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22nd May 2020 5:00pm

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Cheap Hen Weekends

Cheap hen do ideas are designed to take the stress out of planning a hen weekend. One of the biggest stresses for people going on any hen weekend (especially after the hoo-ha with a certain 'virus which shall not be named') is the financial impact. There are so many parts to hen weekends which all add to the total price and you don't really want to exclude anyone just because they can't afford it.

We're going to give you a play-by-play guide on what you need to consider to plan a truly awesome, but really cost-effective hen party weekend. Cheap doesn't have to mean something that will fall apart in seconds and on the contrary, our cheap hen do ideas may leave you wondering why more people don't plan hen parties like this.

If you're reading the article and at any point start to think that you like what you see, you can give us a quick call to discuss your cheap hen do ideas and start to get something put together. If, however, you get to the end and you're still a little unsure, you can either take a look at all of our other great blog articles to see if there's anything more specific that we can guide you with. Alternatively, again, drop us a message and we'll be happy to help with whatever hen weekend planning questions you have.


Cheap Hen Do Activities

Hen party activities can drag the price up from the cheap end of the scale and left unchecked, may just cripple the group size. Choosing fun but cheap hen do activities can make a good hen party into an unforgettable one, so have a look at our suggestions below.


Sports day - We can tell you that an old school sports day will bring most of you a lot closer (see here) but two of the best parts are how budget-friendly this amazing hen party activity is and the fact that they can be run pretty much anywhere. A load of fun with friends, bouncing on space-hoopers and feeling like a kid again... why not?

Multi-activity centre - All-in-all, nothing beats the value-for-money you get at a place where loads of awesome hen weekend activities are run. Adding more activities generally means a cheaper cost per activity so if it's an all-action and cheap hen party idea you're after, this is well worth considering.

Cocktail making - Try your hand at mixing some delicious drinks, maybe add some food and you have the ingredients for a great night. As cheap hen party ideas go, this is one of the most popular ones out there.

Afternoon tea - If sophistication is more your thing, there are plenty of gorgeous places to have an afternoon tea as part of your cheap hen party. Tea, cakes, sandwiches and Prosecco are usually the key elements which make a truly top-class and cheap hen party activity.

Life drawing - If you fancy yourself as a bit of an 'arteest', maybe a cheap hen party idea for you is a life drawing class. Spend 60-90 minutes forming a picture of a fine form and all for the cost of a round of drinks.

Dodgeball - Get sporty again and show everyone that just because it's a cheap hen party idea, doesn't mean you shouldn't take it deadly seriously. Dodgeball is something of an underdog activity, but it can be chosen in most towns/cities and is a simple thing to fit into a hen weekend.

Bubble Football - Staying on a sporty theme, if you prefer bigger balls, how about climbing inside a huge plastic bubble and running around like a maniac for a bit? With lots of different games to play and more fun than you can shake a stick at, bubble football is a winner.

Paintball - A lot of stag dos chose paintball as an activity, but why should they have all the fun right? Paintball is so popular that there are centres everywhere so finding this hen party activity won't be tough. The one thing we'd advise is to go for a package containing entry and paintballs as you may get trigger-happy and the extra paintballs will be what adds some unexpected cost to the activity.

Dance Class - Kick off your shoes and shake away those blues with a hen party dance class. This is a great cheap hen do idea and is perfect if you have a hen party theme as you can pretty much find a dance class to suit.

VIP passes - We're not talking about just having your names down for entry, but having a booth with drinks included. This might not sound like a cheap hen do idea, but having drinks and entry included in the cost will pay off in the long-run. Just be wary of any fixed-price booths as if anyone drops out, your price per person could start to rise a little.

Party Bus/Party Boat - Another great evening hen party idea is heading out on either a party bus or party boat. They normally include entry into bars/clubs or have drinks/music on board to keep the party spirit alive.


A cheap hen do activity doesn't have to look cheap


- Cheap but classy do belong together -


Cheap Hen Do Accommodation

Another aspect to consider when planning any hen weekend, let alone a cheap hen do, is where to stay. There are a few different options which we'll set out with their arguments, but for a more in-depth look at all hen party houses and hen weekend accommodation, head to our hen party houses blog to see the best options for your group. If you don't have time for that, here are our suggestions for cheap hen party accommodation:


Hostel - A hostel might sounds like something for people backpacking around Australia and not suitable for a hen party at all darling, but you would be in for more than a small shock if you went in with that attitude. Most youth hostels in towns and cities (even a lot in more rural areas) offer private bedrooms with en suite facilities. The only difference may be the facilities on site, but if you're looking for a cheap hen do accommodation, this is up there with the best of them.

