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Great Northern Stag Do Destinations

28th February 2020 10:30am

Posted by
James Trenchard

Where Are the Best Northern Stag Do Destinations?

You're searching for the best stag do destination, which is understandable and looking to the North of England is a great place to search. Our aim here is to provide you with he best bits for each city, but if you have any questions along the way, please pick up the phone and give us a shout. We'll happily chat about any queries you may have and help you to decide on the best stag do destination for your group.

Read on intrepid traveller and you shall be shown the majesty of The North, including where to stay, what to see and do and how much it'll cost to wet your whistle. 

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Leeds is a city well known for many things. Among these are sports (football and cricket being two of the most popular), being the birth place of Marks and Spencers1, being the birth place of Ernie Wise and Jeremy Paxman along with many interesting places to visit too. For a stag do, there's lots to do, plenty of places to go (a great choice of watering holes) and it's generally a fantastic northern stag do destination.


Where to stay - Jury's Inn, Village Hotel, Travelodge. The hotels offer the best places to stay for a stag do and offer differing levels of cost, dining and luxuries, but all are worth thinking about.

What to do - There are loads of activities to choose from in Leeds: Bar and nightclub entry - Paintball - Quad Biking - Zorb Football - 4-by-4 Driving - Indoor or Outdoor Go Karting - Clay Pigeon Shooting - Bar Crawl Babes

Night life - Head towards an old industrial section of the city, the Calls and you'll find pretty much whatever you're looking for. From cocktail bars to Wetherspoons and everything else, Leeds has it all. If what you're after isn't in just one or two bars, the locals will be able to tell you all about an absolute monster of a bar crawl, called The Otley Run (check out the link for all you need to know).

Cost of drinks - Stella Artois is £3.65 a pint at Beckett's Bank


Leeds is a great northern stag do destination


~ Leeds your inhibitions behind and have a great stag weekend ~



Liverpool football club are one of the most successful English top-tier teams of all time (whether you like it or not) and the city Liverpool is an awesome stag do destination. It's a magnificent stag do destination no matter what kind of weekend you're looking for. Take a look at the summary below to see the massive range of awesome stag do stuff for yourself.


Where to stay - Jury's Inn, Village Hotel, Travelodge - Some fantastic, central hotel options offer places to stay for all budgets and requirements of comfort.

What to do - Indoor Karting - Comedy clubPaintballZorb FootballWater ParkCasinoFootgolfGhetto Golf

Night life - Anywhere between Hartley Key and Lime Street Station will yield plenty of great places for a spectacular stag do night out. You can wonder round, plan it all yourself or make it nice and simple by getting some bar and nightclub entry passes which will include entry and usually a couple of drinks, to some of the best spots in the city.

Cost of drinks - A pint of Stella Artois is £2.99 at The Lime Kiln



Well known for it's brilliant music scene, producing internationally renowned acts like Oasis and The Chemical Brothers, Manchester is a mega stag do destination, offering just what you're looking for and much, much more. If you choose Manchester, you'll get to choose from a gigantic selection of stag do activities, places to stay, bars, clubs and anything else that you'll want to include during the weekend.


Where to stay - Jury's Inn, Village Hotel, Travelodge. OK, there's a theme with the bigger cities and the accommodation we suggest, but all of these hotels are the most popular places on a stag do and there is a reason. One of them will offer exactly what you're looking for in an awesome stag do destination.

What to do - Karting - Clay Pigeon ShootingComedy club - Paintball - Zorb FootballAxe Throwing - Casino

Night life - The aptly-named 'Northern Quarter' will see you right for a stag do night out (or two if you're staying for more than 1 night). With all kinds of bars and clubs to choose from, you won't be upset with the amount of choice you have.

Cost of drinks - Stella Artois £3.99 at Wetherspoons (Picadilly).



The only town to feature on our list of great northern stag do destinations, but that doesn't mean it should be discredited. We'll come clean, there are less activities to do than places like Newcastle or York which aren't too far from 'Boro, but if you're looking for somewhere less busy, Middlesbrough is a great northern stag do destination.


Where to stay - Jury's Inn, Travelodge. There are still great options for stag do accommodation and a quick search on t'interweb will show you a whole load of fantastic stag do accommodation, some of which will meet your brief.

