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Adventure Stag Do Destinations

22nd November 2019 10:00am

Posted by
James Trenchard

Stag Do Destinations for Adventure

If you're looking for the best adventure stag do destinations then read on. If you're looking for an adventure stag weekend, then our list of stag do destinations has all of the most important information, like what you can do and where you can stay to make it a true adventure stag do. 

Adventure comes in all shapes and size, so everything below is just aiming to give you a rough idea of what is available and where, but if at any point you have questions or would like some more details, then just give us a quick phone call and we'll be happy to run through everything with you to create the perfect adventure stag weekend.

See what adventure you can achieve by reading on!



Take a look at our top tips for Bournemouth here, to see why it's a great stag do destination in general. Back to the topic in hand though, Bournemouth packs lots of stag do adventure activities. Being on the coast, there's a great selection of either water or land-based activities to choose from.

Here are the adventures on offer.

Coasteering: Head to the breath-taking Jurassic Coast and explore the jumps, ledges and much more with this superb adventure around the coast.

Canoeing and Bushcraft: Head out on a 24 hour trip. You'll set off in Canadian canoes from Poole Harbour, set up a wild camp and learn some basic bushcraft/survival skills. A really popular trip for those looking to escape for a weekend.

Go Ape: Head to the canopy in the New Forest and take on balance beams, ropes and much more (just don't be the only one to fall off or you may never hear the end of it).

Climbing/Abseiling: This can also be done right by the sea, along the Jurassic Coast. The stag will also be offered the opportunity to do a 'face-first' abseil.

Sea Kayaking: Take to the open seas just a short drive from Bournemouth and take in the amazing scenery once again, sat on top of kayaks.


Staying in Bournemouth also presents a few opportunities to add some extra adventure in to your stag weekend.

Wild camping: As part of a canoeing and bushcraft trip, you'll stay on a wild camp site and get away from boring buildings and people.

Cave camp: A unique camping spot based inside an old mining cave offers an amazing place to stay.

Yurts: Hire out some big yurts to stay in. It's the more 'luxurious' end of adventure with each yurt having its own fire pit and BBQ area, but still counts as adventurous if you want it to.


Cave camping near Bournemouth for an adventure stag do weekend


- Camping in a cave on the coast is pretty damn adventurous -



Similarly to Bournemouth, Devon presents plenty of opportunities for adventure. With some absolutely awesome trips and activities, tried and tested by hundreds (if not thousands) of stag groups, there is something for everyone. Overground or underground, in the water or on the land, you can truly Womble free (we realise some of you may have to Google the Wombles to see what the heck we're on about) and see how good Devon is as an adventure stag do destination.

Take a look at the best picks for an adventure stag do in Devon.

Coasteering: Torquay in south Devon offers a superb spot for some adventure. Climb around the rocky coastline, jump in and explore the water and generally have a laugh.

Canoeing and Bushcraft: Another great trip, this time setting off along the River Dart. 24 hours of getting away from any settlements and people, set up camp by the river and get to grips with some basic bushcraft and survival skills, so that you can confidently go on more future adventures. Take a look at why these are so popular.

Caving: Bring out your inner Batman and head into a cave for a couple of hours. One of only a handful of publicly accessible caverns in the UK, have an underground adventure as part of your stag do.

Go Ape: Use your ninja-like agility, balance and strength to find your way through a tree-top obstacle course, just outside of Exeter.

Climbing: There are various places across Devon, both indoor and outdoor, to test you climbing abilities whilst on your adventure stag do.


Devon gives you the chance to start the adventure every day by choosing an adventurous place to stay.

Wild camping: You could opt to camp completely wild, somewhere within the Dartmoor National Park or more simply, choose the canoeing and bushcraft trip to have it included as part of the weekend. Your call!

Yurts: Based a short drive from Exeter but pretty much in the sticks, this is a great option for those seeking loads more comfort than a tent and loads more adventure than in a hotel.



We can't leave Scotland out of the list as the area around Edinburgh provides some fantastic activities, making it an awesome adventure stag do destination. Being Scotland's capital city, there's plenty of adventure to be had in the city, but if you're looking for real adventure, there's lots to do not too far outside.

Take a look at our suggestions of the best adventure stag do activities around Edinburgh.

Canyoning: Head around an hour north of Edinburgh and there is an amazing canyon to be explored. With two waterfalls and plenty of slides and jumps to take part in, this is certainly an awesome adventure to be had.

