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Best Multi Activity Stag Do Weekend In Bristol

2nd April 2019 1:00pm

Posted by
Silvio Fox

Great Multi-Activity Choices For A Stag Party In Bristol

Bristol is one of our top picks for stag do locations, so if that is where you are heading you have made a good choice; if you didn't decide yet, we think Bristol really does take some beating.  Not only is Bristol one of the top UK destinations for stag parties, it is host to some of the best activities, pubs & bars and accommodation options that can be found.  The big problem is that with so much good activity choices, it is hard to know which to go for.  Don't worry, help is at hand with this useful guide to choosing the activities for your multi-activity stag do weekend in Bristol.

As every group is different, we have organised our top activity picks in that way.  So whether you are a motor fanatic, a city lad or an adventurer you should find a category perfect for your group.  We have selected three activities from each category which can be combined as they are into your own multi-activity stag weekend, or you can pick and choose the best of the best as you like.


Racing Stag Do - Motor Mania At Its Best

If all things driving is your groups passion or you just fancy getting off road even for the first time then our racing stag do range in Bristol will not disappoint. Currently with total of 6 activities in this category for Bristol, here are our top 3; chosen for maximum speed, excitement and overall thrill factor:

Off Road Dirt/Mud Buggies (Rebel Buggies) - These awesome machines are full of power and boast the latest 930cc engines, which in a machine that weighs much less than a small car gives these buggies some real go-power. You have to hang on to the steering wheel pretty tight if you are going to manage less than 30 seconds per lap on one of the two purpose built 450 meter tracks.

Quad Biking - These fully automatic 300cc Kawasaki Brute (or similar) bikes are great fun for maneuvering around the 450 meter sports tracks made especially for the quads.  This is a great way for newcomers to give the quad bike a try out but also challenging enough for the more experienced among you to get a real buzz.  Negotiating the various terrains on the exhilarating trek, you can test your skills against the rest of the group.

Outdoor Go Karting - Compete with your mates in a Grad Prix style event on the 400 meter tarmac track.  After some initial practice laps to get the hang of these SodiKart GT4 Karts, you head into the competition rounds with heats, semi finals and finals to see who wins the winners trophy.  These small racing karts are capable of a whopping 50mph, powered by 200cc Honda engines and the events are suitable for 8-12 drivers at a time.


Rebel Buggies In Bristol


Rebel buggies for a Bristol Stag Do  –


Sporty Stag Do - Get Out There Get Active

For stag groups with a lot of energy to burn or just wanting to get out and do something sporty, Bristol provides a great deal of choice.  With 15 activities to choose from the hard part might be deciding what not to do and narrowing these down to just three was not an easy task.  Don't forget to check out all of the activities on our Bristol Stag Do Ideas pages but here's our best picks:

Zorb Football - Always a firm favourite, zorb football has earned its right to be close to the top of the active and sporty list.  With a unique mix of hilarity, competition and straightforward active fun, zorb football is normally played with minimum of 10 players and last for between 60 minutes and 2 hours.

Totally Wiped Out - A fantastic multi-activity afternoon in it's own right, Totally Wiped Out is hilarious fun and comprises a range of whacky activities.  If you can imagine the TV shows It's A Knockout, Total Wipeout and Gladiators, then mix them all together, then this is something like what you would end up with.  3 hours of that should be active enough for anyone!

Match Tickets - Get all the boys together for the big match.  Whether your tickets for for football or rugby match tickets, you can watch the match of your choice and it might even be possible to get the stag on the pitch at half time.


Zob Football On A Bristol Stag Do


– Zorb Football is a fantastic laugh for you Stag Do in Bristol  –


Adventure Stag Do - Crazy Exciting Outdoor Activities

Getting outdoors for an adventure has always been a top stag do choice.  We offer some great options for stag dos and in the adventure and outdoor category we have 11 different exciting activities to choose from, so shortlisting these to just three was not easy.  However, the chosen few have been top favorites for many years and include one wet activity, one dry and one on wheels:

Paintballing - Fantastic fun and great exercise but probably not without a few bruises, paintballing give you a unique opportunity to shoot the stag!  Use the natural terrain, bridges, building and bunkers to your best advantage as your team competes to be the winners. As is the case for many paintballing options, you can choose how many paintballs is in your basic package and then top-up if you want more, and the great feature about this activity is that a burger lunch and drink is included.

Stand Up Paddle Boarding - Not as easy as it looks, stand up paddle boarding or SUP for short is a great way to get everyone active at the same time, while everyone faces their own challenge.  This three hour activity can in theory be a dry one, although we would expect that on a stag do this is unlikely to be the case.  So don't leave your phone in your pocket for a photo opportunity!  All sessions start with water safety briefing and basic instruction, then it is over to you to have fun, play some games and have a great trip through Bristol Harbor.

