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The Best Spring Stag Do Destinations

31st January 2020 8:30am

Posted by
James Trenchard

Stag Do Destinations For The Spring Months

Prepare for the best as spring starts approaching, by looking at which stag do destinations are the best for a spring-time stag do. Generally, with the warmer weather (hopefully) it will mean that you don't have to choose everything to do inside. There are so many awesome and extremely popular activities that get shut over the winter (as well as some that run all year round) which you can choose to make for an amazing spring stag do.

Should it be ideas that you're after, read on and take it all in. Wherever you are in the UK, there's a stag do destination to suit your spring time requirements. However, if you think that reading is for nerds and school-children, have a natter with us and we'll point you in the right direction in an instant. You'd rather not speak to anyone? Not a problem either, pop a message to us and we'll get back to you via text or email and help to work out the best spring stag do destination for your group without you hearing a word from us.


Spring Time Stag Do Destinations

Our selection of spring stag do destinations are targeted at making the most of the expanding daylight hours, (hopefully) warmer air temperatures and in general, nicer vibes than the cold and damp that is winter. There are some great winter stag do ideas if that's an option, or if spring still isn't warm enough, take a look at some great summer stag do ideas. Back to the task in hand though and we're now on to the crux of this article and are about to drop all of our favourite spring stag do destinations.

We have looked at stag do destinations which will give you the best spring 'fuzzy' feeling, with wildlife waking back up and showing why the spring is an awesome time for a stag do.



Start off by taking a look at our bournemouth stag do ideas and you'll not go far wrong. Bournemouth has an amazing choice of extremely popular stag do activities. We've chosen a few below which will be fantastic to choose for a spring stag do.


Canoeing and bushcraft  - The canoeing and bushcraft trips that we organise in Bournemouth always get great reviews and spring is a great time to choose to go on one. With the chance to get into the wild, as well as learning basic bushcraft skills you'll be able to go out and do some deer spotting and being spring, may see some little ones too. These trips are so popular as they start and finish close to the centre but provide you with a chance to escape from civilisation for 24 to 48 hours.

Coasteering - On a clear spring day, the spot along the Jurassic coast provides some of the most spectacular views along the south coast. An absolutely amazing spring activity and wet suits are provided, so you don't have to worry about the sea temperatures all that much.

Outdoor Karting - Spring into action (sorry) and take on the rest of the group on an awesome outdoor track. Spring showers won't stop the action and may make it a little 'slidey' through the corners, in the karts which are capable of around 40mph. A great racing experience for any avid racing fans.

Off Road Buggies - Off road buggies are generally kept inside until the end of the winter to stop them from and the tracks wearing out through the constant barrage of thick mud, grit and sliding sideways. Once everything is back in the swing of spring, they are brought out again for you to enjoy sliding around corners, getting the pedal to the floor and having a fantastic time.


A brilliant spring stag do destination is Bournemouth


~  Stay on the coast during a spring stag do in Bournemouth ~


Brecon Beacons

The Brecon Beacons are one of the wildest locations on the list, being a national park. If you're looking for pure and wild escapism in the spring time, head to the Brecon Beacons.


Canoeing and bushcraft - This is the 2nd spring stag do destination out of 5 where we would recommend a similar kind of trip. This one in particular is one of the most 'wild' camp sites, based in the Brecon Beacons. The location is in a national park, so you can expect an absolute abundance of new life whilst learning some useful skills and spending twenty four to fourty eight hours with the group, away from the general public.

Gorge Walk - Another activity to showcase the rapidly growing amount of new life due to spring having sprung. Walk up a river, do some jumping into water, dip in whirlpools, climb over rocks, scramble around ledges and maybe even jump off of a waterfall. An awesome spring activity.



Bristol provides good fun all year round, but in the spring, there are some great stag do activities which aren't open all year round due to the winter weather being a bit worse. Have a look at the best spring stag do activities for Bristol.


Off Road Buggies - These buggies also hide away for the winter but when they come out in the spring, they're well worth choosing to get a full-on rush. Hit the track and show that you are the best racer in the group.

Total Knock Out - Take on some hilarious games with the group, competing against similarly-minded groups. This spring activity includes huge inflatables, walls of fists to manoeuvre and much more which you may well have seen on TV in the past.

Indoor Karting - To fend off the worries about the weather, stick to indoor karting, with electronic timing, brilliant track lay-out and impressively fast karts. With various race formats, you won't be short of great racing options.

Assault Rifle Shooting - Practice your assault rifle skills on some pretty horrible little blighters who have sprung back to life. Why is it a great spring time activity? Stop asking awkward questions and just shoot some stuff!