Canoeing and Bushcraft: Again, around an hour's drive from Edinburgh, but well worth the trip if you're looking for true adventure. Head up the river Tweed, camp by the river and learn some basic bushcraft and survival skills.

Go Ape: Swing between trees like our earliest ancestors, like you belong in a zoo. A brilliant adventure activity, but not for anyone with a big fear of heights.

Climbing: Edinburgh boasts an international climbing arena, so no matter your level of experience, you'll find a challenge to suit your adventurous nature.


Edinburgh isn't quite the Highlands, but here's how to stay adventurous on the stag do.

Wild camping: Choose the canoeing and bushcraft trip will mean that you're out in the wild for 24 hours, to keep it adventurous.


Go Ape for an adventure stag do weekend


- Unleash your inner-primate and have an adventure up in the trees -


South Wales

With one of the UK's biggest national parks in the form of the Brecon Beacons, south Wales has so much to offer. Whether you're looking for an entire weekend of adventure, or just some adventurous activities to add into the mix, south Wales has it all and is a truly fantastic adventure stag do destination.

Here's the pick of what's on offer:

Canoeing and Bushcraft: These trips are run in the Brecon Beacons and keep everything adventurous. The canoe and bushcraft elements are separate, but still offer the same level of adventure and can include night-time navigation skills as well, just in case!

Gorge Scrambling: A really popular stag adventure activity and one that some of us here have actually taken part in as part of a stag do. Essentially it's a walk up a river, but physically, it's jumping, scrambling and making your way upstream... in and besides the river.

Climbing: There are loads of great spots to go if you fancy some in adventure in the form of climbing. There are indoor and outdoor sites to choose from too, to cover all bases.

White Water Rafting: Head to Cardiff and you'll be able to take on an international White Water course, to really get the heart pumping.


Head into the wilderness for an adventure:

Wild camping: On the Canoeing and bushcraft trip you'll be staying in the Brecon beacons for a proper adventure and learning how to survive. There's also a bothy option, which is essentially a hollow shell of a building, for some extra shelter.


North Wales

Home to the beast that is Mount Snowdon and also Snowdonia National Park, the range of stag do adventure activities is great. North Wales has pretty much everything an adventure stag do destination can offer and is definitely one to consider.

Here are the most adventurous stag do activities:

Coasteering: Meet in Llangollen, then head to the coast for some jumping, climbing and swimming adventures. Similarly amazing scenery as other coasteering spots, making it an awesome choice for an adventure stag weekend activity.

Canoeing and Bushcraft: Keep the adventure flowing by spending 24 hours in the wild. You'll even canoe across an aqueduct as part of this trip, for some spectacular views. Wild camping doesn't get much more adventurous than this.

Gorge Scrambling: Fight the river and scramble your way up, climbing and jumping at various points to take on a great stag do adventure activity near to Trawsfynydd in the heart of Snowdonia National Park.

Mountaineering / Orienteering: With such spectacular settings, true adventures aren't far away. Head into the mountains (and they really are mountains) and get your adventure on with some mountaineering and getting to grips with some orienteering skills.


Whilst you're in North Wales why not try this accommodation?

Wild camping: Ok, so not much accommodation as setting up a camp site, but where's the adventure in having too many walls? The canoeing and bushcraft trip provides adventure even where you sleep.


Canoeing and bushcraft trips are great for an adventure stag do weekend


- Kayak at about 120ft above the ground on this mega piece of architecture -


Adventure Stag Do Destinations Summary

The best stag do adventure destinations offer some great activity options for those looking to get out and about and have loads of fun. Each of the adventure stag weekend destinations offers a unique spin on each activity, even though their names are the same, so you won't ever experience the same as another group have done, such is the nature of these adventure activities.

One of the best parts for these adventure stag weekend destinations is that they keep everything relatively inexpensive compared to staying in a hotel (yurts are a bit more pricey), so it's really a win-win situation for the adventurous groups.

If you'd like more information, please get in touch with us and we'll be happy to discuss any of your questions in more detail. We'll then get everything booked for you, arrange it all from start to finish, give you and the group your own individual payment accounts (no chasing anyone for money), set up a detailed itinerary and make sure that the whole process is smooth and easy. Why wait?


Best Adventure Stag Do Destinations

If you're looking for adventure, then these adventure stag do destinations are the ones we'd suggest considering:

  • Bournemouth
  • Brecon Beacons
  • Devon
  • South Wales
  • North Wales

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