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Budget Nottingham Stag Do Ideas

17th August 2019 12:00am

Posted by
James Trenchard

Cheap Nottingham Stag Do Ideas

Nottingham is a great city to have a stag do in. The selection of stag do activities and accommodation is awesome. Despite this, you may hit a sticky wicket when trying to work out how to arrange everything on a budget, but we're here to help. Take a look at our suggestions of what to do for a budget Nottingham Stag Do for inspiration. Once you've browsed our (quite frankly amazing) list of things to consider, get in touch with us and we'll discuss how to get everything sorted for the perfect low-cost Nottingham Stag Do.


Low cost Nottingham Stag Do Accommodation

Unless you're planning on setting up a new dwelling on Robin Hood's home turf, you'll need to decide on some cheap digs for the weekend ahead. Although there are loads of choices for where to stay, the ones below are the ones we most commonly find to work really well. Have a look at the best value-for money stag do accommodation choices in Nottingham here:

Jury's Inn - With a great central location, the Jury's Inn is a fantastic choice. Breakfast is included as standard and often receives great reviews for its range of continental choices, as well as full English. The bedrooms are all really comfortable with a double bed each for plenty of room to 'starfish' after a night out. It is also close to the main station, making it a great option for any choice of transport to and from the weekend (we'll cover the best transport choices further down).

Travelodge - Most people who have stayed in a Travelodge before will have experienced pretty much what every Travelodge offers. That is a place to stay, roof over your head and no-fuss accommodation. With 3 people sharing a room (all in your own beds), a Travelodge works out as fantastic value-for-money. There are also 3 different hotels to choose from in Nottingham, so you can really whittle down the budget if you really want to. One small downside is that no food is included with the two further out of town, but we can look at if it makes too much of a difference to your Nottingham stag do budget.

One final and key point to note is that accommodation may well account for the majority of the weekend's price. This can be lowered however by choosing off-peak times of year (between September to March and avoiding school/bank holidays). With the right dates, you can save a significant amount of cash compared to those when loads of people will be looking for the same place to stay.

Budget Nottingham Stag Do Activities

All activity choices are important for a stag do. Taking into account a budget can throw in some jeopardy but that's why we've taken the time to compile a list of the most budget-friendly Nottingham stag do ideas below. Hopefully we'll inspire you and help you to see that you can plan an awesome stag do for peanuts (disclaimer: many companies don't actually accept peanuts as payment - although we're not sure why).


Pay peanuts for a budget Nottingham stag do


~ You could always try packing peanuts and see what happens? ~



Nothing screams 'budget Nottingham stag do' more than FREE STUFF! Make your budget last even more by adding in a couple of free activities. They certainly won't break the bank and will at least give you some different ideas to think about.

Sherwood Forest - If Robin Hood territory doesn't sound awesome, then what's wrong with you? He was all about giving to the poor so he clearly had budget in mind. Whether you just want to have a wander and explore over 1000 acres of historical royal hunting forest or have a look around and find some local pubs, the forest is a magnificent and free area to roam.

Green's Windmill - Right in the city centre, the restored working wind mill is probably worth having a look at if you're nearby. Although it probably won't take long, if the wind is blowing and you're at all interested in historical things, it's a great little time-killer.

Caves - Just to make it clear, this isn't free if you want to go inside the caves, but at time of writing this, entry is less than a tenner. Explore an amazing underground labyrinth of around 500 caves which have been involved in Nottingham's entire history. Plenty to see an even has a museum for a little bit of extra money.

OK, so it's a fairly limited list of free stuff to do, but with some other great budget Nottingham stag do ideas below, it won't matter all that much.


If the free choices aren't scratching that itch, below is a grand list of stag do activities to do in Nottingham on a budget, for those still looking to keep the majority of pounds in their pockets.

Escape Room - As the name states, get locked in to one of a variety of rooms and try to escape. Usually you'll have an hour to work out the clues inside to enable you to escape. A great option as a budget Nottingham stag do activity. With the options also being in the centre of Nottingham, this means that you won't spend loads on getting to the venue.

Footgolf - Once upon a time, someone kicked a golf ball in anger due to their inability to hit the ball with their club and proceeded to hole it. This is of course completely made up, but the love-child of two great sports makes an extremely good budget stag do choice. Play 18 holes of Footgolf just outside Nottingham and you won't regret it. With a full golf course, there also comes a club house with restaurant, also offering cheap eats and drinks for your perfect value-for-money Nottingham stag do idea.

Comedy club - Everything you could wish for from a comedy evening. With a fantastic range of comedians performing on Friday and Saturday nights, you can make it a complete budget stag do activity by also ordering food to your table. Again, a great central location keeps travel costs really low and keeps this as a great value stag do option for a Nottingham stag do.

