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South West Stag Do Destinations

2nd October 2019 8:30am

Posted by
James Trenchard

Stag Do Destinations In The South West

If you're looking to get away on a stag do and fancy travelling further south than Birmingham then we have a great selection of towns and cities for you to consider. Whether you're local for somewhere on the coast, specific activities or just after some general stag do ideas, take a look at our list of all things about South West stag do destinations and be much better prepared. We have picked what we consider to be the best destinations for a stag do in the South West and we're about to give you a run down of what you can do, where you can stay, how to get there and even the price of a pint in each destination. Prepare to be informed!



There are also other smaller towns to consider depending on the activity that you're looking at doing, but we'll mention these below

~ Bournemouth - A great seaside town with loads to do for a stag do, with activities for pretty much any stag do group. On the outer limits of what might be considered the South West, but we can't leave it because it's so good!

~ Bristol - Offering a load of different activities, Bristol is a fantastic South West stag do destination. A really popular choice for hundreds, maybe even thousands of stag groups every year.

~ Cardiff - Head over the border for a great South West stag do destination. We know it's in Wales but it's only 21 miles from Somerset, so yes, it counts!

~ Exeter - In the heart of Devon, there's plenty to choose from in Exeter. Within easy driving distance of so many great activities, as well as those in the city itself.

~ Newquay - The smallest town on this list, but an amazing South West stag do destination nonetheless. Really popular due to it's chilled approach to life and stunning Cornish coastline.

~ Plymouth - With great activities and night life, it's a great South West stag do destination. Another seaside city hosting loads of great things to do and see.

Bournemouth and Bristol seem to hog the limelight a bit, but have a look below and see why the relatively undiscovered destinations south of Bristol and Bournemouth are just as great as South West stag do destinations. We obviously also appreciate that there are hundreds more towns and cities to look at, but if we wrote about every one then we'd be old(er) and grey(er) by the time we finished writing this. Feel free to get in touch if you'd like to look at somewhere on or off of the list, to chat about how we can help.


South West Stag Do Activities

Between all of the destinations we've mentioned above, you can do just about anything as part of a stag do. Some of the destinations have everything whilst some offer a great range of fantastic activities, but just a few less. In our list below we'll advise on the best stag do activities and which South West stag do destinations you can do them in. Depending on what type of activities you're looking at doing, there may be various South West stag do destinations to suit you.



Stag dos and driving work really well. It's a great way to assert your on-track dominance and show everyone that you're a cut above the rest when it comes to handling powerful petrol-operated machinery. With a great range of driving activities to choose from across our South West stag do destinations, take a look and see what takes your fancy.



Indoor and outdoor karting provides one of the most popular stag do activities across the country. In our list of South West stag do destinations it's no different, so have a look at the options below. With 200cc+ karts and various lengths of track, you can definitely find what you're looking for.


Bournemouth - Fantastic outdoor track which operates in all-weathers, for a complete karting experience.

Bristol - Great indoor karting just outside the city centre, with loads of racing formats to choose from.

Cardiff - Another great indoor karting track for you to show off on.

Exeter - With indoor and outdoor tracks within a quick drive of Exeter, you can have a great race, whatever you're after.

Newquay - A mega outdoor track to test all abilities.



Outdoor activities don't get much more awesome than driving around in a powerful off-road buggy. Get your foot down and slide the back-end out on some dirty/dusty (weather dependent) tracks.


Bournemouth / Bristol - Run in a time-trail format on great tracks, to test who's the best in your group. With 620cc Rage Buggies in Bournemouth and 930cc Rebel Buggies in Bristol, chose the level of power you like.

Exeter - 390cc Stallion Karts provide a great amount of power to get your adrenaline kicks. A rare opportunity to race head-to-head, supplies another extra thing to consider.


Throw an off-road buggy around in a South West stag do destination


~ Put the pedal down and feel the power ~



Not quite as full-on as off-road buggies, but still awesome powerful machines. Jump on a quad in any of the following South West stag do destinations.


Bournemouth - Take off on an off-road safari and explore the countryside on fully automatic Brute 300cc bikes.

