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Top 10 Hen Party Drinking Games

13th December 2019 9:00am

Posted by
James Trenchard

The Top 10 Hen Do Drinking Games

A popular feature of most hen weekends is having a drink or two, so why not make it as fun as is possible by playing a hen party drinking game? 


We'll also rate all of the hen party drinking games based on how it could impair your vision/ability to do basic human functions. Our score for each activity should give a rough idea of how drunk you might get if you play the hen party drinking game and do less than well.

Here's our 'drunk scale':


A scale of hen party drinking games


Chink and Drink

A fantastic ice-breaker, great as a hen party drinking game to get to know the people you may never have met before.

How it works: Everyone stands in circle. Take it in turns (or could be just the hen) to call out categories eg. "chink and drink if you have ever..." / "chink and drink if you met the hen at school". Everyone who has done that or has that in common then steps in, chinks and drinks.

Extra things to note: You could all write down a couple of categories each and then you don't have to think up questions on the spot and go red-faced as your brain decides to stop working.

Drunk scale: 7


Russian Roulette

A great hen party drinking game to keep things simple, have fun and include some 'jeopardy'.

How it works: Someone (we'll call them the dealer) pours water and vodka in to shot glasses for the group. The 'dealer' then 'shuffles' the glasses so that no-one knows which drink they have (no smelling) and then you play. Everyone is counted down by the dealer and everyone takes their shot. The dealer passes around the group after each round and it continues for as long as you like. Alternatively, you could have a rule to state that if someone has a certain number of shots then they have to sit out. The last person to have six shots wins.

Extra things to note: It can be any clear spirit, but this will mean it may be Mexican (Sambuca) or English (Gin) Roulette as an alternative. You could always make it multi-cultural by having different drinks which incidentally makes it more 'dangerous', just like real Russian Roulette.  You could also just have a time-limit instead of number of shots, but this is down to the group or hen to decide.

Drunk scale: 5


No Names

A very simple game, unless you've had lots to 'quench your thirst' already or if you don't care and are actively trying to get as drunk as possible. This could mean that you suffer from some short-term memory issues. On the flip-side, it means you don't need to worry about not knowing everyone's names.

How it works: Once the game starts, you are not allowed to use any names for anyone in the group. Every time you do, you'll have to take a drink.

Extra things to note: You can switch up the level of difficulty by not allowing brand names, names of objects or any names that you choose. This will mean that for those who just can't drop names, they may 'suffer' a bit more.

Drunk scale: 5


Don't say any names or you'll be drinking a lot during this hen party drinking game

- Keep it informal and don't call people by name -


Pub Golf

Popular with uni students, you may well have played this hen party drinking game before, just not on a hen party.

How it works: Choose some venues in the town or city that you're staying in and assign a 'score' for each venue that you visit. Usually, you'll choose 9 or 18 bars/clubs and for each one you choose what 'par' is. So, for example, if a pub is a par 4, you'll need to drink a predetermined drink in 4 attempts in order to achieve par. If you were to drink the drink in 3 goes, you would score -1 on the scorecard and 5 goes would score +1 etc etc. You'll need to keep scores so that the person with the highest score can be given some kind of forfeit.

Extra things to note: You can also add penalties such as +1 for falling over or dropping a drink and/or -1 for buying a round. You can also take the opportunity to dress up as your favourite golfer if you so wish.

Drunk scale: 8


International Drinking Rules

There are various connotations for this hen party drinking game, but usually there are pretty similar and mean that everyone will need to be on their toes to last a whole night.

How it works: The most basic and generally accepted rules are:

> Do not ever say the word “drink”

> Do not ever use a player’s first name or nickname.

> Do not swear.

> Do not point with any finger.

> Do not ever put down a drink down if it is empty, it must be refilled first.

> You must have pinkies out when drinking.  Like all ladies should.

> You must drink using your weakest hand only.

> You must always leave your drink at least a forefinger's length from the edge of the table.

If any of these rules are not adhered to then a forfeit must be carried out. What this forfeit is is up to the group to decide.

Extra things to note: You can add other little extras in, such as; 'No complaining' - anyone caught doing so will face a forfeit / 'Save the queen' - if a penny is dropped into your drink, you have to save the queen from drowning by finishing your drink there-and-then. You could also make a rule that every time the hen drinks, the group has to drink.

Drunk scale: 8


Prosecco Pong

If you've not of 'Beer Pong' then maybe you've never been to uni or live under a rock, as it has to be one of the most internationally known drinking games. A little twist from Beer to Prosecco turns it into a great hen party drinking game (you can, of course whatever drinks you like).

How it works: You'll need 6 or 10 glasses / cups and a table tennis ball. Each receptacle should have some drink in it.

> Set the cups up in a triangle formation. 

> Separate into two teams and each team takes up position at opposite ends of the table.

> A member of the first team throws the ball with the aim of it landing in a cup with only one bounce (any more or less than one bounce and the throw doesn't count).

