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Bournemouth Budget Stag Do Ideas

27th July 2019 7:00am

Posted by
James Trenchard

Low cost Bournemouth Stag Do Ideas

You've got Bournemouth set as your stag do destination, but you don't want to break the bank and everyone else in the stag party is in agreement. Fear not, we've got this covered! For everything you need to know about organising a budget stag do in Bournemouth, have a look at our guide below and then get in touch with us. We can help you to work out the perfect balance of keeping your wallet and the group happy. With ideas to cover the most important parts of any stag do in Bournemouth, reading this will help you to become the absolute Don!


Save the pounds on a budget Bournemouth Stag Do


~ The following ideas should help you to save plenty of these ~


Budget Bournemouth Stag Do Accommodation

Unless you're based within easy driving distance, you'll need to consider where you're staying to make the weekend as cheap as possible. There are some great budget stag do accommodation options in Bournemouth, catering for all groups. To get the best Bournemouth stag do accommodation options, you'll need to consider planning your trip for the off-season (September-March). This will help a lot with keeping the costs down for where you're staying. Have a look at the different options below to start thinking about how you want to live for the weekend.

Bournemouth Travelodge

A Travelodge offers a great budget-friendly stag do accommodation option. In and around Bournemouth there are several Travelodge hotels, all of which are completely viable for your Bournemouth budget stag do. The best way to get the cost down is to stay in triple occupancy rooms, as the price is then split by 3 people. The next point to consider is picking a Travelodge that isn't right in the centre of town (there are several), as this often provides more saving. For example, the Christchurch hotel is only a few miles from the centre of Bournemouth, but offers great comparable prices to its central counterparts. One thing to consider that won't be so kind on your budget is the fact that the cheapest rates are based on a 'room-only' stay. This means that you'll have to purchase any food for the weekend at bars/restaurants (unless you want to dine on meal-deal sandwiches, but probably no less expensive and might make you want to cry). We offer some tips below on the best places to eat on a budget, so keep this in mind when reading on.


Private Bournemouth accommodation

Off-season prices for some private houses can rival a Travelodge in terms of the cost per person. The main benefits of staying in a private house are the comfort and flexibility as it's like a home-from-home. There are several great options again, in and around Bournemouth, which could work for any group. Even if the prices do work out as slightly higher per person, you should be able to save some money with food costs. Buying and cooking your own food over the course of a weekend, will certainly help to maintain the status of a budget stag do in Bournemouth. We're not suggesting that you make sure that you invite a chef (although it certainly wouldn't hurt), but cooking from fresh can make great savings and will probably taste better than bar food (maybe you should invite a chef after-all). With the flexibility of private accommodation, self-catering options also work very well.


Budget Bournemouth Stag Do Activities

Usually, activities make up the most memorable parts of any stag do weekend. If you're looking to plan a value-for-money stag do in Bournemouth and still have a weekend to remember then have peruse at our selection of what to consider.



The epitome of cost-effective stag do ideas in Bournemouth would be those where you don't have to pay anything at all to do them. They are great additions to stag do weekends looking to get as much out of their money as possible. Whilst they may not blow you away, they could simply be time-killers. Saying that, they may be the little thing that makes the weekend!

Bournemouth beaches - There are so many great beaches in Bournemouth to explore. If you just want to chill out on the beach or play a game of football, the beach is a great place to do it and totally free.

Bouldering on Boscombe Beach - Have a go at a bit of bouldering on some fantastic free sculptures, based on local landmarks. Whether you're a pro and you can't go a whole weekend without a form of climbing, or you just want to pass some time (hopefully without injury), these rocks can be found right by Boscombe Pier

Bournemouth gardens - The gardens cover 3km in the town centre, providing lots to see. There are regular bands playing at the bandstand as well as botanical gardens and war memorial. Not for all stag groups, but good for those looking to have a wander and possible kill some time. It could also be a great spot to have a bite to eat (prepare your own to save money).

Boscombe Pier - One of two piers along Boscombe beach, it provides spectacular views out over the English Channel. If you don't visit at least one pier during your trip, can you ever prove that you were there?



Footgolf - Footgolf is a great activity for a budget stag do in Bournemouth. You can spend a few hours proving to everyone that you are the authority on both golf and football tekkers. Ideal for those looking for a little sporting fix, but suitable for anyone to give it a go. Playing a round of 18 holes will usually last around 2-3 hours as well, so you won't have to find dozens of other activities to fill a day.