Bristol - Take to a great off-road track, with plenty of humps and chicanes to hone in your quad skills on Polaris fully automatic 200cc bikes.

Cardiff - The 250cc Honda quad bikes will help you to tackle all the terrain that South Wales can throw at you.

Exeter - Sat on a 350cc Yamaha beast, you'll find no problem in handling all the lumps, bumps and general quad-fodder that Devon chucks your way.



Not so much 'powerful' as 'playful', but a great laugh and available in the following South West stag do destinations.


Bristol - Balance your way around an animal cemetery without waking any of the little blighters and prove your worth on a time-trial course, pitted against your arch rivals (the rest of the group).

Exeter - Explore an absolutely massive area of woodland, field and tracks in a mostly off-road safari. If you're confident enough, there may even be some extra challenges to tackle!



With the South West being a region with one of the highest numbers of registered firearms per 100,000 people1, shooting is part of the South West's identity. Ok, so most of these will be for farmers looking to fend off pesky pests, but why not embrace the flat cap and head to any of the following shooting activities?


Assault Rifles

We doubt that many farmers have licensed assault rifles, unless they have a serious vermin problem. We also doubt, however, that you'll ever encounter the Zombies which are present at both sites offering assault rifle shooting.


Bristol - Offered at a great multi-activity site and a great laugh. Fire one of two types of rifle; MP5 or HK 416 - .22 Rim Fire Assault Rifles.

Bournemouth - The same deal as above, just near Bournemouth instead.


Assault Rifle shooting as part of a South West Stag Do

~ Take a shot at firing an MP5 on the stag do ~


Clay Pigeon Shooting

Have a really authentic South West experience and get your hands on over-under shotguns to destroy some troublesome clay-pigeons. All sites offer various numbers of clays to take down, with professional instructors and all the gear provided. There's not much difference in the activity across all of the locations, which are:


Bournemouth / Bristol / CardiffExeter


Axe Throwing

If you've looked through our list of great South West stag do activities but your inner-Apache isn't being appeased, then we reckon that Axe Throwing could be the one for you.


BournemouthBristol - Have a go at specifically designed ranges to test how well you can sink an axe in to wooden targets, at various distances.

Exeter - Test your accuracy with an axe under professional instruction and see how you fare against the efforts of the rest of the group.



Lose the modern fandango weapons and prove that you could have bettered Robin Hood in a straight competition by loosing some arrows. Are there any South West Robin Hoods? Answers on a postcard please. It's probably more like Lord of The Rings with some of the scenery in the South West, but with less Orcs.


Bournemouth - Compete against your group (at targets, not at each other... health and safety or something) to see who is the master archer.

Bristol - Have around an hour to prove your worth with a bow and arrow. Will you reign victorious?

Cardiff - Just a short trip out of Cardiff and you can determine your dominance with old fashioned weaponry.

Exeter - Legolas was good, but with some practice and then some competition, you should be able to get to that level of Middle-earthery pretty quickly.



Paintball is up there as one of the activities which is most frequently included in stag do itineraries. As it's available pretty much anywhere in the South West, with lots of different options to choose from, we can see why. You can spend anywhere from a few hours to a full day shooting each other and also start off with various quantities of paint/extras (smoke and paint grenades are the best) to suit all groups and any budget.



If you're looking to get a bit more adventurous and see some of the less-seen sights of South West stag do destinations, then have a look at these humble offerings.


Canoeing and bushcraft

Head out on a river for between 24 to 48 hours in Canadian-style canoes and learn some of the basics of surviving in the wilderness. You'll spend at least 24 hours discovering some of the less visited South West stag do destinations. With a guide to show you where to go, as well as teaching you all sorts of basic bushcraft and survival skills.


Bournemouth - Head out and explore local waters on your canoes before setting up your camp in a remote location, away from civilisation.

Brecon Beacons - The 'wildest' location of all 3, head for a canoe trip across a lake and then take a small trek to your base for the night.

Stoke Gabriel (30 minute drive from Paignton/Torquay) - Canoe along the River Dart before setting up your hammock between the trees in a quite spot beside the river.


