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Evening Hen Party Ideas

7th February 2020 9:00am

Posted by
James Trenchard

The best evening hen do ideas

In the evenings on a hen party, you're almost certainly going to be looking for the best hen party ideas to keep you all entertained. We're about to open a goody bag of wonderful suggestions for you to think about. We've put these together with all sorts of groups in mind, so if you're looking for something calm and stay-iny then you'll find something you might consider and if you're wanting to go out-out, you'll also find something that ticks the box.

Whilst we've got loads of ideas for you to think about, you may look at the list and still think that the hen party ideas still aren't quite hitting the target. If this is the case, you should definitely reach out to us for some more ideas and we'll be thrilled to give you a nudge in the right direction.

Let's now get on to the point you're here and unfold our selection of the best evening hen do ideas.


What are the best options for a hen party night out?

We're sprinting out of the blocks with possibly the most popular things to do on a hen party. Honestly, this one feels a bit like cheating because everyone will probably have this on their list of evening hen party ideas without any thinking time being required. There are, however, a few extra things to consider to help and hen do evening to run a bit smoother, essential with a group of people you don't know very well.

> You could consider looking into getting nightlife passes to include entry and usually a drink or two. This will take some organisation and therefore stress out of a night out on the town.

> Another thing to consider is hiring a VIP booth and having some drinks included as part of a package. This should help to contain the 'wilder' ones in the group and hopefully will mean you won't have to send out a search party come the end of the night.

It's pretty common to have a few drinks before heading out, so take a look at the list of our top 10 hen party drinking games to see how you can have a load of fun before heading out.


Cocktail Making Masterclass

Whichever hen party destination you choose, there are loads of varieties of cocktail making masterclass, including Gin tasting classes. It's one of the most chosen evening hen party ideas out there and for good reason. Most venues offer around three drinks (making and being made for you to 'test'). As well as tasty cocktails, groups often choose to stay at the venue for a 2 or 3 course meal as it means you can stay in one place for a good chunk of your hen party evening, before possible going out to the bars/clubs.


A cocktail making masterclass is a top choice of evening hen party ideas


~ Try your hand at mixology during a hen party evening ~



Having the option to go and see some hot guys taking their clothes off may sound like a dream. Luckily for you, you can choose this as one of your evening hen party ideas at 13 hen party destinations across the UK. You can even choose packages whereby you'll get to meet the performers in person, quite possibly making some dreams come true.


Watch a film

We're going to switch tact here and go for a one of a couple fairly chilled evening hen party ideas. You could choose to find the nearest cinema and make it the base of your night out, or you might have had a heavy night the night before and just want to stay at the hen party house or hotel and watch a film or two. You could even have a film marathon of the hen's favourite series if that;s what she wants to do.


Is a hen party Dance class any good?

An extremely popular evening hen party activity is a dance class. You can choose from pretty much any theme, so if you have a specific theme for your hen party (see our suggestions here) then you can quite easily tie it in with a dance class. Dance classes can also be run in almost any hen party destination, so it's a great choice.


Party bus

A trip on a party bus is one of the most spectacular evening hen party ideas, as when else will you get transported on a bus to some of the best night spots in town? You'll be taken around your hen party destination and dropped outside some fantastic bars and clubs, to guarantee an amazing evening. You can even start with a meal at a chosen restaurant (included in the price) and the bus will pick you up right outside. How's that for VIP service?


Party boat trips

Depending on which hen party destination you choose, you can look at hiring a party boat as an evening activity. These trips can last between 2-3 hours on average and usually have music and can sometimes include food, from a buffet to sit down-meal. It's a great option and one that's really quite popular amongst a huge choice of hen party ideas.


House Party

As evening hen party ideas go, this is a good one as it offers you two routes, those being;

a) get enough drinks (and possibly food) in for everyone, stick some music on and go for it (just be respectful of any neighbours). Throw in some drinking games and you've got a fun-packed night.

b) Bring along your favourite board games and a pack of cards and have a chilled house party. As an idea, you could maybe make a nice dinner and follow it up with games like s**t head, poker, Monopoly, cluedo and/or pieface showdown.

There's endless possibilities and you can choose whatever the hell you want to do without having to worry about taxi fares or remembering where the house/hotel is.


Organising a house party is one of a load of great evening hen party ideas


~ Get your drink on at home or out on the town ~



Go out and have some fun bowling. As far as hen party ideas go, it's not too outrageous, but we can't remember not having fun at a bowling alley. The fact that there's usually at least one in any major town or city also means that you're likely to be able to choose this as a hen party evening activity. The arcades that often accompany the alleys can also provide a heap of laughs as well.


