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Simple Stag Do Ideas

17th September 2019 2:00pm

Posted by
James Trenchard

How to plan a simple stag do

The best and most simple stag do ideas

There is never a one-size-fits-all approach to planning a stag do because if there was, then stag dos would already be really easy to organise. We're here to give you ideas on how to make planning a stag do really easy and also how to make the stag do itself easy whilst you're there. This guide will give you the best ways to plan a simple stag do, so have a look at the easy stag do planning tips below and then you can sit back and relax whilst on the phone to us to get everything sorted.

One of the easiest things to do is skip reading this article altogether and give us a call to discuss the most simple stag do ideas you can think of. If you're not ready to speak to anyone just yet, then have a peak below to get some ideas for yourself.


Easy stag do Activities

The best activities to include for a simple stag do weekend will vary from group-to-group, but below we will list the ones that we think will help to keep everything as simple as possible, no matter what your group like.

Multi-activity centres

These are scattered throughout the UK and offer a fantastically simple activity approach. Most of these centres offer activities like clay pigeon shooting, off road buggies and much more. Having everything in one place is a great way to keep things simple and the activities usually last about an hour each, so you can have a great day on one site. These centres also usually have lunch deals, so you'll have no reason to go anywhere else, making it one superbly simple stag do.

Canoeing and bushcraft trips

These trips, in our humble opinion, are AWESOME! To get a full idea of what is involved, take a look at the article that we've put together all about them. Whilst there are usually a few details to sort out for these trips in the beginning, once out on the weekend you don't have to worry about a thing. You'll all meet up, get into your canoes and be able to forget about anything important for the weekend. Breakfast and evening meal are usually also included which makes it even easier.


Similar to the concept of keeping everything on one site, paintball offers up half or full day sessions so once you're on-site, you can stay there and have some fun. Paintball centres usually offer some kind of lunch option as well, helping to keep the stag do nice and simple.


Paintball is a great simple stag do idea


~ So simple you can just lie down and chill out, like these guys ~



Go karting is a simple activity to organise. There are loads of tracks, both indoor and outdoor, around the UK which are usually easy to find. You turn up, have a race or some timed laps and then head back. It's such a simple stag do idea that we don't feel it necessary to say much more about it!


Most footgolf courses are part of a golf course with club houses, so as well as being easy to find, you'll be able to grab some food/drinks whilst there. The actual game may not prove quite as easy, but that's down to your own personal performance and we're afraid that we can't help you with that!


Straightforward stag do accommodation

Now you've got an idea of what activities you'd like to arrange for a simple stag do, you should consider where you're going to stay. There are some key points to mention to help you keep your stag do plans simple:

Look at where you're going to stay for your easy stag do

By staying close to the activities, you're giving yourself the best chance of keeping the stag do nice and simple. You're on the stag do to enjoy yourself too, so you don't want to spend the weekend having to instruct everyone on the grid-reference for the activities. By keeping travel distance to a minimum people are less likely to get lost or delayed when getting to the venue(s).

Central hotels are often a popular option, but they aren't going to be the easiest option for every stag do. If your activities are all central then great, but if you're doing something like Coasteering, where you'll be heading out of town, then somewhere outside of the centre will possibly be a better option.

Consider what your simple stag do accommodation includes

To make it a truly simple stag do, having as much already included makes a difference. For this reasons, think about the possibility of booking your accommodation on a bed and breakfast basis. If you have to cook your own food then this will inevitably mean having to take trips to shops and adds in another aspect to think about. Most hotels can provide food, so it's something to consider.


Effortless stag do nights out

Planning a night out could be a potential nightmare, looking at where to go, working out entry fees and then trying to round a group of people that you might not know very well. To keep the simple stag do going, consider;

VIP Booths - Great to keep everything simple by having a pre-ordered selection of drinks all ready for you when you get in and having seating to keep everyone together(ish) on the night. You can choose the best club for the group too, so you won't have to worry about finding somewhere on the night.

Guest list passes - An even easier stag do idea than booking a booth, guest list passes provide you with a list of places where you can get in to without paying entry fees on the night and often include one or two free drinks. Everyone can be given a copy of the addresses, so you don't have to panic that you don't know where to go for your night out.

We've written articles about the best stag do bars in Bristol and Nottingham, so why not have a look there too for some more inspiration?

Bristol stag do bars

Nottingham stag bars


Make your stag do night out simple


~ Hilarious stories or not, pre-organise a simple stag do night out and be a winner ~


Simple stag do travel

Keeping the travel plans simple for the stag do is also important, as getting it right can mean that you don't spend the majority of the weekend in a car or minibus. Staying close to home keeps travel easy if you're mainly from the area as you're more likely to know exactly where you're going and therefore less likely to get lost.

If you want to get away then you can look at booking a minibus or taxis to get the group around. This takes stress away from the stag do as the drivers will do the driving for you and have the knowledge of the area so that you don't need to. This option may just mean a bit more initial planning, but still simple to sort out.

If you're looking at other methods of transport, public transport can be fairly simple to work out, but it depends where you're going. Major cities tend to have less frustrating transport networks than, say, rural areas, but you could be surprised.

Also allow plenty of time to get between activities and your accommodation. Not leaving enough gaps between everything will potentially ruin a nice easy stag do and mean that everyone ends up tired and hungry.


Plain and simple stag do prices

Keeping costs down should mean that there are less complications with getting people interested. We find that there can be issues with people not wanting to attend a stag do if you're paying loads for a really complicated and jam-packed weekend. Keeping things simple will generally keep costs down and mean that everyone will be more interested in going. So it's important to not try and cram too many activities in to your weekend. You can still have a great stag do without having something booked for every single hour of the day for the whole weekend.


Keep the stag do simple


~ There's no need to panic. Keep it free and easy ~


Enquire with us about your simple stag do ideas

You don't have to remember all of the above. We appreciate that it's a bit ironic that we've given you so many tips about how to keep it a simple stag do, but we'll leave it here so that you don't have to think about anything above too much. We've even put together a summary below so that you can copy it and refer to it whilst messaging the group. We do have one absolute final way to keep the stag do simple and that is to use our services at Essential Adventure. We specialise in organising stag dos and help to keep everything simple by offering the following:

- Simple enquiry process: Give us a call or contact us online

- Simple quote process: You tell us what you want and we'll send you a quote (or as many as you need) for your plans

- Easy to talk to staff: We're always up for a laugh and will always talk you through anything if you have any questions

- Book everything with a small deposit: With an initial deposit we will book everything for you

- Simple itinerary: You and the group will all have access to the details of your stag do, from addresses and arrival times to exactly what you're getting and contact numbers

- Individual payment system: Everyone on the stag do will be given their own online payment account so you don't have to worry about rounding up monies


Simple stag do summary

If you're looking to organise a simple stag do, here are the most important things to consider:

  • Keeping activities in one place / close together
  • Booking accommodation near to your activities
  • Including food in your activities and accommodation
  • Don't book too many activities
  • Keep costs down as much as possible

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