Book a canoeing and bushcraft trip in a South West stag do destination


~ Set yourself up in a remote location and learn some great skills ~



Underground caves are some of the most unusual and spectacular features you'll ever come across, so why not add it to your stag do plans for something a bit different?


Buckfastleigh (35 minute drive from Paignton/Torquay) - Have a true caving experience in the South West. Being led by a guide, whether you're a complete novice or not, you'll have loads of fun exploring the 1.1km long cavern system.




South West stag do destinations offer some truly fantastic coastal towns and cities, offering some amazing water-based activities. There are even some in-land water-based activities to consider, so whatever the level of wet you're looking for, there will be something for you in the South West.



You've probably either heard of or been Coasteering before and South West stag do destinations host some of the most spectacular locations out there. If you're looking for a kick on the coast, do this!


Bournemouth - Head to the Jurassic Coast (45 minutes from Bournemouth town centre) for an absolutely amazing experience. Some absolutely stunning scenery will keep you talking about this for years to come.

Torquay - Only a 5 minute drive from the centre of Torquay, this Coasteering spot is immense. Ideal for those looking for a quick trip to and from their accommodation.

Newquay - For a great stag do in Newquay, Coasteering is definitely one to consider. With some awesome views there are plenty of great photo opportunities.


Raft Building

A great activity to get everyone together. When it's largely true that not everyone knows each other on a stag do, a team building activity like this can be a stag-changer. You'll get given all you need to try and build something to keep your group afloat. Good luck.


Bournemouth - Take a trip to a nearby lake to try your luck at creating a raft worthy of Tom Hanks' 'Chuck Noland' in Castaway.

Bristol - Build a craft able to sustain the flow of the River Avon. If not, watch the raft sink like the SS Great Britain. There is also the option to chose a city centre option, which isn't far from the SS Great Britain itself.

Exeter - Head a little way out of Exeter to challenge the group to build a floating masterpiece.


White Water Rafting

Jumping in an inflatable boat and chucking yourself over torrents of frothing water could sound a little risky, but it will be immense fun and nothing beats a bit of risk for raising the excitement levels!


Cardiff - An international standard White Water centre hosts some of the best facilities in the UK, let alone the South West. With instructors and an amazing course to head down, you'll leave with some great memories.



So you're not looking for the 'normal' stag do activities? Step right this way and have a look at the following ideas in our list of South West stag do destinations.


It's A Knockout

Based on a TV show which most people won't remember, this absolutely mad activity includes giant inflatable penguins, foam and more craziness than The Joker could even contemplate (just not psychotic craziness). It's available in the following South West stag do destinations.


Bournemouth / Bristol


Westcountry GamesWelsh Games

Based on It's A Knockout, but with regional spins on the games, these activities add a slightly different take with the same amount of stupidity. The Westcountry Games include games such as Welly Wanging and Westcountry Wipeout, whereas the Welsh Games offer you such games as Leek Duel and Drunk Dragons. You get the point... BARMY!




Zorb Football

Zorb Football is a great activity to consider for any South West stag do destination as it can take place pretty much anywhere. From sports centres, to playing fields and private accommodation, take each other on at Football and other various games, all dressed in massive zorb suits. This means that you can smash into each other at a great velocity and have a superb time! If you fancy running at the stag and watching his terrified little face, then give this a go.


Night Time

Head out for a night on the town in any South West stag do destination and have a great time. There are a couple of extras that you can add for a bit of structure.


Have a night out in a South West stag do destination


~ Get out to explore and see the town at night ~


Bar Crawl Babes

Available in pretty much any town or city, you'll be taken around town by one or two ladies dressed up in a choice of costumes, who will look after the beer money and get you into a selection of venues.


Brewery Tour

There are a few variations from site-to-site, but a Brewery Tour is pretty self-explanatory. The general gist is having a look around an on-site micro-brewery, tasting some of their finest brews and then sitting down for a bite to eat. Available in:


BournemouthBristol / Cardiff


Club Entry / VIP Booth

If you've got your sights set on spending a good whack of time in one place, then why not book your group a comfy seating area and add some drinks for the table, so that everything's sorted for you?


