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The Top 3 Most Exciting Hen Party Ideas

29th June 2023 2:00pm

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Charlie Street

We understand that planning a hen party can be a lot of fun, but it can also be stressful trying to come up with the perfect event for the bride to be and the rest of the guests to enjoy. Let’s face it, 10 years down the line, you want to be reminiscing about that extra-special hen party you had, when you were laughing at that hilarious moment which had you and the rest of your friends stitches!

Luckily, at Essential Adventure, we’ve got you covered. With an extremely wide range of wild hen party ideas, we have activities for all types of hen party events to suit every one of you. From hen party spa days to outdoor adventures, your hen party will be the talk of the town.

In this article, we'll take a look at the top three most exciting hen party ideas. Read on to learn more about these amazing activities and how to give your bride-to-be a memorable send off into married life.

What Is A Hen Party?

A hen party, also known in the UK as a hen do or hen night, is an event that celebrates a woman's last days before her upcoming wedding. They’re a great way to celebrate a bride’s upcoming nuptials in style. The aim of the event is to give the bride-to-be one last chance to enjoy her single life and have some fun with her closest friends and family.

Hen parties are becoming increasingly popular in the UK, with more people looking for unique and exciting ideas to make the night memorable. Hen parties usually involve celebration-based activities such as going out for drinks or dinner, partying at a club or attending shows or events. However, at Essential Adventure, you can experience a hen party of a lifetime with our wide range of fun activities and ideas. Take a look at the table below to see how we can transform traditional hen party ideas into extraordinary events that will hold a special place in your heart.

Traditional Hen Party Ideas Essential Adventure Hen Party Idea #1 Essential Adventure Hen Party Idea #2 Essential Adventure Hen Party Idea #3
Dinner and Drinks Wine Tasting Cocktail Making Masterclass Afternoon Tea
Partying Party Bus Karaoke Party Boat Trips
Shows and Events Dreamboys Theatre Tickets Comedy Club
Dancing In A Club Dance Lessons Burlesque Dance Classes Dirty Dancing Dance Classes
Activities Escape Rooms Murder Mystery Spa Day


We know how important it is to leave a lasting impression for your hen group which is why we only provide the very best hen parties at Essential Adventure. For those looking for hen parties that are just that little bit more extra-special, we can guarantee that our activities, organised by Essential Adventure, will provide the never-ending fun and excitement to keep your bride-to-be and the rest of the party entertained for the whole duration of the event. Whether you’re looking for something low-key, or an unforgettable weekend away, there are plenty of fun and exciting hen party ideas for brides-to-be in the UK. Let’s get your celebrations started with us at Essential Adventure!

Our Top 3 Best Hen Party Ideas UK

Transitioning from the previous section where we uncovered everything about hen do’s, let’s jump into the fun bit! Whether you’re looking for small hen party group ideas or large hen party group ideas, there are plenty of enjoyable activities to choose from at Essential Adventure. Here are our top three favourite hen party ideas for extraordinary hen parties:

Murder Mystery Hen Party

What Is a Murder Mystery Hen Party?

If you’re looking for a more bespoke and unique activity, then our murder mystery hen party is for you. Featuring two private actors, personalised invitations, a dress code and a series of fun challenges, this activity is bound to provoke smiles and a lot of laughter, as you work together to figure out the concealed identity of the culprit.

Why Is It A Great Hen Party Choice?

Murder Mysteries are a great choice for hens wanting to experience a more unique and bespoke hen do, with a series of challenges for everyone to partake in and try to work out the true identity of the murderer by following the clues and rest of the puzzles. If you’re after something less traditional than the typical drinking and partying night out, and looking for an activity-based hen party that’ll keep you and your guests entertained (and memories to last forever), then we highly recommend this murder mystery activity.

What Does Our Murder Mystery Hen Party Involve at Essential Adventure?

To commence the fun, we will send you and the rest of your group personalised invitations detailing the location, date and time of your hen party event, with the details of the secret dress code and allocated character that you must dress up as. Once you have arrived at the highlighted location, you can convene and start taking part in the series of challenges that will lead you to the hidden discovery of the ‘murderer’. You can even accompany the murder mystery event with your evening meal, with the story centering around the dinner scene for extra ambiance!

Detective Clues

Dance Lesson Hen Party

What Is A Dance Lesson Hen Party?

Get your dancing shoes on and ready for this fun, fast-moving activity that will put you and your hen group in high-spirits! This activity is extremely popular amongst our hens, as our dance lessons provide ultimate amusement whilst you channel your inner Beyonce, Sandy or even your own diva.

What Makes It A Great Hen Party Choice?

A dance lesson is always great fun when attended as a group, as not only are you guaranteed to learn some new moves, but it is always full of laughter as you attempt your best dance routine!

What Does Our Dance Lesson Hen Party Involve at Essential Adventure?

One of the many great things about our dance classes at Essential Adventure is that you have over thirteen types of dance classes to choose from, including:

These dance lessons are available at over fourty different locations, with other activities usually added on as part of a package, including entries into night clubs and wine tasting.

3. Party Boat Hen Party

What Is A Party Boat Hen Party?

All-aboard for our ultimate party boat hen party! Step aside from the usual hen party antics and make your way onto our boat for an evening of food, drink, dancing and laughter. Whilst you dance the night away to the live DJ, the party-scene is set with plenty of drinks on-board and a euphoric atmosphere.

What Makes It A Great Hen Party Choice?

Our party boat is the ultimate place to celebrate the bride’s end to single life! With a lively atmosphere and sit down meal or buffet options available, there is everything in place for the bride to have the most extraordinary night.

What Does Our Party Boat Hen Party Involve At Essential Adventure?

We have plenty of different package options available, as the party boat is available within over fourteen different locations, including Bournemouth, London and Reading. For our full list of locations and further information, please visit our hen party boat trips page.

Hen Parties At Essential Adventure

It is clear that hen parties are a fantastic way to celebrate and enjoy the pre-wedding period. With so many great ideas out there, it can be hard to narrow down the best ones, which is why we have selected our three favourites above; the murder mystery event, dance lesson and party boat for an all-around mind-blowing experience. No matter what kind of hen party you’re planning, these activities are sure to provide an unforgettable experience for everyone involved. At Essential Adventure, we are specialists in providing first-class hen parties, with every member returning home with a large smile across their face.

    This is why at Essential Adventure, we provide:
  • Great Service
  • Fast Responses
  • Over 100 Hen Party Activities
  • Personalisable Hen Parties
  • Multiple Hen Party Package Options
  • Value For Money Guarantee
  • Full Booking Protection
  • Hassle Free Individual Online Payments

So don't hesitate, gather your friends and get ready for an amazing celebration that will create memories you'll cherish forever! Enquire now for more information about the wide range of hen parties we can offer.


Contact Us Now To Plan Your Unforgettable Hen Party

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