Can I book a private Murder Mystery for a hen party?

Take a look at our write-up about why private Murder Mysteries are so much fun and you'll be hard-pushed not to consider it as one of your evening hen party ideas. With the chance to dress up as some hilarious characters and have a laugh, this is a mega-popular hen party activity. They can also be run at hotels or private accommodation, no matter if you're in a city centre or the middle of nowhere so are superbly flexible.



To win your weekend losses back, you could go to a casino and play your favourite games. Generally, casinos offer packages which can include tuition, a meal, betting chip/token (so you can bet without actually spending anything on the evening, should you not wish to), private tables and more. Please be Gambleaware.


Comedy Club

There are comedy clubs scattered throughout towns and cities across the UK and all of them are great evening hen party ideas. What's better than laughing for a couple of hours? A lot of them also provide the option of having food whilst watching the show as well, so you can kill two birds with one stone.



Fancy yourself as Dua Lipa/Doja Cat/Ariana Grande/Nikki Minaj/[insert favourite artist here]? Then you should head to a venue serving up Karaoke. Even if no-one can sing, it'll be an absolute blast. In fact, the most memorable moments in Karaoke establishments are often those not directly related to how you sound (there can be some pretty great actions to go with the music).


Evening meal

Take yourselves off for a delicious evening meal at your choice of bar/pub/restaurant. From posh nosh to all-you-can-eat buffets, there are endless food options in almost every hen party destination. Food is a necessity, but who says that evening hen party ideas can't include something essential and amazing?


Evening hen party ideas which include food are almost a necessity


~ Turn something necessary into something spectacular ~


Butlers in the Buff

You don't want to stay at a house if it means you have to do everything yourselves, right? If that rings true, you should definitely look at one of the naughtiest evening hen party ideas around. Hire 1 or 2 semi-naked hunks for 1 or 2 hours to cater to your needs. Serving food and drinks, running games and more... there's a lot of fun to be had.


Ghetto Golf

Crazy golf just went loco. With holes set inside some absolutely crazy places and plenty of neon, this adult-only experience is one to try for sure. They all have cocktail bars and serve up some fantastic street food too, so you can have all the fun you can handle with one of the craziest evening hen party ideas out there. It is only available in 3 hen party destinations at the moment though.


Canoeing and Bushcraft trip

Not just an evening hen party activity, but something different to think about. These trips are usually 24 hours long and include some canoeing, learning of bushcraft skills, setting up a camp for the night and sitting around a camp fire, having a drink and relaxing like champs. If you're looking for something other than the norm of evening hen party ideas, this is a truly awesome option.


Cave Bivi Camp

Similar to the idea above, but you'll not need to canoe anywhere and then you'll stay in a cave overnight. The caves are absolutely huge and so are less like caves and more like big, open chambers carved in to the side of cliff faces. Another 'out-there' suggestion, agreed, but if we've peaked your interest with this one or the idea above, you've got our number.


Life Drawing

Coming back down to the norm for the last one on the list seems the right thing to do. Pick a life-drawing as one of your possible evening hen party ideas and you'll get to draw a naked man (teehee). It's a really simple hen party choice, lasting around an hour and it can be run anywhere across the UK, be it a private house, hotel or other venue (providing the space is sufficient).


How to book your favourite evening hen party ideas

We've hopefully now got you thinking about the evening hen do ideas that you like the most. If this is the case, but you need a bit of help to sort everything out then you should now think about giving us a bell or dropping us a message to get the wheels in motion.

From beginning to end we'll help you by providing the following services:

- Sending you as many quotes as you need until you have the perfect one.

- Booking everything for you with a £50 deposit.

- Providing everyone with individual payment accounts (meaning you won't have to spend your days chasing people in the group).

- Giving you access to a detailed itinerary of the whole hen do.

If this all sounds interesting, we'd love to hear from you and start to help getting those fantastic evening hen party ideas turned into a reality.


A summary of evening hen do ideas

  1. Night out
  2. Cocktail Making Masterclass
  3. Dreamboys
  4. Card games
  5. Board games
  6. Watch a film
  7. Bowling
  8. House Party
  9. Dance class
  10. Party bus
  11. Party boat trips
  12. Murder Mystery
  13. Casino
  14. Comedy Club
  15. Karaoke
  16. Evening meal
  17. Butlers in the Buff
  18. Ghetto Golf
  19. Canoeing and Bushcraft trip
  20. Yurt camps
  21. Life Drawing

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