Guest List Passes

Get everyone on the guest list to get into a whole load of bars and clubs. Great for larger groups as a lot of venues get funny with big groups of guys just turning up at their doors.


South West Stag Do Accommodation

If you're used to Jeffery fetching your bags and bringing you your morning newspaper, then a stag do may be a bit of a step-too-far, but there is accommodation to suit all group needs. From hotels to private accommodation, finding somewhere to stay is never a problem at any of our South West stag do destinations.

Travelodge - A standard stag do hotel for those looking for the 'exactly what is needed' option. Most towns have at least one Travelodge to choose and all offer a familiar approach; simple, clean and modern rooms. Some have restaurants attached to them to get a good breakfast as well, but there's usually a cafe or Spoons nearby if there's no good breakfast option at the hotel. If you're looking to keep to a budget, take a look at our Bristol / Bournemouth Budget Stag Do articles, where Travelodge features.

Jury's Inn* - You would probably see a stay at a Jury's Inn as a step-up from the Travelodge option and we'd tend to agree. Most Jury's Inns have restaurants and bars, some have leisure facilities and this makes a Jury's Inn a more typical hotel. Breakfast is also included with all rooms (when booking with us) which makes it easier to recover from the night before. 

Village Hotel* - Take another small step up in terms of comfort, but not in price. The price difference in rooms between these two hotels is negligible, but with a lot of Village Hotels having coffee shops, restaurants, bars and leisure facilities, there is a lot more to keep you entertained without going out the front doors. Breakfast is, yet again, included when booking with Essential Adventure to help you to get rid of that banging head.

Private accommodation - A popular choice for stag do groups looking for flexibility. There are some great options all around the South West. You'll have to sort out your own food, but if that's not terribly off-putting then the flexibility and generally greater 'home-comforts' of private accommodation can be a real winner.

*These hotels aren't in every South West stag do destination, but cover them all major towns and cities between them, so get in touch with us to discuss your preferences and we'll help to point you in the right direction.

Getting To Your South West Stag Do

If you think that you're going to struggle to cope on narrow country lanes, then fear not, as you probably won't even have to go near one. With plenty of arterial roads cutting paths through to the main towns and cities (M4, M5 and A38 are good examples) and no toll booths in site (thanks Wales), it's going to be plain sailing to get to wherever you're going. There are also train stations and airports linking most towns and cities together, so you'll have no problem getting to your top South West stag do destination.


South West Stag Do Costs

There will be lots of costs to consider, but the South West isn't London, so prices will generally be fairly reasonable. As an example, we've had a look at one of the most important parts of a stag do to show you what we're banging on about. A pint of Coors Light at Wetherspoons costs as follows:

~ Bournemouth - £2.85

~ Bristol - £2.85

~ Cardiff - £3.25

~ Exeter - £2.79

~ Newquay - £2.79

~ Plymouth - £2.79

Only Cardiff tops £3, which still works out as a great price for a pint. Obviously the price of a pint at Spoons isn't representative of all costs across the South West, but most towns with a good stag do set-up will be fine for most stag groups. From activities and accommodation, to food, drink and nights out, South West stag do destinations offer some fantastic opportunities for a stag do to remember long into the future!


Book A Stag Do in The South West

Lots to take in, but hopefully you now feel like you have a better idea of where you want to go and what you want to do. Either way, the best step to take next is to get in touch with us to discuss what you're after and we can run you through your best options and get you a price for the perfect South West stag do.

Once you're happy with the quote we've provided (which you can change as much as your heart desires), a £50 deposit secures everything and we'll get everything booked for you. We'll even provide the whole group with their own online account, to see the detailed itinerary and make their payments, so you won't have to babysit anyone in the group.

What's the point in making a stag do hard work, when we can help to keep it super simple?


South West Stag Do Destinations Summary

Booking an amazing South West stag do has never been easier and we'll give you all the tips you need to succeed:

  • Work out a budget per person
  • Think about the activities you want to do
  • Look where you can do them
  • Consider travel times for the group
  • Consider your accommodation


1 Home Office, Statistics on firearm and shotgun certificates, England and Wales: April 2018 to March 2019, viewed on 26/09/2019

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