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Stag Do Essentials

1st May 2020 10:00am

Posted by
James Trenchard

What to pack to go on a stag do weekend

A plan of attack for a stag weekend is vital and working out the stag do essentials is part of that plan. Hopefully you've sorted out where you're going, which awesome stag weekend activities you're going to be doing and the plan is generally looking good. This article is all about the list of essential stag do items to pack, making sure you're prepared for anything, whether it's a spring, summer or winter stag do.

So whether you're planning the whole thing, it's you're very own party or a friendly tag-along, this article will give you all the tips you need to be able to understand the basic stag do essentials. That is, everything to keep you partying without hesitation, the weekend long. If along the way you have any questions, don't hesitate to give us a call and we'll be happy to answer your questions.


The Basics

Starting with the basics is the best way of dealing with the stag do essentials and these things are items which everyone attending stag weekends should remember or it could be disastrous. So, to avoid any humiliation, the simple things to remember are:



No matter where you go or what you're doing, making sure you have currency about your person will ensure that you can get out of any potential issues. If, even after our amazingly helpful 'idiot's guide to stag do packing' article, you should forget something like shoes, as long as you have some money, these kinds of things can be quickly put right. It's also important to make sure you have enough available for a stag weekend. Should drinks flow more freely than anticipated or a taxi trip cost more than you thought, a bit of spare cash will keep you out of sticky situations.


Remember that money is one of the biggest stag do essentials


- Money makes the stag go round -



In these quickly moving technological times, phones can be just as important as money. A lot of people even use their phones to pay for things with contactless payment possible on most phones now. Not only money though, phones can help you to work out how to get from your accommodation to an activity, keep in touch with everyone if you split on a night out etc etc. Phones are so important to us now that making sure you look after your phone on a stag do is absolutely essential.

We should also mention to take your charger too... if you have a phone but forget to take something to keep it juiced up, you may as well have not bothered to bring your phone. You may get lucky and someone else be able to lend you their charger, but it's probably not worth chancing it eh?



The next absolute stag do essentials to remember are the clothes you're taking. This doesn't just include your day wear and smart shoes for if you head out to bars, pubs and clubs, but everything you'll need to comfortably be able to take part in all stag weekend activities.

If you're doing something like Coasteering, then you need to know what extra items of clothing to take (old shoes, swimming trunks etc) or the fact that you'll probably want old clothes for something like Paintball. Whatever activities you do choose, make sure you know roughly what extra kit you'll need and then you won't look like a lemon whilst you either get given stuff from 'lost and found' or have to sit the activity out altogether.

Obviously the weather will also play a big part in all the clothing you take, so keep an eye on the mid-term forecast and make sure you pack for the conditions you'll face. Just taking shorts and t-shirts on a spring stag do might not be best if it's cooler than usual.



Whilst you may look your age or maybe even more 'mature', being on a stag do with a group of guys can change a bouncer's thought process. All of a sudden, you start to look younger (unfortunately the effects won't outlast the weekend) and ID will be your gateway to having lots of fun with everyone else. It's one of the most simple stag do essentials to take with you and will keep you involved in everything. If you head to a Casino for example, your ID will be the difference between your opportunity to win back your weekend's expenditure and looking like a poor man sat outside, begging for money.



We're all human and all of us like our own particular things. If you have a favourite razor and shaving foam for example, don't leave it to chance and add it to your packing list. If your aftershave makes you irresistible on a night out, don't risk using someone else's and that be 'the reason' why you're returning after a night out having had no luck.

It's not the most essential stag do kit, but it could well help you feel a bit more relaxed over the course of the weekend.