> If they manage this, someone from the non-throwing team is nominated to drink the drink.

> If it hits the top of a glass and is caught then the thrower drinks one of their own drinks.

> If the thrower misses altogether then the non-throwing team nominate someone to throw.

> If a drink is spilt then the person guilty of causing the spillage drinks a drink.

Extra things to note: It works best in smaller teams. It should mean quicker games and so everyone will get a turn. If someone throws the ball and it rolls around inside the rim (without touching the drink), a player on the non-throwing team can flick the ball out. If they catch it then everyone on the other team drinks. Beware of spilling the drink though!

Drunk scale: 9


Prosecco Pong is a hen party drinking game twist

- Prosecco / Wine / Beer / Spirits... it's a great game whichever liquid you use -


Word Association

This is a great game to play to 'spice-up' TV shows, films and many other things. Even the news and all of it's constant Brexit updates (we will never mention this again, promise) could seem fun.

How it works: As a hen party drinking game, the concept is the same. Every time a word is said, you have to drink. You could choose words in a song, so that you have to drink every time you hear that song. Choose an Ed Sheeran or Ariana Grande song and you're likely to get preeeetty drunk. You could also choose some words if you're pre-drinking. Stick the TV, radio or a film on whilst you're getting ready to go out (or if you're staying in) and choose words you think should pop up fairly frequently.

Extra things to note: Choose the hen's name as one of the words. If anyone manages to get the DJ to shout out her name without anyone knowing who did it, the group have to drink every time that person drinks as well.

Drunk scale: 6


Scavenger Hunt

Everyone likes a good scavenger/treasure hunt and turning it into a hen party drinking game makes it even more fun.

How it works: Score points for certain tasks throughout the night. You can choose whatever you like. For example, find an object that starts with the same letter as the hen's maiden name and take a photo of it or take a photo of something that resembles male genitalia. As long as the hen is happy with your efforts, you have a drink for each time you carry out a task and the person with the least points has to do a forfeit. You can come up with any challenges that you fancy to personalise it for your group.

Extra things to note: Try not to add in too many things, otherwise you may take the fun out of it, but you could always make something up for people to refer to on their phones.

Drunk scale: 4


Big Booty

This is an amazing drinking game for any group and is sure to cause plenty of laughter. If there's anyone competitive in the group, then look the F out. This is one you'll have to do where you're staying though as it won't work well at all when you're out.

How it works: You can see all of the rules here or see the video below, as it's got a few things to remember, but here's a run-down of the basics.

> Everyone sits in a circle and gets assigned a number, with one person being named 'big booty' instead of having a number.

> Everyone claps a simple rhythm along to the song of "Big booty, big booty, big booty, oh yeah, big booty".

> 'Big booty' then starts the game in motion by following this (in time with the rhythm) with "big booty, number X" (using a number of someone sat in the circle).

> The person who's number it is then continues... for example; "big booty, number 3" / "number 3, number 5".

> You aren't allowed to pass the chant back and have to send it to someone else.

> If the game returns to 'Big Booty' at any point, big booty starts again with "Big booty, big booty, big booty, oh yeah, big booty", but increases the speed of the clapping.

> A person drinks if they make any mistake e.g forgets their own number, isn't in time with the rhythm.

> When a mistake is made, 'Big booty' is moved one place around the circle, as well as everyone's numbers.

Extra things to note: Once you start playing, it becomes easier to understand exactly what you have to do.

Drunk scale: 8



- Add in alcohol and you've got a truly awesome hen party drinking game -


Handbag Jumble

Another very simple hen party drinking game, perfect as a time-killer.

How it works: Everyone takes something out of their bag and puts it into a communal bag without the hen seeing. The hen guesses who each thing belongs to. If the hen gets it right, the owner drinks but if the hen gets it wrong then she drinks.

Extra things to note: Add in some more jeopardy for the hen and have only half of the group put something in. On the other side, you could have half the group guessing (one at a time), so that more people are potentially going to drink.

Drunk scale: 4 (possibly 9 for the hen)


Book Your Perfect Hen Party

Whilst we've given you loads to think about, you could always look at getting a hen party drinking game in the form of board games. If you're also looking for a bit more inspiration about what you actually want to do for the hen party weekend, take a look at our Hen Do Destinations ideas of how to organise a simple hen do.

Once you've got the ideas of what your perfect hen party weekend looks like, just give us a call and we'll help you to get everything sorted.

From sending you quotes for any ideas you have, to arranging everything with only a £50 and then collecting everyone's money through our amazing online payment system, we're here to help you with planning an amazing hen party.

The Top 10 Hen Party Drinking Games In Summary

If you're after the 10 best hen party drinking games to make things interesting, here's what we would suggest to you:

  1. Russian Roulette
  2. Pub Golf
  3. No Names
  4. International Drinking Rules
  5. Word Association
  6. Scavenger Hunt
  7. Big Booty
  8. Prosecco Pong
  9. Handbag Jumble
  10. Chink and Drink

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