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Hen Party Spa Weekends

13th March 2020 5:00pm

Posted by
James Trenchard

Hen Party Spa Weekend Breaks

An extremely popular hen party weekend is one where everyone can relax and there are fewer things more relaxing than Hen Party Spa Weekends. Some people may choose to have two hen parties, one for the 'party-hard' gang and another for the family and pregnant friends who don't fancy getting 'on it'. Whatever the reason for a spa weekend break or day trip, there are numerous options and add-ons which can make it the most relaxing day or weekend before the bride-to-be gets married.

Have a look at everything below and you should come away feeling a great sense of relaxation and inner-peace with the hen party spa weekend plans.

If you have any questions, they may be answered in the FAQs at the bottom of the article, but if you still have a question then you can always pick up a phone and ask us.


Where can I Have a Hen Party Spa Weekend?

There are plenty of hen party destinations throughout the UK which you can choose for a fantastic hen party spa weekend break. It doesn't matter if you're looking for a close-to-home spa weekend or if everyone is happy to travel, you're more than likely to find something that fits the brief. Let's get a little more specific with the options for where you can have your hen party spa weekend.


At a Spa Hotel

Should you be looking for everything in one place then a spa hotel is the optimal choice for you. Stay at the hotel, use the pool, gym, sauna etc as part of your stay and have a treatment or two. You won't have to go very far over the course of the weekend. These hotels are perfect for a proper weekend of ultimate relaxation. No taxis to and fro, no working out where you're all going for dinner, just complete ease and peace-of-mind that everything is right where you are. You can often also included other hen party activities at the hotel, such as a Murder Mystery evening. These can be brought to your group at the hotel and aren't too taxing on your well-rested minds/bodies. For more simple hen party ideas, take a look here too.


Book a spa hotel for your hen party spa weekend


~ Spa hotels offer ultimate relaxation for a hen party spa weekend ~


At a Hotel Without a Spa

Just because a hotel doesn't have spa facilities doesn't make it a bad option for a spa weekend. A lot of hotels still have leisure facilities which can be taken advantage of. There are then two options to have spa treatments:

1) Head to a local beauty treatment venue where everyone can have their choice of treatment(s)

2) Book a mobile spa treatment company to come to the hotel and run treatments in one of your bedrooms

The first option is perfect for those looking for the treatments to be an activity within the weekend, rather than the basis of the whole weekend. It could work, for example, where everyone goes off and does a bit of shopping and then takes their turn at heading in for a treatment.

The second choice is great for a more relaxing approach and more like that of a hen party spa weekend at a spa hotel.

There are pros and cons with both arrangements, but ultimately you'll know what you're looking for and can choose whichever option you think best suits your requirements.


Hired Accommodation

If you're thinking of hiring private accommodation, such as an apartment, flat or house, this doesn't exclude you from having a truly relaxing hen party spa weekend. As mentioned above, there are mobile spa treatment companies and they can just as easily head to your accommodation. If your hired accommodation has a pool and/or sauna it will be a perfectly relaxed hen party spa weekend and you'll have even more 'home-comforts' than any hotel. Again, you may not have to leave the comfort of the house for the duration of the weekend.


There are pros and cons to all of the options above and ultimately, we're just serving them to you on a platter so that you can see what is available. It's up to you to decide on which works the best for you and the group. We've also got this handy guide to hen party houses and accommodation if you're still mulling over where to stay.


What is included in a hen party spa weekend?

As well as where to stay for the best hen party spa weekend break, there are plenty of different elements to consider. A spa weekend on its own brings thoughts of calming surroundings, being massaged and leaving with a sense of absolute blissful calm and with the addition of some great extras it can elevate the weekend to somewhere beyond your expectations. Here is a list of the components which can make up a hen party spa weekend. 



The basis for any good spa weekend, hen party or not, is the choice of treatments available. These can range from manicures to full body massages, facials to hot stone treatments and everything else you can possibly imagine to relax you to the maximum. It makes very little difference whether you choose a spa hotel or mobile treatment companies as all providers offer very similar choices.


