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Top 10 Summer Hen Party Ideas

24th April 2020 11:00am

Posted by
James Trenchard

The Best Summer Hen Party Activities

A top summer hen party will consist of an amazing group of people, great weather, a fantastic location and finally, unforgettable activities. We can't help with who goes or the weather, but we can definitely help you out with some great places to stay and the best summer hen party activities around.

With such a huge range of hen party activities to choose from, we've narrowed them down to showcase 10 of the best summer hen party activity ideas. From the 'usual' to some that you might not have considered, we'll provide you with the information and it's up to you to pick the ones you like. You could even choose a hen party theme to fit around the activities, or vice versa.

Whilst most of the activities on this list are outdoor activities, there are some which can also be run inside should the weather have its own plans.


What Are The Best Summer Hen Party Ideas?

Before we dive in, please know that we're here to help you to plan a truly epic summer hen party and so you can simply get in touch to discuss your summer hen party plans at any point, no matter how small the question is. Hopefully though, the list will give you lots of inspiration and when you do give us a call, it will be to get the ball rolling!


White water rafting

If the bride-to-be loves a bit of a rush then this could be an amazing choice for the hen weekend. Take on some refreshing rapids on your summer hen party. This might not be something you've thought about doing before, but hen party weekends are all about doing something memorable. There are only a few centres around the UK which offer this adrenaline-pumping summer hen party activity so it's not something everyone can say that they have done.

If you've never done anything like this before, that shouldn't put you off because the centres which run white water rafting are often internationally recognised courses, designed to suit all abilities and the instructors are there to make sure you're all having a great time.


Surfing lesson

Heading down to the beach to catch a few golden rays of glorious sunshine might already be incorporated into the summer hen party plan, but whilst you're there, why not have a go at surfing too? Think about it, if you choose this, you could include something that people go on holiday to do, it's great for your body (ideal if the wedding is coming up and you want to look HOT), you'll have a real laugh and you may just have learnt a cool new sport.

It does limit where the hen party weekend can be (hopefully an explanation is not necessary) but a lot of coastal towns are set up for great summer hen parties anyway, so it's not like you're going to be missing out on anything.


Surfing is a wicked summer hen party activity


- Take to the water and learn how to surf -



There's a bit of a coastal hen party theme going on here and that's because it's the best place to go for a summer hen party. Although coasteering isn't generally set on a beach, it's an amazing way to have some fun, let off some steam and have a nice dip in the big ol' blue. There are several hen party destinations whereby you can find that coasteering is available. All of them will offer a similar experience in terms of it being fantastic wherever you go, but none of them are the same.

Scrambling around the coast over rocks, through tunnels, under bridges carved by the sea and jumping into the ocean really is a top summer hen party idea and one you won't be disappointed with.


Boat trip

You don't have to have a nautical background to enjoy being on a boat and if there's any time to enjoy the high seas then it's on your summer hen party weekend. Most hen-party-friendly boat trips have the option to have music, grab a bite to eat and let your feet do the rest of the talking.

There are some awesome boats to hire privately around the UK and some which are 'open' events so that your group will be part of a bigger party puzzle, but either way, as summer hen party activities go... this is a fantastic choice.


Canal boat

Another suggestion for a boat trip, but this one is pretty much the polar opposite of the one above. Imagine cruising through picturesque countryside at a leisurely, stress-reducing pace, the summer sun beaming down on all of you and everything you need being in one place. With so many great marinas dotted around the UK, you shouldn't have to travel too far should you choose this superb summer hen party weekend.

With many of the marinas being less than a day's travel from their closest respective town or city, there's no reason why a summer hen party can't still include all the other awesome activities you would otherwise choose.

Think of this as a summer hen party idea for those looking to escape from the 'normal' hen party weekend and really kick back between whatever awesome stuff you want to do.


Off Road Buggies

If you like a good bit of driving, off road buggies could be the perfect summer hen party activity choice. With this activity being so popular, there are loads of centres to pick, all of which offer a heart-pumping, fast paced experience that you're not likely to forget any time soon.

It's usually a time-trial format so it's you and the clock against everyone else. We've had a go at this ourselves and to say that it was some of the most fun in a vehicle we've ever had wouldn't be an overstatement at all. Sliding around on dusty tracks with a whole load of power behind you is a truly exhilarating experience and one we couldn't recommend highly enough.



- Get the speed bug(gies) and show everyone how much ass you kick -


Quad bikes

Quad biking is a slightly less intense motorised activity but still a whole heap of fun to include on a summer hen party. Some offer completely off-road trails in woodlands to explore and overcome obstacles, whilst other centres offer tracks and time-trial formats, but whichever way you look at it, it's going to be fun.

Sitting on top of an engine and feeling the control of the power beneath you is certain to give you at least a little bit of a buzz. As a summer hen party activity it's also got the added bonus of feeling the wind rushing past you, whilst still being out in the beautiful sunshine, instead of in the shade of a roof. All-in-all, this is a top summer hen party idea.


IAKO / Totally Wiped Out

It's a Knockout and its water-based sister, Totally Wiped Out are extremely popular with hen party groups for their silliness and levels of fun. Essentially, the premise of both is to look stupid, take part in simple and hilarious games and take on some big inflatable obstacles. They are both run at various locations in the UK and now there is also Total knockout which combines the best parts of both activities.

Perfect for a summer hen party as you'll be outside enjoying the weather and are likely to get dowsed (key to staying cool if the sun is out), all while having a great laugh at/with your mates.


Sports Day

Going back to school may sound like a nightmare, but remove the bullies, exams and add in everyone being grown-ups and you're onto a real winner (we think, anyway). You'll get to travel back in time to a day when space hoppers were still a thing, have a go at keeping eggs perfectly balanced and many more exciting historical games. This is all designed for you to have fun and is an extremely popular summer hen party activity. If you're not sure, we've done a whole separate article on why they are so great, just have a look by clicking here.


Choose an awesome summer hen party activity with a school sports day


- Head to the beach for something a little bit different than usual -



It's always 5pm somewhere, right? So whether you fancy a drink for lunch or as the start to your evening, a cocktail making masterclass is a top summer hen party activity idea. It's hot, you need to cool off... and why not learn the wizardry of how to make a couple of cocktails in the process?

If you're travelling to a town or city, you can probably choose to add one of these in to your weekend and most have the option to include food too. These are great activities and will help to round off an awesome summer hen party weekend.


Summer Hen Party Ideas Summary

Hopefully this has all helped to set you on the course to summer hen party weekend enlightenment, but we've got loads of other really helpful articles if you're still missing a piece of the puzzle. For example, our article setting out the best sporty hen party activities or our selection of top hen party destinations could be the final piece of the planning puzzle. Don't forget also that you can contact us at any time with any questions you have and we'll be happy to help.

Including the best summer hen party activities in your hen do weekend could leave you scratching your head as the choice is so huge so here is a summary of our top summer hen party activity ideas:

  • White water rafting
  • Surfing lesson
  • Coasteering
  • Boat trip
  • Canal boat
  • Off Road Buggies
  • Quad bikes
  • It's A Knockout
  • Totally Wiped Out
  • Total Knockout
  • Sports Day
  • Cocktail Making Masterclass

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