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Winter Stag Do Ideas

11th October 2019 12:00pm

Posted by
James Trenchard

Stag Do Ideas For Winter

If the bride and groom have chosen a winter or spring wedding then you'll need to consider all winter stag do ideas. Just because it's colder and there's less light, doesn't mean that you have to have less fun. It also doesn't mean that you have to go abroad to have an awesome stag do. The UK has so much to offer for winter stag do ideas. We're here to help the few of you looking to sort out a spectacular winter stag do with good solid suggestions, including a great list of things you can do, best places to stay and general top-tips for a tip-top winter stag do. Think of this as the logs to your wood burner! Once you've been inspired, give us a buzz to discuss your winter stag do idea and we'll help you to get everything sorted.


Winter Stag Do Activity Ideas

Let's start with what you're going to consider the most, that being the activities to choose for your winter stag do. Now, it's true, some activities (like off-road buggies) don't tend to run in the winter months, but don't stop reading on because there are still some great stag do activities to be done in the winter months. Between the beginning of November to the end of February (we're counting November because it usually feels pretty Wintry) there are still loads of fantastic winter stag do ideas, whether it's adrenaline-packed or easy-going, take a look below to get a feel for what you can choose from.


Indoor Winter Stag Do Activities

If you're looking to stay out of the possible strong winds, heavy rain (possibly snow) and general winter conditions then these activities will make sure that you're nice and cosy and have a great time.

Brewery tour - What better to warm the cockles than having a look around a working brewery / micro-brewery and then getting to try some of the brews produced on-site? A great way to spend a winter's afternoon. You can even have food whilst you're there to make an afternoon of it.

Comedy club - Head out in the evening and keep yourself warm by laughing. A comedy show is a great winter warming stag do idea, with some of the UKs best comedians, food and drink, all under one roof to help you forget about what's going on outside the doors.

Karting - If you still want to feel the wind rushing past you, but created by driving as fast as possible, then head to an indoor karting track. Get your adrenaline fix and have an awesome time showing how much faster you are then everyone else (hopefully).

Party Bus - Getting taken from pub to club and barely having to step outside or think about where to go next is a winning combination for a winter stag do. You'll be driven around town in a double-decker bus and taken to the best bars/clubs for a great night out, without any long walks between them.

Paintball - Indoor paintball sites are less common than outdoor ones, but do exist. They are generally more intense as anyone can just pop round the corner and reign a furious spray of paint down. The guns are usually turned down a bit but - and we talk from experience here - they still hurt quite a lot if you get shot.

Zorb Football - It's sometimes frowned upon to clobber into the stag and his friends/family, but book zorb football and that's just what you'll do. If you book it at a sports hall then you won't have to worry about anything other than destroying them.


Indoor paintball is a great winter stag do idea

~ Close-quarters paintball is just about as intense as it gets ~


Outdoor Winter Stag Do Activities

If you're less about staying inside and more about doing whatever the hell you want, no matter what, then these awesome activities will almost certainly satisfy you.

4 x 4 driving - Take on the elements and terrain in a 4x4 and you won't need to worry about a bit of rain, in fact, the muddier the better. You can do a couple of types of driving in 4x4s, with or without blindfolds, depending on what you're looking for.

Clay pigeon shooting - If you completely hate clay and pigeons, you'll love this. Equally, if you want to just go and do some shooting, you'll also love this. Just stick a coat and wellies on and you're good to go in any weather.

Karting - Some of the most exciting races happen in the wet (see the 2019 German Formula 1 GP as an example) and outdoor karting tracks are some of the longest you'll find. If you're not a fair-weather driver then get stuck in!

Paintball - Classic. Come rain or shine, paintball is one of the most popular, if not THE most popular stag do activity and any time of the year.

Quad bikes - As a winter stag idea, quad biking is up there. If you stick on some overalls and wellies, those big puddles and muddy tracks will be an absolutely wicked experience.