What to do - White Water Rafting - Footgolf - Zorb Football - Bar Crawl Babes - Quad Biking - Off Road Buggies

Night life - Right in the centre of Middlesbrough you'll find various bars, offering from traditional English pubs to cocktail bars and then finish it off with a trip to Reflex or SOHO to end the night in style.

Cost of drinks - Stella Artois is only £3.45 a pint at The Swatters Carr



The city of wonderful Geordies is a sensational stag do destination in the north of England. With the friendly people, exceptional sights, myriad of places to stay, things to do and drinks to drink, Newcastle is incredible like. Its growing popularity with stag weekends is a demonstration of how good this city is and so you should have a look and see why for yourself.


Where to stay - Jury's Inn, Travelodge. There's no Village hotel, but there are some brilliant private accommodations which are up for hire for the stag do. 

What to do - Indoor Karting - Off Road BuggiesClay Pigeon ShootingComedy clubPaintballQuad BikingGhetto Golf

Night life - If you're looking for choices of bars and clubs, then head towards the area in and around Old Eldon Square. You'll find everything you could want and have a great time!

Cost of drinks - Stella Artois will only set you back £3.75 at The Five Swans


Newcastle is a great northern stag do destination


~ Newcastle bridges the gap between great activities and stag dos ~



A stone's throw from the Peak District National Park, Sheffield is a great northern stag do destination. Not only does it have loads of great things to do and see, it also sits on in a great location on the southern side of the North of England. This means that if you're travelling from a more southern location, you won't have to travel quite as far, making is a great stag do destination.


Where to stay - Jury's Inn, Travelodge. Another city without a Village Hotel, but the hotels we've suggested offer 90% of stag groups what they're looking for from stag do accommodation (generally a roof, bed and the possibility of food at the hotel).

What to do - Dodgeball - Paintball - Zorb Football - Casino Entry - Life Drawing - Indoor Karting

Night life - Positioned between Devonshire Green and the Peace Gardens you'll find plenty of great spots to have a drink, including bars and clubs.

Cost of drinks - Stella Artois is a very reasonable £3.45 at The Sheffield Water Works



Last, but by no means least, stands York as one of our suggested and great northern stag do destinations. York is a truly beautiful city, rammed with stunning buildings, lots of history, but most importantly, packed with things to do on a stag do. If you're looking for somewhere with character, class and a chance to still get a little crazy for a stag do, York is quite possibly the one for you.


Where to stay - Travelodge. Neither a Jury's Inn or Village Hotel have found their way in to York, but if a Travelodge doesn't tickle your pickle, you can quite easily find great accommodation options on a number of well-know search sites, so don't panic.

What to do - 4 x 4 driving - Quad Biking - Outdoor Karting - Axe Throwing - Clay Pigeon Shooting - Paintball

Night life - If you're looking for great nightlife in York then you can't go far wrong if you head to the city centre and more specifically by the river. The east side has the majority of the best bars and clubs, but that's not to say that there are some gems on the opposite bank.

Cost of drinks - Stella Artois is only £3.55 for a pint at The Punch Bowl


Booking a Weekend in a Great Northern Stag Do Destination

If your planning-a-stag-do-juices are now well and truly flowing then you'll be wondering "how do I book this amazing stag do?". Well, my friend, you are in luck because it's a super-simple process to book everything with Essential Adventure. Here are the simple steps you'll now follow if you'd like to get an exceptional stag do booked:

> Send us a message with what you'd like to do and where.

> We'll make you a quote or two (however many you need until you have the absolute perfect weekend of awesomeness).

> Let us know you're happy with the quote and we'll book everything for you with a £50 deposit.

> Next, we'll pop you an email with a link. This link will allow everyone in the group to register their own accounts, meaning that everyone can pay individually.

> Everyone will have access to a detailed itinerary, showing you where you have to be, when you have to be there and exactly what you'll be doing.


If this all sounds like something you could go for, you can either ring us or message us and we will get back to you quickly to make sure that we can start getting everything sorted for you.


A Summary of Great Northern Stag Do Destinations

Here are the places that we think are great northern stag do destinations:

  • Leeds
  • Liverpool
  • Manchester
  • Middlesbrough
  • Newcastle
  • Sheffield
  • York


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