Hotel - Another great cheap hen do accommodation option is staying in a hotel. You'll more than likely be able to find a hotel you love, at a price you love even more. A real positive is that most hotels have cafes and/or restaurants so you won't have to spend money heading somewhere else to eat. A lot of hotels also have spa and/or health and fitness facilities to keep you entertained. You might have to do a bit of looking around to find the perfect hotel, but for a cheap hen do, it'll be worth it. Alternatively, let us know what you're looking for and we can do the searching for you.

Camp - Not everyone's idea of fun, but if you don't mind a few less home comforts, you could always find a decent campsite to stay at. It will certainly reduce you're cost and a lot of camp sites have more than adequate spaces to shower and get yourself ready for a night out. There are also some great canoeing and bushcraft trips which incorporate a great activity and staying in the great outdoors. Take a look at them here.

House - Hiring a private house for the hen weekend is least likely to yield cost-effective hen party accommodation, but if you know where to look, you may just be able to find a bargain. Beware of the potential hazard with this though, as most houses are fixed prices and if you have drop-outs then the price may just end up creeping up from cheap to moderate.


Cheap Hen Do Games

Having some extra hen party activities to do during down time, or when you're waiting for taxis can add another great element to a good hen weekend and elevate it to amazing. Some simple and cheap hen do ideas are right here:


Drinking games - Add in one of these 10 hen party drinking games and you'll be sure to forget whatever it is you did last night.

Card games - Simple but effective, you could always play a good old card game as a cheap hen do idea.

Board Games - Maybe not for everyone, but a bit of Cluedo or Pie Face Showdown can go a long way.

Mr and Mrs - The bread and butter hen do game, incorporating the groom to be without him being there to have any 'witty' comebacks. A classic and cheap hen do idea.


Have fun with drinking games on a cheap hen do


- Game on -


Cheap Hen Do Goody Bags

On any hen party weekend, you will probably need some essentials to get you through and some extras just in case. Here's what you could include in a party bag on a cheap hen do:


Paracetamol - Ideal to help with any aches, pains and unit-induced headaches which you may incur.

Party poppers - You're all there to celebrate and what says congratulations more than paper strings and the smell of gunpowder?

Sweets - Perfect if you're rushing between activities with little or no time to stop for snacks.

Personalised bits - Badge/sash/tiara etc with personalised names/pictures can be made quite cheaply.

Condom - It's always best to be prepared and stay safe.

Personal alarm - A good thing to carry around and help you to be and feel safer.

Drink spike stopper - Another serious but good and inexpensive item to help keep you safe on a cheap hen do.


Cheap Hen Do Drinks

It's quite common for some alcohol to be consumed during a hen do weekend and there are a couple of sure-fire ways to help to reduce your expenditure on the units you'll consume.


Pre-drinks - A favourite of students has to mean that it's a cheap way to make the most of your night out. Probably best to limit what you have though as you don't want to be 'over-cooked' before you head out.

Package drinks - This links in to what we said about VIP booth packages. Having already paid out for drinks, it's not going to be such an extra cost on top of your initial price, so can save some money in the long run. Club drinks can get pretty pricey.

Stay in - Not the most common option, but a great one if you're planning a nice chilled hen party weekend. You also don't have the travel or possible food costs that might come with a night out.


Head out for a night out during a cheap hen do weekend


- Feel like a VIP during even a cheap hen do weekend -


Cheap Hen Do Transport

Getting around on a hen party weekend can be one of the larger costs, so keeping this in check will greatly reduce your overall hen weekend price per person.


Car share - This can be for actually travelling to and from your hen party destination and/or between your accommodation and hen do activities. It helps to keep the costs down and is really flexible.

Public transport - This may not necessarily be 'cheap' but there are some great budget-friendly travel companies (Megabus etc)  and there are might be some good deals out there if you...

Book in advance - This is one of the best ways to book the cheapest travel to get to and from a hen party weekend. Planning in plenty of time could help to prevent any issues with the affordability of you getting the the hen party destination. 


Cheap Hen Do Summary

Cheap hen do ideas are fairly simple and mean that everyone can afford to have all of the fun. Here are the top suggestions of which aspects to consider for the hen party weekend, if it's a cheap but still awesome hen do that you're looking to plan:

  • Cheap Hen Do Accommodation
  • Cheap Hen Do Activities
  • Cheap Hen Do Games
  • Cheap Hen Do Goody Bags
  • Cheap Hen Do Transport
  • Cheap Hen Do Drinks

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