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Simple Hen Do Ideas

21st September 2019 12:00am

Posted by
James Trenchard

Planning An Easy Hen Do

How To Plan A Simple Hen Do

It can be a right pain to keep a group happy, especially when you might not necessarily know a lot of them. From sorting out the date of the hen do, to making sure that everyone is happy with the activities, there is lots to think about to make sure that everyone has a great time. By keeping the plans as simple as possible, you as the organiser will be able to forget about any panicking and possibly even be a bit smug about how great you are at organising things. Take a look at our top tips for planning a stress-free, simple hen weekend.

Once you've had a look (or if you just don't do reading), give us a call and we can guide you effortlessly through getting your hen do booked and make it as simple as simple can be.


Easy To Plan Hen Do Activities

The crux of all hen party weekends is what you choose to do. Whether it's full-on action, full-on relaxing or a healthy in-between there is something out there to suit all groups. From shooting and driving, to sitting in a sauna followed by drinks in town, a hen party weekend can be whatever you want it to be.

Take a look at our suggestions for the activities that maintain the fun to simplicity ratio and we're sure you'll see something you like.

Murder Mystery Evening

These events are so simple that we reckon even Ralph from the Simpsons could organise one. You can have these run at a hotel or private accommodation, so you shouldn't have to move from where you're staying. It's a little easier at a hotel as they will have a kitchen to cook all of your food for you, instead of having to organise it yourself at private accommodation. You can however order a take-away if you are looking at the 'at home' option, which will make it slightly easier than cooking a 3 course meal and attending the event at the same time. One point to mention is that fancy dress is best for these events. Whilst this may create a little more work to sort, it's part of the fun of the evening and can be sorted relatively easily with online shopping, or even having a shopping trip. On the evening, you won't have to think about a thing for the actual activity so you can just have shed loads of fun. Have a look at our reviews page to see plenty of feedback about these events.

Spa treatments

Getting pampered is also easy to arrange, which is a win-win! Whether you are looking for a whole spa day or one treatment, they can be organised really easily for a simple hen do. Spa hotels often offer spa days with lunch or can treat everyone to a single treatment, keeping it super simple. Spa treatments can also be brought to you if you're staying at a private house, so no matter where you decide to stay, this is certainly a great option to consider. What could be more relaxing than being spoilt after organising an easy hen do?

Multi-activity centre

A multi-activity centre keeps everything nice and simple. There's not much to explain for this one... there are lots of activities to choose from and all of them take place on one site. There are lots of these centres spread across the UK and regular choices are activities like quad biking, clay pigeon shooting, segways, axe throwing and loads more. A lot of multi-activity centres also have catering vans/cafes on site as well, offering food as part of the price, so you can spend a whole day in one place and never be bored. We think that this is one of the best simple hen do ideas to consider.


Multi-activity centre as an easy do an idea


~ Shoot the breeze on your simple hen do (or some clay pigeons) ~


Cocktail making masterclass

With hundreds of venues across the UK and various options at each, you can pick a package which suits everyone's needs (we find alcohol features heavily in a hen party's requirements) and make it a very simple hen party. The vast majority of settings also offer food, from bar snacks to 3 course meals as part of their packages, which is the best option as it keeps everything in one place and so you won't have to move everyone from the bar on to another place to get food. Some are even attached/next door to clubs as well so that you can head straight from the masterclass to dinner and on to your night out.  We almost forgot... there are companies in the UK who can bring a cocktail making masterclass to private accommodation for pure ease for the group. A smooth and easy hen party activity idea if ever we saw one!

Sports day

Our final suggestion of an easy hen party activity is an old school sports day. They are so simple because they can be run wherever you would like them to be. The best option is for them to run at your accommodation as you can simply step outside your door to take part. They can also be run at leisure/sports centres or council playing fields, so there's loads of flexibility as to where you can do them. Bouncing on space hoppers and playing netball will take you right back to school and along with the loads of other activities, you'll definitely have a great time. Everything is brought to the easiest venue for you and the games are all things you will probably have done before, so a school sports day is certainly a great and simple hen do idea.


Stick with simple hen do accommodation

Where you stay for a hen do can be a topic of much discussion, so it's vital to try and keep it as simple as possible. There are lots of things to consider to keep everyone happy and there may not be 'one-size-fits-all' solution, but have a look below to see how to make booking your hen do accommodation as easy as possible.

Private accommodation

Private accommodation can be great and definitely offers more of a 'home-from-home' feel for the trip. Generally they can require a little bit more organisation to get them booked and you will almost certainly have to plan your meals in more detail, but once you've worked these things out then the weekend can be soooo easy. For example, if you choose any of the activities we've stated above (excluding anything at a multi-activity centre) then the activities can come to where you're staying, as long as there's enough space. If you don't have to arrange any transport then it simplifies things absolutely loads.


Choosing a hotel can make the weekend really easy. If you choose the Murder Mystery or spa treatments then you may not even have to leave the hotel. Most good hotels have a spa and private dining rooms which mean that you can keep everything nice and easy whilst planning and going on the hen do. By keeping everything at the hotel, it means that you don't have to rush around or provide directions. The most difficult part would probably be leaving at the end of the hen do.

However, you have to base the activities around what availability the hotel has, but this is only a small issue and shouldn't matter if you're looking far enough ahead.

If you also include bed and breakfast in your stay, then all you'll have to work out is where to get lunch but, lo and behold... most good hotels also have bars/restaurants where you'll be able to grab some food. One stop for all of your hen do needs to keep it super simple. 


Plan a simple hen do and relax


~ Relax in the knowledge that planning a hen do can be simple ~


Light and breezy, free and easy hen do plans

Keep activities light and don't fill the weekend up with lots of things. If you stick to this mantra then it helps to keep the hen do as simple as possible. The more you add in, the more you have to plan and not everyone will be as 'on it' with their knowledge of the itinerary. Less is definitely more if you're looking to plan a simple hen party. Keeping the activities concise should also help to keep the cost down, meaning that you'll have a less stressful time convincing people that it will be totally worth it.

If you'd like some inspiration about where to go, we've also got a couple of great articles about having a hen party in either Bristol or Nottingham for you to have a look at. As well as this, we also have a Murder Mystery article which details everything you'll need to know.

Pure and simple, we'll be there for you

Now you have the key ways to keep you hen do plans nice and easy, you should get in touch with us and we can make it a reality. From organising everything for you, to providing everyone with their own online individual payment accounts, we'll help you to get from A to B with the finesse and elegance of a majestic Gazelle. You can take all the credit as you sit back on your sofa, reading other people's social media posts about how difficult organising a hen do is and feel really smug (we won't tell anyone).


Plan a great, easy hen party


~ We'll help you to complete an easy hen do puzzle ~


Simple Hen Do Ideas Summary

To keep a hen do simple, there are a few simple hen party ideas to think about, but we've got you covered:

  • Don't over-complicate the itinerary
  • Choose activities with flexibility ~or~ choose a multi-activity centre
  • Don't travel too far for anything
  • Consider your accommodation and what is included

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