Zorb Football - The same opportunities to smash into one another, just on an outdoor surface. If it rains then you'll have loads of fun pinging off of each other.

Raft building - This one falls short of an 'extreme' Winter stag do idea, as you shouldn't fall into the water, providing you can build something that stays afloat and that's on you!


Quad biking is a great winter stag do idea

~ Have a dirty weekend with the lads (interpret that how you want) ~


Extreme Winter Stag Do Activities

If nothing about winter bothers you, then take a look at these winter stag do ideas, as you're clearly looking for something a little bit extra. These activities will be a great test of character and provide a winter stag do to remember.

Canoeing and Bushcraft - If you believe that there's no such things as bad weather, only bad clothing choices, then this could be a great winter stag do idea. Head out into the wilderness and have a great weekend.  If you want a bit more info about what they consist of, take a look at why Canoeing and Bushcraft trips are so great

Gorge walking - Yes, the water will be a bit cool, but the good news is that you'll have wetsuits and you shouldn't have to fight for a space on the river.


A canoeing and bushcraft trip is a great winter stag do idea


~ Where are the Marshmallows? Even extreme winter activities can be toasty ~


Winter Stag Do Weather

We keep mentioning the weather and winter is obviously much colder and therefore more likely to throw all sorts of conditions at you from time-to-time. You shouldn't be put off from doing the activities you want to do, as you might only get to do one stag do and so you shouldn't limit yourself. If you want to do an 'extreme' activity then get it booked. It takes some serious weather for them to get cancelled. It's also worth noting that even some summer stag do activities can be affected by the weather (we are in the UK afterall).

One thing to definitely consider for any winter stag do plan is that travel times may be longer. Whether it's snow, heavy rain or any other wintry condition coming your way, it can mean that your journey times take longer. It's worth considering how many activities you book, based on travel alone. If you book a rammed weekend of activities, you could end up missing out on something if the weather does take a turn for the worst.

It's worth working out where you want to stay too. A hotel with breakfast included, right in the centre of town may work out really well and mean you don't have to travel too far to any activities. Private accommodation is also a great options and will no doubt be cosier. If you get all your food before you arrive, there's no reason why you'd leave any more than at a hotel. In both accommodation types you'll probably need to leave at some point to get food or head to activities, so it's just a case of finding a balance between what you're looking for (sorry not to be much help here, but ultimately, you have to choose somewhere you're happy with).


Winter Stag Do Benefits

Booking a winter stag do has loads of benefits, compared to spring, summer or autumn weekends.

1 - Cheaper rates: one of the biggest positives of booking a winter stag do is that accommodation rates will generally be cheaper. Obviously try to steer clear or anything too close to Christmas or New Year, as there is a good chance that hotels and property owners will be exploiting this busy period. Anything in November and from January until the end of February should see a saving on where you stay compared to other seasons.

2 - More likely to get the session you want: With a lot less people opting for a winter stag do, you have a much better chance of being able to plan activities at the times you want them.

3 - Quieter time of year in general: This means that you probably won't have to queue at bars so much and won't have to deal with hoards of stag and hen groups taking your limelight.


Book Your Winter Stag Do

We've hopefully given you some advice that you can work with to plan a great winter stag do. To make things really easy, get in touch and we'll help to run through your plans and get everything booked for you. Simply call us and we'll put together a quote for you, for the perfect winter stag do. Once you're happy that we've put together some great winter stag do ideas, a single £50 deposit will confirm everything and we'll book it all for you. We'll even set everyone in the group up with their own payment accounts, so you don't have to get all frosty with people that aren't paying (see what we did there?!).

Planning a great winter stag do has never been easier!


A Summary Of Winter Stag Do Ideas

The perfect winter stag do ideas don't just appear in front of your eyes... or do they? Have a look at everything you need to think about to plan an amazing winter stag do:

  • Choose your favourite activities (indoor or outdoor)
  • Avoid Christmas / New Year to get much cheaper accommodation prices than any other season
  • Consider travel times; it's a good idea not to over-book the weekend


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