fun whatever the weather.

1Paintball - Shoot each other and it's all completely legal! Now paintball can be done in pretty much any town or city these days and so most people have already done it. Does this mean you're not considering it... of course not. With so many games types and zones (including a grave yard, bunker, bridge and more), along with great value for money packages, paintball for a stag do in Bournemouth is as awesome an idea as any.

1Assault course - Are you looking to try and embarrass the stag by showing him up? An assault course may be a great idea. With 40 challenges to get through, the stag will surely falter and everyone will have ammunition on him for years and years and years and years and years. There may be some shocks along the way, but if you're looking for a great activity for a Bournemouth stag do, then put this one on the list.

It's A Knock Out - If you were born after the 80s then you may not know that It's A Knockout was a crazy, CRAZY TV show with massive inflatable costumes and ludicrous games undertaken in said costumes. You can now take part in these historical games in Bournemouth.  If it's stupid fun, inflatables and more stupid fun that you're after, definitely go for It's a Knockout for your Bournemouth Stag Do.

1Footgolf - Tackle 18 holes of Footgolf and make everyone call you Messi Tiger© after you've proven your worth. Being part of a golf club, there is also a club house which is great for a post (or pre) round drink and bite to eat. You may only choose this activity and we don't think that you would be disappointed.

Climbing/Abseiling - Starting in the same stunning spot along the coast as the Coasteering (no, you won't be climbing/abseiling out of/into the sea), this one is a spectacular Bournemouth stag do idea. The stag usually gets the opportunity to also try some 'face-first' abseiling, walking down the rock face towards the floor, which makes for a great profile picture or one to just keep and say that they've done. Whether you already know how to climb or not makes absolutely no difference and it really is an awesome stag do activity for any group.

1Zorb Football - Usually taking place close to the centre of Bournemouth, you'll get around an hour to smash your way through a 'football' match. You'll all be given a zorb suit to wear and several game types will ensue. It's called football, but it's not about that really. An awesome Bournemouth stag do idea and really popular, which must be for a reason (we think it's that you can legitimately run into the stag on purpose and send him flying).


Paintball as a Bournemouth Stag Do idea


~ Paintball is a classic and proven stag do idea, so why not choose this for your Bournemouth Stag Do? ~


Fill your boots

If you're looking to do a few activities, then there is a great centre close to Bournemouth which offers the ability to stay in one place and do LOADS of great stag do activities. It is set up for maximum enjoyment, is ultra-reasonable and offers packages including the following awesome stag do activities near to Bournemouth:

1Axe throwing - Try to learn how to launch a Tomahawk and sink it into wooden targets. It's superbly satisfying when you get it right.

1Crossbows - "Loose" the bolts and fire high-power, 150lb crossbows. With challenges and competitions to keep the rivalry up, it's certainly one to add in.

Rage buggies - Compete in a time-trial against everyone in 930cc off-road buggies. Get the power down and hit the perfect apex to prove that if you'd know earlier, you could have hands down beaten Sébastien Loeb.

Quad bikes - Take on an off-road course of varying terrain on 300cc fully automatic quad bikes. Ultimate stag do fun.

1Assault Rifles - Empty at least 30 live rounds from either an MP5 or H&K416. With static and moving targets, this is mega!

Clay Pigeon Shooting - With expert instruction, try to destroy as many of the clay pigeons as you can (minimum of 14 clays to shoot at).


There is also catering on site, so a popular choice is to have between 2-4 activities during the day and have lunch on site. This means that you're not travelling for ages between activities which will help to keep the costs down and you won't leave hungry. It's worth nothing that these Bournemouth stag do activities are really popular, so booking well in advance is a really good idea.


Water(ing hole) based

Brewery Tour - With an on-site micro-brewery, it would be rude not to have some tasters of their produce with notes from one of their expert brewery guides. Why not have a burger as well to complete it? You'll also get the chance to have a look around the brewery. Would your Bournemouth stag do be complete without this?

Guest list passes - For a group of guys in Bournemouth, passes may be a great idea. Not only will you be on the list to get in to several of Bournemouth's best drinking spots (behaviour dependent), some of the venues also offer a free drink or two. It also takes the hassle out of finding the best pubs and clubs as they'll all be listed for you. It's like a dot-to-dot version of a pub crawl!

VIP Booths - For an amazing night-life experience, get a VIP booth booked, to include drinks and seating for everyone. Make sure the stag is treated like a don with this and it'll be one that he (or you) will never forget.


Double down

Dog track - With great value packages which include a free tote bet and bar snack, this is a great stag do activity for those looking to win back some money. Try your luck and if you manage to pull off a big win, the drinks are on you!

Casino - A great activity to choose. Work on making your weekend's losses back. With food served in most places, whether you spend a couple of hours or an entire evening at a casino this is a great stag do idea for Bournemouth.


Brewery tour as a Bournemouth Stag Do idea


~ A Brewery tour is possibly one of the best ever Bournemouth Stag Do ideas ~


Book your favourite Bournemouth Stag do activities with us

We've provided you with the power to organise an amazing stag do in Bournemouth and now that power lies with you. You have the power to get in touch with us and discuss exactly the activities you're interested in doing and we have the power to sort it for you. From our initial chat, we can suggest exactly how to work out which activities will work well together. Then it's a few simple steps and you'll be a stag-do legend:

1. We'll send you a quote with all activities, accommodation and any extras.

2. Once you're happy with the quote (no minimum number of changes), a single £50 deposit will allow us to book everything for you.

3. Everyone will be given access to their own payment account for the stag do.

4. We make sure that you have all the details you need for the weekend.

5. Go and have a great time without worrying about anything!

If you need any persuasion, head to our Facebook page or see our customer reviews to see what people think of us.


Bournemouth Stag do ideas

The best Bournemouth stag do ideas are here for you to see. Whether it's land, sea, drinks or driving, take a look at the best things to do on a stag do in Bournemouth:

  • Canoeing and bushcraft trip
  • Coasteering
  • Climbing
  • Abseiling
  • Zorb Football
  • Axe throwing
  • Crossbows
  • Rage buggies
  • Quads
  • Assault Rifles
  • Clay Pigeon Shooting
  • Brewery Tour
  • Raft Building
  • Outdoor Go-Karting
  • Paintball
  • Assault course
  • It's A Knock Out
  • Footgolf
  • Guest list passes
  • VIP Booths
  • Dog track
  • Casino

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