Night At The Dogs - If you fancy your chances at winning your money back and making the weekend even better value, a night at the dogs could be your way! With entry, drink, bar snack and bet included as standard you'll be a winner whatever the dogs do on the evening. You can also put down bets as small as 50p per race, making it possible to have a few bets and still not destroy the contents of your wallet. Three bars at the track may be your biggest downfall, but it can definitely work as a budget stag do choice.

Paintball - There aren't many activities that feature on as many stag dos as Paintball. It's something about inflicting pain on people you know really well, that flicks some sort of switch in our heads and makes us happy. There are a couple of locations around Nottingham to partake in the pain-providing and the cheapest options include entry, gear and 100  balls. You can opt to start with more balls for slightly more or purchase various bulk packs of extra balls and split it between the group. Either way, shooting people for fun (and legally) is a winning budget Nottingham stag do idea.

Casino - Yes, gambling can create greater debt and may not leave you feeling that you've been super budget-friendly, but that's on you. With some great Casinos right in the centre of Nottingham, if you can control your urges, the most basic Casino entries can work out as great evening entertainment. Food is usually available too, so you can kill two birds with one stone and not need to worry about getting a kebab afterwards (you might anyway, but again, that's on you).

Assault Course - For a more physical challenge on a budget, take on tunnels, scramble nets, rope swings, balance beams, tightropes and more on an assault course. A great option for your budget Nottingham stag do.

Bar Crawl - If you're looking for a night out in Nottingham on a budget, getting a pass which includes entry into the best stag do bars and clubs will shave off money from your potential spend. Passes include entry and the odd free drink, making sure that you're not wandering into over-priced establishments which only serve pretentious cocktails. Keep it simple and on-the-money with a night-life pass for your low-cost Nottingham stag do. We have also put together a list of 23 great Nottingham stag do bars, so head to our blog and take a look for some inspiration.

Still not sold and willing to keep stretching the budget? Have a look at the activity ideas below for some more inspiration and you won't be disappointed.

Beer Tasting and Brewery tour - Without some beer, have you even been on a stag do? Maybe, but having some tasters under the guidance of a beer expert, all of which have been produced by the on-site micro-brewery sounds fantastic to us. With a package to include all of this and a burger meal and still be classed as a budget Nottingham stag do activity is almost too good to be true. But it is true and if that weren't enough, it's right by the river at Trent Bridge to make this a stunning option to think about.

Zorb Football - This features on a large number of stag dos across the UK and the main reasons are; a) you get the chance to run around and absolutely destroy each other the stag TICK b) football TICK c) great value-for-money TICK. You'll get an hour or more to take part in various games at a venue which will be as close to the city centre as possible. This gets a big thumbs up for ticking so many boxes.

Archery - Make Robin Hood proud and loose some arrows. Using Long bows & Re-Curve bows used, learn how to become an Olympic athlete (probably not, but dream big)athlete (probably not, but dream big), you'll get professional guidance on how to hone your aim. Competitions and various challenges will keep you all interested and you'll be able to tell people that you are "pretty much Robin Hood now".


Archery in Nottingham for a Budget Stag Do


~ Hit all your budget targets on your budget Nottingham stag do ~


Saturday Party Boat trip - With the river Trent such a central part of Nottingham's identity, take a trip on it and party at the same time. Spend three hours on board with a bar, music and carvery included. A great evening activity on to which transport and free entrance into Nottingham club can be added for less than the cost of a pint. You'd be a bit silly not to consider this for your budget Nottingham stag do.

Party Bus - If you're not keen on a trip along the river, a fantastic party bus evening with rep service will probably work better for you. Meeting in central Nottingham these tours go to three venues with VIP fastrack entrance included. This is a suped-up like version of the the bar crawl and you won't have to do anywhere near as much walking between bars.

Now you're just showing off. The following are still great-value Nottingham stag do activities but you're less likely to be able to do more than one during the weekend. These are all a little more 'showy' though and so it may well be enough. The first 3 options in the list below are all at the same venue which also has a great cafe if you fancy a coffee and maybe a spot of lunch.

Outdoor Karting - The 720 metre track will provide you with loads of chances for proper racing, with karts capable of 45 mph. Take on the rest of your group with a practice, qualifying and race session to prove once and for all that your racing abilities are similar to that of Michael Schumacher's. An extremely popular option and rightfully so.

Quad biking - Get out on 150cc Quads and explore trails which cover virtually all the 60 acre site. With plenty of lumps, bumps and obstacles, if you head here after it's rained as well then you're almost certain to have an awesome time. Just make sure to take some spare clothes for afterwards or your mates may will definitely leave you behind.