Leisure facilities

Staying somewhere with leisure facilities can be a great choice if you're looking for the ultimate relaxing weekend. It will mean that everyone can float in a swimming pool, sit in a hot tub or sauna and stay nice and chilled whilst everyone else is off having their treatment(s).


Relax on your hen party spa weekend


~ Coconuts optional ~


Afternoon tea

Add a touch more class and sophistication to your hen party spa weekend break by including afternoon tea. Often with a selection of delicious cakes, sandwiches and the option to add some fizz, this will make you feel like royalty. They are often available at hotels too, so you're more than likely going to be able to stay put to stay chilled out.



Some spa hotels offer packages to include a light lunch during a spa day (you don't want anything too significant or the relaxing feeling will turn to a bloated feeling). It's a great way to bring everyone back together for an hour or two if you've all been off enjoying different areas of the hotel/house and using the various facilities. It will also mean that you don't need to worry about finding somewhere to eat as it'll already be sorted!


Robes and slippers

Spa-wear is something that can help to keep you nice and relaxed and a robe and slippers epitomise this. A lot of spa hotels will offer these as part of the deal, but it's something worth checking. If you'd really like a robe and slippers for everyone, check when you're making your enquiries. If it's a deal breaker, make sure to ask for these to be included.


Walk around in comfort on the hen party spa weekend


~ Get comfy and enjoy lounging for a whole weekend ~


How much does a hen party spa weekend cost?

This isn't an easy question to answer because all hen party spa weekends are different, but you're likely going to be looking at between £130-£200 per person1 for a weekend spa break. The lower figure is based on staying at a spa hotel and having just a single treatment plus one other activity (such as afternoon tea). The higher figure is based on staying at private accommodation and have another two or three activities as well as a spa treatment.

Being a guide range of prices, you may well be able to get something for less money at a spa hotel and on the flip side, a private house may be more expensive. It's all dependant on the availability/cost of accommodation, any other extra activities you're looking to do and also the amount of people going.

It's best to speak to us to see what price we can get for your hen party spa weekend.


Hen Party Spa Weekend FAQs

There are some questions which you may have, so take a look below and see if we can answer them for you:


What should you wear under your robe?2

It's a common question if you've never had a spa day or a treatment. If robes are included, is that all you should wear? The short answer; no. You should wear comfortable clothing such as jogger bottoms, running trouser etc. You may feel comfortable wearing a swimming costume and this is perfect if you're heading to the pool at any point during the day, either before or after your treatment(s). If not, the clothes you wear need to make sure that it doesn't take an age to get your treatment started. For example, if you're having a neck back and shoulder massage, you don't want to turn up wearing five layers. Avoid anything with intricate fastenings too as this will only slow the process down.

It's also important to say that all spa staff will want you to feel relaxed and enjoy the experience, so if you have any questions or are uncomfortable with removing certain clothing, let them know and they will accommodate your requests to keep you feeling at ease.


Can I have a massage whilst pregnant?

Massages during pregnancy are possible. Most spas have specially trained therapists who can provide specialist pregnancy-friendly treatments and if this is not the case then it's usually OK to have a manicure/pedicure/facial. In all cases, we would recommend checking this before booking and also checking with your midwife/doctor, just to be sure about what you should be avoiding.


How do I book a hen party spa weekend?

Booking a hen party spa weekend break is nice and simple when you book it with us. Have a chat with us on the phone to let us know exactly what you're looking for. We'll then set about putting together the perfect package for you, based on what we've discussed. Once you're happy with what's included and the price we will get everything booked for you with a small deposit.

We'll then look after everything for you;

> Individual payment accounts for everyone going, so you don't have to keep chasing people (handy if you don't know everyone very well).

> Access to a detailed itinerary which will include your choice of treatments, timings and more.

If that all sounds great, we'll be at the end of the phone and waiting to hear from you.


Hen Party Spa Weekend in Summary

There are loads of things to think about when planning a truly relaxing hen party spa weekend, so here is a helpful summary for you. Consider:

  • Where to stay; a spa hotel, a hotel without a spa or private accommodation.
  • The choice of treatments available.
  • Leisure facilities on offer.
  • Including afternoon tea / lunch.
  • If robes and slippers are included.
  • The cost per person


1 - Estimated price range valid in December 2019

2 -

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