Now we've handled what everyone should remember for any stag weekend, we'll take a look at specific members of the group and what they should at least think about bringing along. Let's start with a key person:


The Best Man

Aside from the groom-to-be, you're the main man, the boss, the head honcho, so you should definitely make sure that you have all of the stag do essentials sorted. You have possibly planned the whole stag weekend and so you'll have a decent knowledge of what is happening, however... alcohol. During a stag do weekend, you're probably not going to be sitting around twiddling your thumbs, so with a combination of being busy and consuming a good number of units, you're likely not to remember every little detail of what the weekend has in store. For that reason, it's probably best to have a copy (digital or printed) of the stag do itinerary. This will mean that if anyone needs to know details about what/where/when, you can have a look and give them the information they require.
On a similar note, make sure to have any reference numbers/codes which will be required, for example a hotel or maybe a table reservation. A simple thing to keep on your phone, but just making sure you have things like this will ensure a much smoother ride for everyone.

Save contact numbers to your phone. We would advise having everyone's number saved in your phone, just in case (for example) you have someone go rogue on a night out. Also, the numbers of any activity centres etc in case something happens and you are running late for example. Generally, if you have an itinerary, these numbers should be on there anyway, but it won't hurt to also have them in your phonebook.

You may also be planning to take stag stuff so keep reading and for a bit more general guidance on being a best man and what that means, take a look at our ideas on how to plan a stag do and what the best man's role is.



If the stag is going to be packing his own bag, i.e. the activities/location etc is not a surprise, then it's simply a case of sticking with the basics. Additionally, he should be sure to take his big boy pants as he's more than likely going to be in for a proper ribbing over the course of the weekend.

If the best man is packing for him, just don't forget his basics and then add on any extras you need for him (maybe a cheeky gimp outfit*).

Stag weekends are all about celebrating the stag and also about being able to reminisce about all of his biggest blunders, the times he got so drunk and lost his shoes on the way home etc etc. For something a little bit extra, most stag weekends also include some stag do fancy dress.

*It's important to note that not all places receive stag do groups dressed like penises very well, so just double check the fancy dress policies for anywhere you're planning to go. You could always have a 'family-friendly' outfit and then dress him however the hell you like where you're allowed to.

His fate is in your hands.


Fancy dress can set the stag weekend alight


- Here gimpy gimpy gimpy -



Take the basic stag do essentials with you. If you're part of the team helping to plan the stag weekend, your list may be closer to the best man's and you may want to offer to help whoever is organising the weekend as you'll be seen favourably by the stag. Examples of other stag do essentials you could help to sort for the stag do weekend may be:

> Help the best man organise things like taxis and transport so getting contact numbers before you travel would be advisable.

> Good to know the itinerary and contact numbers.

> Basically be prepared to act in a support role to the best man and so take pretty much what he takes.

> Maybe organise shopping if you're staying in a private house. Whether that's communicating with the group as to what food they should buy or collecting money and buying it all yourself/getting it delivered.

> Could be worth bringing a deck of cards/board games/games console for the down time.

> Organise drinking games, see our list of 10 great stag do drinking games for some inspiration.

Basically, the stag do essentials for a groomsman will depend on how good you want to look and how involved you are with the organisation of the stag weekend in general.


More Stag Do Essentials for Any Other Attendees

Whether a friend or family member, you have been given a place on the stag weekend for a reason and that is that the groom-to-be wants you there. As well as all of the basics, you probably have some hilarious photos/videos to show to everyone. If you're going to pre-drink or just keep the alcohol levels topped up over the weekend, take some drink with you. Finally, you may want to see if there's anything the best man is preparing which you could help with (in the name of utter stag humiliation).

Our final note for you is to not forget any of the basic stag do essentials, otherwise you may leave the weekend being 'that guy' who forgot his ID or appropriate clothing and was a liability.


A Summary of Stag Do Essentials

Our list is aimed at laying out the stag do essentials as simply as we can to keep you and everyone else from humiliating themselves (apart from the stag who we actively encourage you to humiliate). To summarise, we've popped everything into a quick-fire, screenshot-friendly list so that as you're packing, you can scan it and tick everything off as you go... you're welcome:

  • Money
  • Phone
  • Phone charger
  • Clothing
  • I.D
  • Stag do itinerary
  • Contact numbers
  • Stag do fancy dress
  • Deck of Cards
  • Board games
  • Games console
  • Drink
  • Drinking games
  • Snacks
  • Photos
  • Videos

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