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Activity Breaks Sports Day

Relive your childhood - Great for any occasion and sure to create a superb fun theme to your event. Equally good for those who prefer a fierce, but exciting battle or for to achieve a specific objective.

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Activity Breaks Sports Day Packages

Relive your childhood

Whether it's a children's party or an event for adults, a sports day event has it all! Great for any occasion and sure to create a superb fun theme to your event. Equally good for those who prefer a fierce, but exciting battle or for to achieve a specific objective.

Sports day activity options

There are a massive range of activities available in the sports day event package, with the most popular listed below. We have a range of traditional school sports day activities, in addition to a massive range of additional options to give you more choice. Here's a quick snap shot of the kind of activities we can run for your event:

  1. Running races - any running race you can think of, from a 50 metre sprint, to a 5k endurance race or a steeplechase!
  2. Egg & spoon - either standard size or giant egg & spoon race.
  3. Sack race - hop your way to the finish line in this classic.
  4. Space hopper race - a great idea to add some extra fun to your day. Standard size for the kids and the giant version for adults.
  5. Hockey/Football slalom - excellent for fine tuning your ball control.
  6. Hula Hoop Race - you don't have to be good at hula hooping to win this.
  7. Bean Bag Race - this one is all about balance... and technique.
  8. Hurdles - jump over hurdles quickly, simple but great fun!
  9. Javelin - it's a battle of length. Throw them as far as you can.
  10. Tug of war - one of the best team events going, it's guaranteed to generate excitement!
  11. Obstacle course - we can setup hundreds of different obstacle course layouts, with dozens of themed activities which can be run in a variety of ways. Including cargo nets, tyre crawls, 
  12. Skipping Race - taking you right back to school, it's all about stamina.
  13. Football/Netball Target Shooting - Can you keep your nerve under pressure?
  14. Team challenges/games - any form of team based activity, including relays and other team sports.

Other useful information & FAQ's

  1. How long does it last? Sports day events last between 1-2 hours, depending on group size.
  2. How many activities will you take part in? It all depends on your group size and the event structure you require. Normally, a sports day will include around 10 activities.
  3. Where do we run it? Anywhere in the UK. This is a completely mobile event and we will travel anywhere! Usually in sports halls or on all-weather pitches.
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