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Outdoor Activities For Any Group

17th January 2020 9:00am

Posted by
James Trenchard

Outdoor Activities

There are a great many outdoor activities to choose from and what you choose is completely up to you. We will provide you with a list of the most popular outdoor activities across the board, with the intention of showing you that, no matter which group you belong to (stag/hen/corporate etc), you have an amazing choice of outdoor activities to consider.

If you'd rather speak to someone about your ideas, or if you have an idea that doesn't feature in this article, speak to us by clicking here or send us a message here. We'll be happy to talk you through any questions and help you to decide on the most perfect outdoor activities (or anything else for that matter).


Most Energetic outdoor activities

The following list of outdoor activities provides a high-energy solution to any group event. If you need everyone to burn off some excess energy before heading back to your accommodation, or you just want to have a shed-load of fun, have a look at theses outdoor activities and see if any seem like your cup-of-tea.


Bubble football

If you've never heard of this, then be prepared for some pretty intense contact between you and everyone else in the group. It doesn't matter if you like football or not, you will be fitted into a big bubble and take part in some mega-fun games, not just football. In fact, you don't have to play any football at all. It is perfect for getting out some frustration, running around like a mad person and working the best methods for a) staying on your feet and/or b) getting back up after rolling helplessly around on the floor.


White Water Rafting

Head to the rapids and immerse yourself in a world of white water (quite possibly literally). There are a few amazing White Water centres across the UK, where you can take on specifically designed courses. All of them send you down the course with the help of a professional instructor, to help you realise the sport in all its awesomeness. Great for a bit of fun or team-building and awesome in the summer time, when the weather is fine.


Assault Course

To give everyone a bit more of a challenge to their strength, co-ordination and team work, choose an assault course as (one of) your outdoor activities. They are all over the UK and offer various levels of challenges. Even on one course, the instructors will be able to adapt the obstacles for each group. If you're heading to an assault course on a hen do to get a bit muddy or trying to build a team bond, this is an awesome and really flexible outdoor activity.


It's A Knockout

This is a silly bit of fun, but suitable for any group at all. Big inflatables, foam and much more provide the ammunition for a great afternoon. It's well worth having a go at this, especially looking at clips from the old TV show, which these games are based on. You'll all have the chance to compete against other similarly crazy people, all looking for loads of fun. It'll be something to talk about for years to come.


Sports Day

Old school sports days will take you back to a time when things were simpler and some of the biggest challenges were "which pencils looked the coolest". Take part in the classics like the egg and spoon race and tug-of-war and have a laugh-a-minute whilst doing it. There's loads of flexibility with where these can be run, from private accommodation to council playing fields and we've even had them run on beaches, so this is a great outdoor activity for pretty much any group looking for some fun.


Choose a sports day as an outdoor activity for any group


~ Sports days keep everyone on their toes ~



If you're heading somewhere near to a coastline and fancy having a slightly 'unorthodox' dip in the sea, have a think about Coasteering as an option. With this outdoor activity, you'll normally spend a couple of hours scrambling around the coastline, climbing over rocks, jumping off of ledges (not cliffs or anything as serious as that) and generally having a great amount of fun. It's perfect for groups looking for something in the sea, that's a bit of a challenge but not too extreme.


Gorge Scrambling

Think 'Coasteering in a river'. You'll set off with your guides/instructors and head upstream in the river. This activity usually provides a good level of challenge for everyone from complete novices up to the most experienced scramblers. The great thing is that as a group, you'll have a mixed range of abilities, so everyone can work together to allow everyone to have fun and make sure that this is an outdoor activity that you're unlikely to forget.


Outdoor Activities Requiring Some Effort

The next load of great outdoor activities come with a slightly less intense level of energy required. They're again, so much fun and provide great options for absolutely any group. Take a look.


Outdoor Go Karting

Karting will bring the heart-rate up and get the adrenaline flowing. Outdoor tracks (compared to their indoor counterparts) generally provide more track, with much longer circuits and more opportunities to race each other and make that killer overtaking move on the person you've been looking to 'one-up' since you met them. The karts usually also provide enough power to make sure you know you're racing. There are various outdoor karting tracks throughout the UK, meaning you won't be far from one, wherever you're looking to go.


Clay Pigeon Shooting

A classic outdoor activity, dating back to 1880 and with longevity like that, this demonstrates it's rightful place on this list. There are venues to choose from across the UK, making it one of the easiest outdoor activities to work in to any trip for any group. This is an activity that will provide plenty of ammunition (excuse the pun) for conversation over the course of a weekend or when you get back into the office on Monday morning, after Susan from accounts was scarily accurate with a shotgun...