Mountain Biking - Lean by experienced mountain biking instructors, your routes are carefully selected based on the abilities of your group members.  With the stag do mountain biking option in Bristol, you meet your guides in the city centre rather than having to travel anywhere.  You can then head off on your high specification mountain bike complete with helmet and water bottle and that's where the fun really begins.


Stag Do Bristol Stand Up Paddle Boarding


– Stand Up Paddle Boarding is not as easy as it first looks –


Warrior Stag - Reveal Your Inner Rambo

There are not many guys who would turn down the chance to spend a few hours shooting things or take part in a bit of hard core competition.  So this is one of our favorite categories with every one of the activities a 'sure fire' winner for a stag do!

Assault Rifle Shooting - Definitely in our all time top 10 of stag party activities, assault rifle shooting is pretty special; it's not every day you get your hands on a real fully automatic fire arm and no gun license is necessary!  Using a rile such as a MP5, HK 416 RIM fire or similar with real live rounds, each group member takes on 3 different challenges. With 30 shots each, you aim for a variety of objects including exploding targets and zombies.

Assault Course - This 2 hour assault course challenge just a few miles outside of Bristol city centre is perfectly situated and contains over 30 different and challenging obstacles both wet and dry, designed for varying levels of fitness.  For a group of stags who are up for the challenge, you will be lifting, carrying, hauling, running, climbing and jumping until you drop.  The ex-army PT instructors will supervise, give useful tips and help improve your technique ensuring you do the very best you can.

Axe Throwing - This great activity is not as simple as you think, it is not just about chucking an axe at a piece of wood and hoping it will stick.  It is about getting the distance, revolutions, smoothness of the throw and releasing at the right time the is important.  But with some great instruction you can quickly learn how to aim and throw these long handles axes with skill and precision, and have a fantastic stag do competition.


Bristol Stag Do Paintballing


– A great shoot-em-up activity in Bristol, add this to your Bristol Stag Weekend  –


City Stag - Sophistication Day And Night

If your group of stags is not into getting dirt, racing fast cars, shooting or generally getting hot and sweaty, there are plenty of city based activities to keep you entertained.  Whether you are arty types, foodies, or just looking for a laugh during the day time or evening we have over 20 different stag do friendly activities to choose from in Bristol.  So here's our top three in this category:

Beer Tasting - Well it is a stag do after all so there is no need to confine the drinking strictly to the evenings.  But to combine fun with drinking a little less during the day, beer tasting is just the thing. And for stag do heaven as well as expert guidance from a beer expert, you also get to eat some great food.  Tasting 6 beers along with a great tasting burger from the academy menu, you will finish your beer tasting event with a pint of 'Brewed Here' beer to finish, what could be better?!

Comedy Club - After all that beer sit back, relax and laugh your socks off at a comedy club in central Bristol.  Our selected comedy clubs boast all of the top ratings on Trip Advisor so you can be sure that these high quality comedy acts will not disappoint.  Food is available on top of the ticket only entry if any of the lads are still hungry and to make a great evening better you also get free entry to a nightclub after the show.

VIP Booth Hire & Club Entry - You won't have to wait in line outside with the other stag dos!  Jump the queues like the VIP star that you know you are AND get free drinks right in the centre of Bristol city.  Whatever else you choose to do on your stag weekend, this activity is a no brainer.


Stag Do Beer Tasting In Bristol


– A Stag's best friend - Beer tasting in Bristol –


Make Your Own Multi-Activity Stag Weekend

We have done our best to pick out 15 great activities that are perfect for a multi activity stag do weekend in Bristol so if you like, pick the category that suits your group, let us know and we can get it all booked up within a few hours making the whole job of organising a stag do as easy as it can be.

However, if you would prefer to, then you can pick and choose almost all of the activities listed and design your own multi-activity do do.  No problem, give us a call, or complete the contact form tell us which activities you would like to do and we can give you all the advice about travelling distances, activity durations, clothing and equipment requirements etc. and we can advise you what is the best way forward.  Here's a recap of the best multi-activity stag do in Bristol:

  • Motor Mania at it's best - Racing Stag Do
  • Get out there and active - Sporty Stag Do
  • Crazy exciting outdoor activities - Adventure Stag Do
  • Reveal your inner Rambo - Warrior Stag Do
  • Sophistication day and night - City Stag Do
  • Make your own multi-activity stag weekend


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