Travel to Scotland's capital city to experience some awesome spring stag do fun. It could be a bit colder than some of the other destinations, but it's a stunning part of the world so just wear another layer and you'll forget all about the cooler air.


Canoeing and bushcraft - Another trip like this and you'd think we'd be running out of things to say, but no. All of these trips offer up something different. The Scottish option gives you the opportunity to see some of Scotland's beautiful countryside and you'll also not need to worry about taking as much gear with you as the campsite is already pretty much set up. You'll learn all the same kind of stuff about surviving in the wild, so it's another great trip.

Indoor karting - Get racing at a mega indoor track, with lots of different types of race to choose from. You'll also fend off any spring showers, being inside so you can prove that you're the best on a consistently dry track.



The south west of England is a beautiful part of the UK in the spring, so we've suggested some activities that will demonstrate just what we're talking about.


Canoeing and bushcraft - The penultimate time that we'll mention one of these and it's just as exceptional as all of the others on the list. Take a tour of the River Dart in your canoes before stopping at a wild campsite alongside the river, setting up camp, cooking some food you've prepared and sleeping in hammocks amongst the trees. A unique trip and one to take plenty of sensational memories away from.

Coasteering - Only a short drive from Exeter lies some stunning coastline, where you can jump into the sea and explore the wildlife up close and personal. A great thrill-seeking spring-time activity, great for stag dos.

Outdoor Karting - One of a very limited number of (amazing) outdoor karting tracks in the south west and well worth taking a trip to. Experience some super fast karts on an amazingly long track, demanding concentration and true racing spirit. 

Quad Biking - Choose this option and you'll head out to navigate through 75 acres of woodland, including tracks, puddles, mud and everything else that guarantees to make sure you'll remember this one for a long time to come.


Choose to have a spring stag do in Exeter as it's a brilliant stag do destination


~ Stay on a farm near Exeter to enhance the spring stag do experience ~



For another city-based stag do in the spring, Newcastle hosts some great options.


Geordie Games - A bit like Total Knockout (see Bristol), but with a Geordie theme. A load of fun and great on warm spring days!

Off Road Buggies - Test your driving abilities amidst the warmer weather (and possibly some showers) and get the 'spring's sprung' feeling.

Indoor Karting - Another fantastic indoor karting track with awesomely quick karts and electronic timing.


North Wales

Snowdonia national park is one of the biggest in the UK and hosts the highest Welsh peak. Where better then, than here to go and experience some awesome spring time stag do activities?


Canoeing and bushcraft - 5 of 5 and what a beauty! Spend some time in the wilderness of north Wales. Learn the skills you'd need to survive in the wild and get far away from traffic and other people.

Coasteering - A rugged coastline, offering plenty of perfect obstacles to climb up, jump off and swim to.



Spring Time Activities For Any Stag Do Destination

There are some activities which are mobile or so extremely popular that they're available within a stones throw of any stag do destination in the UK. Take a look below:


Zorb Football - Smash each other around without getting arrested. Your instructor will dish out 10 zorb suits and set you off with some awesomely fun games like bulldog, last-man-standing, football and more. This can be run pretty much anywhere, providing there's adequate space and an electricity supply (just to pump the zorb suits up, there's no electrocutions included in the games).

Paintball - Do we need to tell you what this is? OK, we'll humour those who are unsure as you've possibly lived under a rock for a few decades. Run around like maniacs with guns and shoot your mates. As in the name, the ammunition is paint, but get hit and you'll certainly still be able to tell. There are paintball centres and various games/maps all over the UK, so whichever stag do destination you choose, paintball will always be an option.

Guest List Passes - In most major towns and cities, you can choose to have passes into the best stag do bars and clubs without having to pay for entry on the night. They usually include 4 or 5 bars and clubs, but you can also consider a VIP booth in the club you'd like to stay in.


Book A Trip To Your Favourite Spring Stag Do Destination

There are so many fantastic spring stag do destinations to choose from and not just the ones on the list above. If you're keen to get something booked, we'd love to hear from you and chat about your plans. We'll run through your plans and suggest the things that will work the best for you and the group.

Once you're happy with everything, we'll get everything booked and arranged for you, so you won't have to worry about a single thing. Just get a small deposit down and we'll handle every detail of your spring stag do, whichever stag do destination you choose to head to.


Spring Stag Do Destination Summary

Whether you're up for the great outdoors, spring showers'n'all or looking for standard stag shenanigans in the spring time, here are the best spring stag do destinations for you to consider:

  • Bournemouth
  • Breacon Beacons
  • Bristol
  • Edinburgh
  • Exeter
  • Newcastle
  • North Wales

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