Off Road Buggies / Quad Bikes

Driving activities fit hand-in-hand with any group looking to add a bit of power to their trip. These activities offer something a bit different from karting, giving you the opportunity to get off-road and thrash around some great tracks. From dirt circuits to full-blown off-road safaris, whatever level of off-roading you're looking for, it'll be out there somewhere. There are great options close to most major towns and cities, to quench your need for kicking up some mud.



~ Have a go at some off-road driving ~



This is another outdoor activity where football is part of the game, but you don't have to like or even know anything about football to have an amazing time. Footgolf has grown a lot as an activity in the past few years and is now one of the most popular across the UK. The aim is to kick the football into a hole (a specific hole, don't aim for random holes) as few shots as possible, on a specifically designed course. In our experience, teams with mixed abilities and footballing experience make for a much more entertaining time, but also works really well for sports-people.


Canoeing and Bushcraft

Explore wilderness and learn new skills... not something that everyone can say they've done. There are some great 24 hour canoeing and bushcraft trips which you can read about here. It's written for stag do trips, but the fantastic thing about these trips is that they can be tailored to suit the needs of any group, from Scouts, to hens and everyone else. You can also choose to do a session of bushcraft skills or a canoe trip only, if it's just a day time outdoor activity you're after.


Raft Building

Outdoor activities don't come with a 'potential to get wet' rating (odd, right?), but if they did then this would certainly have a pretty high rating. The aim of the game is to use all of the equipment provided to build something that will keep you and our team afloat. There are plenty of spots across the UK which offer you the chance to test your skills as a ship builder. Raft building is popular with a huge variety of groups, as it serves up laughter, team-work and general fun times.


Climbing and abseiling

Climb to the highest heights as part of any group. Indoor climbing provides plenty more options, but climbing as an outdoor activity gives can give you much more stunning scenery, more variety of routes to climb and make you feel much cooler (possibly). Climbing and abseiling are awesome activities for all groups due to the skills they require, the level of accomplishment they can supply and the possibility for plenty of stories of epic climbs and Mission Impossible II style scenes of hanging on with one hand, looking all cool and stuff.



You can put as much effort in to paintball as you like. More risk could mean more reward, in terms of winning, but it could also mean that you could get a painful paint pellet to the posterior. Loads and loads of businesses choose paintball for their staff do and we're not why shooting other colleagues appeals so much, but it just does. It's popular across all groups due to how reasonable it is an an outdoor activity, the choice of half or full-day sessions and the fact that it is available just about everywhere.


Calmest outdoor activities

So you're looking for something slightly less energy-intensive for your group and whilst the options are slightly fewer, these outdoor activities will still provide you with just what you're looking for.


Horse Trek

Riding along in the countryside, getting big lung-fulls of fresh air and spending time with others. It sounds like a Centreparcs advert, but you can just as easily add this in to any group trip. It'll certainly be something to remember and not something that many groups can say they've had the pleasure of doing. The locations of stables that offer this aren't extensive, but just give us a call and we can help you to find the perfect location with a beautiful horse trek included.


GPS Treasure Hunt

To keep your feet on the ground and still have a ton of fun (eat your heart out Shakespeare), a GPS treasure hunt is something to think about doing. They can be set up in pretty much any town or city (they already exist in most major towns and cities) and can be personalised for any group. In essence, you'll spend an hour or two hunting down clues using your phones, answering questions, scoring points and battling against other teams from your group.


Book Your Favourite Outdoor Activities

Work do, stag do, hen do, family do or any other kind of do, the activities we've put above are an awesome list of things to do outside and can suit any group. Now we've given you the ideas, you may well want to discuss your plans with us and if that is the case, we'll be more than happy to hear from you. You can also message us here and we'll help you to put your ideas together and work out a great trip for whatever the occasion.

From there, booking with us is simple. An initial £50 deposit will mean that we get everything booked for you, giving you time to ask everyone in the group to register their own places and pay individually, meaning less chasing everyone further down the line.

As well as payments, we will handle everything and give you access to a detailed itinerary to make sure you have all the information you need for your trip.


Outdoor Activities Summary

Getting outdoors and having a laugh is great for any group and there are loads of fantastic options out there to choose from. Take a look at the most popular outdoor activities below, all of which can suit any group:

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