Off Road Buggies - Take on an awesome off-road track in 400cc Gemini or Thunderhawk off-road Mud Buggies to test your mettle. There are a couple of centres close to Nottingham which offer this activity and various formats. Either complete a course as quick as you can, to compete in a time trial competition between everyone taking part -OR- have a few laps of a different track before heading out for an off-road safari to test the handling and suspension of your kart, taking on mountains and lakes (lumps/bumps/big puddles). The person who handles their buggy the best should then be entitled to be held aloft as the champion of the group and be treated like a champion. 

Clay pigeon shooting - Robin Hood would probably have loved a good over-under shotgun to work his money-distributing venture, but it's you that will have the chance at a venue which is specifically for shooting. From beginners to 'show-offs' clay pigeon shooting is a great stag do activity and it will (apologies for this) blow you away!

Great Value Nottingham Stag Do Bars and Food

Hooters - An American-style bar in the centre of Nottingham with Hooters girls, great food and beer. The only Hooters in the UK is in Nottingham means that whilst it's not the cheapest option out of all below, the experience should make up for this. For you information, the best value option is buying 50 wings and splitting the cost amongst a few of you.

Birekeller - Make an evening of it and take a trip to Bavaria for the night. Although it's not the cheapest in terms of individual drinks prices, they aren't too expensive either and the best value is booking a package which includes a traditional Oompah Band, drink and food for a complete evening of entertainment.

Wetherspoon's - if you're not familiar with Wetherspoon's, where have you been? They are great for budget food and drink options. Nottingham city centre hosts 3 of these wonderful establishments; The Gooseberry Bush, The Joseph Else and The Roebuck Inn so you can enjoy good food and drink at great prices. Perfect for you low-cost Nottingham stag do.

Zizzi - Classic Italian food without the pretentious pricing or servings. Exactly what you need for a stag do. Great food and the 2 or 3-course options won't leave you with a frog in your throat when you get the bill.

Pit and Pendulum - Something a little bit different for you. Their drinks menu features loads of cocktails which are not ordinary, such as Pestilence, Death, Famine, War, Odin, Loki, Thor, Hodr, Ragnarok and MANY more great sounding drinks. They also serve classics like Jägerbombs. This one is worth a trip.

Pryzm - A very popular chain night club and as with it's sister clubs across the country, entry fees are minimal and there is always a drink offer or two to help you to keep the costs down whilst still having a great night out.

Club Ink - With £2 for selected drinks all night on Saturdays, this is ideal for your budget stag do in Nottingham. Have a great time and don't worry about the receipts you find  in your pocket the next morning, ideal!

If the options above aren't quite on point then not to worry, we're not angry that you didn't like our suggestions (we're disappointed), you can see if there's anything that tickles your fancy by clicking here.


Budget Nottingham Stag Do Transport

Car share - One of the best ways to get to, from and around during your budget Nottingham stag do. Great for flexibility and best if everyone commits to this as you'll share fuel and parking costs. Parking in the centre at station car park (cheapest parking at £15 per car for Fri-Mon). An issue may arise if everyone hails from different places, but the options below could help everyone to get to a rendevous point, as one option.


Road trip for a budget Nottingham stag do


~ Get a road trip on the go for your budget Nottingham stag do ~


Mega bus - With cheap travel from most towns and cities in the UK, this is a great option to get to and from Nottingham. The only downside is that once you're there, you'll have to work out how you're getting to and from activities/the hotel etc, but if car sharing, it won't be an issue. If not car sharing, pre-booking taxis may work out as your best option to not get stung by 'black cab' tarrifs.

National rail - Nottingham train station sits right in the middle of the city so, again, is great for getting to and from the stag do. Cheap tickets are available if you look far enough in advance and there are probably apps out there which alert you to best ticket prices, so could be worth a look.

Book your Budget Nottingham Stag Do

Now we've given you all the info, be like Robin Hood and get yourself a steal of a stag do sorted (sorry not sorry). But seriously, if we've inspired you with our budget-friendly Nottingham stag do ideas, give us a call to discuss your plans. We will be able to run through your best choices and help you to plan the perfect Nottingham stag do within your monetary requirements in five simple steps:

1. Let us know your ideas.

2. We'll send you as many quotes as you wold like.

3. Once you and the group are happy we'll get everything booked with one single £50 deposit.

4. Everyone then has access to their own payment account, along with an online itinerary.

5. Go and have an awesome time without a financial panic.

Budget Nottingham Stag Do Summary

There are so many budget Nottingham stag do options to consider and here are the very best:

  • Escape Room
  • Footgolf
  • Comedy club
  • Night At The Dogs
  • Paintball
  • Casino
  • Assault Course
  • Beer Tasting
  • Zorb Football 
  • Archery
  • Party Boat trip
  • Party Bus
  • Outdoor Karting
  • Clay pigeon shooting
  • Quad biking
  • Off Road Buggies

If you're not sure about heading to Nottingham, have a look at our Budget Bristol Stag Do and Bournemouth Budget Stag Do articles, to see if they suit the group a bit more.

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