Zorb football - Legs flying, head over heels and all of the other standard phrases for sending people Another great value-for-money option for your Bournemouth Stag Do. Spend between an hour and ninety minutes (depending on group size) running around in zorb 'bubble' suits whilst trying to play some football. This is more about destroying everyone on the stag do in our experience.

Dog track - Spend a night at the dogs and you may even end up leaving with more than you arrived with. Entry is a budget-friendly cost and this usually includes a free bet and bar snack, such as a hot dog, but the cost of this activity will ultimately depend on your will power and how lucky you're feeling.

Paintball - Without doubt, one of the most popular stag do activities. Maybe it's something to do with being able to legitimately being able to shoot the stag and other (soon-to-be-ex) friends. Whatever your reasons, the basic packages which normally include full gear hire and 100 paintballs, definitely fit into the bracket for a budget stag do in Bournemouth.


Not quite as affordable as the first set of activities, you might be able to fit a couple of the following activities into your weekend, but will be pushing to keep it 'budget-friendly' if you look to have many more.

Bar crawl - So, a stag do usually encounters some alcohol throughout the course of a weekend. If you're looking for budget options for your Bournemouth stag do then guest list passes are a great option. There are a couple of benefits with these: some bars/clubs can get funny about groups of guys stumbling in to their establishments and this is taken care of, it also means that you have a list of bars/clubs to head to and don't have to spend time working out the night time itinerary. A side note; although the guestlist pass price itself is low-cost, the amount of alcohol consumed will determine how budget-friendly a bar crawl is, hence it's not with the top rated activities.

Assault course - An assault course will add some energy to the weekend and will almost certainly provide some hilarious moments to include in the best-man's speech. Whilst it's not the cheapest of activities, it could easily be the only one you'll need to do. With over 40 different challenges to tackle, you'll be sure to encounter something to test your mettle whether you're a gym nut or not.

Raft building - Water-based activities are readily available in Bournemouth, but few of them really work on a budget. Raft building is a great way for everyone to fall in to the water work together and build something that more-or-less floats. Often with the group split into teams you will be competing to demonstrate your nautical prowess. You're probably not going to conquer a crossing to France, but you'll certainly have an entertaining couple of hours.

Brewery tour - Beer Tasting and Food... Stag Do Heaven! All blended in to one great activity, spend a couple of hours sampling beers produced on-site, have a quick tour around the micro-brewery and tuck in to a meal. An awesome way to have a drink, great food and keep costs down, this can definitely be part of a budget-friendly Bournemouth stag do.

The following activities are still possible on a budget, but it's less likely that you'll have more than one of these activities during a budget Bournemouth stag weekend. All of these activities will be something you'll certainly remember for years to follow and so you may decide to do them for that 'wow' factor.

Axe throwing - Master the art of lodging a Tomahawk in a wooden target from distance. There's a skill to getting it right, but once you've mastered it, it's possibly one of the most satisfying stag do activities that exists. If the group manage a photo or video of you absolutely nailing a throw, then you'll be (pretty much) immortal!

Assault rifles - If you've ever wanted to know what it feels like to be Rambo, John Matrix etc then this will get you a step closer. Firing at least 30 live rounds using either an HK416 assault rifle or MP5 Sub-Machine gun, you'll have the chance to take on a variety of challenges to elevate you to their kind of level. Of course, the two people I've mentioned are fictional, but take what you can!

Coasteering - Another very popular stag do activity, you're sure to have an awesome time if you choose Coasteering. You'll get the chance to scramble around coastal boulders, jump off of rocks into the sea and generally have a laugh. All equipment is provided, along with professional and highly trained guides, so you won't have to fork out anything else to take part.

Stand Up Paddleboarding - If you're looking for something a little more leisurely as part of your Bournemouth budget stag do, then this is it! Explore local waters with a guide and get the hang of gliding around serenely. Games are often included in the sessions to make sure that you all have a great time and so it's a nice chilled one to include and will still be sure to keep you entertained.


A mix-and-match approach to activities from the categories above could well work out best, but it will depend on what you're looking for. It's best to give us a shout and run through your ideas so that we can discuss the best options for you and your budget stag do in Bournemouth. There are lots of other activities to do in Bournemouth, so you might see another that you like and it's always worth seeing if we can work it into a budget stag do for you.


Budget Bournemouth Stag Do Bars and Food

If you fancy a night out, or want to have a few drinks during the day, to keep everything ticking over, have a look below at our suggestions of how to keep the spending down to a minimum. As we mentioned earlier on, the budget aspect of drinking will depend entirely on how much you actually consume, but the following places should help to keep the pounds in your pocket, rather than drinking them away.

