Stag Do Bushcraft & Survival In Birmingham

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  • A 3 day, 2 night Stag Do Survival event at Cannock Chase.
  • Set in 27 acres of Staffordshire countryside.
  • Learn the four pillars of survival: food, fire, shelter and water.
  • Activities include shelter building, firelighting and plenty of bushcraft cookery!
  • Construct a natural 'sticks and leaves' shelter in the woods.
  • Learn a range of fielighting skills, collect materials and start your own camp fire.
  • Cook your evening meal, which starts with animal skinning and preparation - rabbits, fish or pigeon depending on the time of year!
  • A range of additional activities include Knife, Saws and cutting techniques (making pegs, mallets, pot hangers, spoons), Foraging, Fire Lighting (including rubbing two sticks together to make fire), Traps and Snares, Natural cordage (making string from plants), Primitive weapons, Tracking (animal and man tracking), Water Preparation, Knife Sharpening & Knife Law and Bread Making!
  • Relax around the camp fire with a few sensible beers in the evening.
  • Food included. Game or fish for lunch / main course and cooked breakfast.
  • Individuals are expected to provide personal kit, sleeping bag, wash kit and personal items. All equipment & tools for the trip are otherwise supplied.
  • 2 days
  • 15.8 miles from Birmingham Centre

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