Food and drink

Wetherspoons -  If you don't know what Wetherspoons have to offer, then let us tell you. No fuss, reasonably priced food and drinks with good atmosphere. You can find something to suit anyone at a Wetherspoons pub and with 3 in the centre of Bournemouth, you can take your pick. Here they are: The Christopher Creeke, The Moon in the Square and The Mary Shelley.

George Tapps - With a similar feel to a Wetherspoons pub, The George Tapps offers great value-for-money. From £6.49 for a meal and alcoholic drink, it would be a great option if you're looking to keep costs low, but still fancy having food in town.

If you're looking to get out and have a bite to eat, but none of our suggestions above are ticking all of the boxes, have a look at Trip Advisor to see if there is anywhere else that you like the look of.Cheapest places for food - 

Self-catering - One of the best ways to keeps costs down is to cook your own food. It means that you can cook great meals for yourselves, but does rely on buying accommodation that allows for this. BBQs on the beach are allowed, but have a look here at the guidelines set out by Bournemouth Council.

Nights out

Cameo - With free entry before certain times at weekends and drinks offers always running, Cameo is set up for stag dos. Various rooms offer different music to make sure that there is something for everyone and guest DJs and events on a regular basis mean that Cameo will be a great night out and shouldn't dent a budget too badly.

DNA - Similar to Cameo, DNA offers everything you can need for a night out. Their top urban DJs play the latest floor-fillers and chart music to keep everyone dancing and having a fantastic night out.

Guest list passes - These are a great way to maintain a budget for your Bournemouth stag do. With entry included for around 6 bars and clubs and drinks offered by some of these, passes ensure that you and the group have a  great time with minimal fuss.


Cook for yourself on your budget Bournemouth Stag Do


~ Cook for yourself on your budget Bournemouth Stag Do ~


Budget Bournemouth Stag Do Transport

To keep the costs down for a whole weekend, considering how you're going to get about is essential. Getting to and from Bournemouth in the first place may be a large chunk of your budget, but then there's moving between accommodation and activities to consider. Below we'll set out some ideas to think about to help you to on your way to a great budget stag do in Bournemouth.

Public transport

Getting public transport works really well to keep prices down, especially if people are travelling from different parts of the country (usually the case for stag dos). With so many different options available, here are the public transport options which we would suggest:

Trains - With a station in the centre of Bournemouth and various other stations within the Bournemouth area, you can catch a train into Bournemouth with a great deal of flexibility. Off-peak prices will see the best value for this, so have a look at the National Rail website to get an idea of travel times and prices. During the weekend trains are also an option, depending on where your chosen activities are based.

Buses - Although the bus links to and from Bournemouth are limited to get to and from the stag do, there are local services provided by Morebus and Yellow Buses to use to get around whilst you're there.

Private travel

Car sharing - As few cars as possible between the group is the best way to sort this. Fuel costs split between everyone is a great way to cut down transport costs. It also makes travelling extremely flexible during the weekend. The only downside may come if everyone is travelling from all different parts of the country, but a rendezvous point somewhere in the middle may solve this. If it's a true budget you're after, you'll find a way!

Walking/cycling - Obviously, the cheapest transport is walking and whilst we're not suggesting that you hike to get to and from Bournemouth, choosing central accommodation and activities will mean that you will need to spend minimal funds on getting around whilst you're there. Alternatively, Kool Cycle Hire offer a weekend of hire for £25. Head to their website to have a look at what they offer.


Get your Budget Bournemouth Stag Do booked

Now we've given you the information to think about your options for the best budget Bournemouth stag do weekend, give us a call and discuss the ideas you have with us. We'll have a chat with you and put a bespoke quote together for you, based on what you're looking for. Then it's just a few simple steps until you're on your way to budget Bournemouth stag do bliss:

- Let us know when you're happy with the quote we've put together (no maximum on the amount of changes we can make)

- Put down a £50 deposit and we'll get everything booked

- Everyone in the group will have access to their own payment accounts to pay their own deposits/balances

If you have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us and we'll be happy to help


Budget Bournemouth Stag Do Summary

Planning a budget stag do in Bournemouth requires some thought, but we've summarised everything for you below, so you don't have to think about it too hard:

  • Plan travel to and from Bournemouth.
  • Think about local travel during the weekend.
  • Decide which type of accommodation to stay in.
  • Choose your activities carefully.
  • Work out your food choices for the weekend.

For other ideas, we have also written articles about how to plan a budget stag do in other places as well, so take a look at our Budget Bristol Stag Do and Nottingham Budget Stag Do articles.

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